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~*~One of the most requested songs of 1995("Just a Girl"), the single took the band to Mtv and back, launching a landslide of interest in O.C. bands. Reel Big Fish exploded. Save Ferris exploded. The Offspring, The Vandals...Suddenly the media was paying attention. But nobody could keep up; everyone was eating No Doubt's dust.

~*~ The elaborate backdrop looks like something from and Anaheim nightmare. To best explain it, remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is at one moment merrily skipping down the yellow-brick road when she turns a corner to find herself in a haunted apple tree forest? OK, now replace Dorothy with Gwen, ruby slippers with Doc Martin's, and replace the evil apple trees with even more menacing orange trees, and there you have it.-BAM magazine on No Doubt's stage set for the Tragic Kingdom tour.

~*~Being a woman in today's pop music arena seems to immediately slap that feminist scarlet letter on the artist's chest - a tag that most of the prominent females in modern rock heartily endorse with their attitudes. A gauge of this? What would be the assumptive grrrl reaction to being called "cute"? Madonna or Courtney Love would probably have some smartass retort. Chrissie Hynde would just smirk or totally ignore the comment. L7 would laugh. TLC or Salt-N-Pepa would give it right back, only spicier. And the members of Bikini Kill might hit you over the head with their guitar.....But Gwen Stefani of No Doubt would probably just say, "Thank you."

~*~"It's the weirdest thing," Stefani smiles. "Suddenly everyone's into our loser band. It's awesome."

~*~"Let's face it, my whole life fell apart last year," Stefani says. "My brother left the band and Tony broke up with me; the two most important things in my life. But at the same time, you get the good with the bad. Tragic Kingdom, the album, every song is about Tony basically. There's some really cool songs that came out of the break-up."

~*~Five months into writing their fourth album, No Doubt have completed twenty songs and have a tentative title: Magic's in the Makeup. "That's what I'm leaning toward right now," said singer Gwen Stefani, adding that it's also the title of her favorite new track. Others potentially slotted for the follow-up to the thirteen-million-selling Tragic Kingdom album include Dark Blue, New and I Think I'm Pregnant. "Only kidding about that last one," Stefani said, noting that she and boyfriend Gavin Rossdale of Bush don't have any foreseeable announcements to make. "There was a song called that but it changed."

~*~Band makes history as the first local act to perform as headliners at a major county venue. Anaheim - It may have been the giddiest night of hometown rocking ever presided over by a band from Orange County. Then again, every night is pretty giddy when No Doubt plays.

~*~"If you're a musician, this is what you dream for," he said. "If you say anything else, you're lying. To play in front of your hometown audience, and have them know every song."

~*~"We're gonna lose," says Gwen for maybe the hundredth time. Feeling it incumbent on myself to inject a note of positivity, I say lamely, "It's an honor just to be nominated." "But I wanna win!" she wails.

~*~The family-like closeness that they(No Doubt) possess is not very common in the music business and is truly contagious. Any time spent with them is a great time.

~*~We were playing this show in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the week prior a helicopter crash in the Northern part of the country had killed something close to 64 people. The country itself is so small that someone either knew someone who had died or was close to someone who died. Just before we were going to play Don't Speak, Gwen dedicated the song to everyone who died in the crash and everyone who was close to or knew someone who had. As the song got going I couldn't even hear Gwen anymore. The audience was so loud. I can recall getting the chills from feeling the energy that the crowd had.

~*~"Jimmy told someone, That girl will be a star in five years. That was in 1991."

~*~"I never thought that me, this loser from Anaheim, could have any effect on anyone; I never had any creativity or anything. Then, suddenly, I'm what everyone is looking at. It's such a strange thing, but its so exciting, 'cause I remember the way those two little girls from yesterday felt. You have to keep it in mind, whether or not you feel like shit or whatever. You think that maybe if you bring a little happiness to these kids, they're going to remember that. Like I would talk about Madness, they're going to talk about No Doubt? How cool is that!?"

~*~Tom likes his burgers, Tony likes his chocolate, Adrian likes his Taco Bell, and Gwen likes her pizza.

~*~I remember one day the band had breakfast in Atlanta, lunch in Minneapolis and dinner in Chicago. That is not an easy way to live.

~*~"Over Christmas I went shopping at the mall and some little kid recognized me...and then another one, and suddenly I had 20 kids around me, screaming!"-Gwen

~*~"Taking the Vandals was purely a selfish move. We took them on tour with us just so we could be thoroughly entertained every night."-Gwen

~*~“Here I am in the vocal booth, recording, when I hear Megan's little feet...she was obviously panicking because she was sick and had to go to the bathroom. I couldn't react quickly enough and she went pooh right on the floor. It stunk so bad, so I cleaned it up right away. This is after she's already peed all over the carpet throughout the studio. So I take the towel full of her mess and carry it outside the studio to the garbage bin. It's hard to describe the garbage bin, but there's a gate around it that self-locks. Well, to make things even worse, I get locked in. There I am, locked next to the garbage bin that smells awful while everyone is inside a sound proof studio and couldn't hear me yell for help no matter how hard I might try. Luckily, one of the engineers came outside to have a cigarette and he let me out. That was definitely the craziest thing that has happened to me while being at the studio. All because of the poop of a 14-year-old dog.”

~*~I remember when I was in school, they would ask, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" and then you'd have to draw a picture of it. I drew a picture of myself as a bride.

~*~Tom about the upcoming album: “Without trying to sound boastful, I'm confident that this CD will prove to be our best work yet.”

~*~Gwen doesn't like peanut butter.

~*~Gwen's favorite nail polish is called UB-40 by Urban Decay.

~*~Before ND and 311 hit it big, they worked together. Many of the songs on Beacon Street are a result of a collaboration of the two bands.

~*~The Japanese characters in the 'Spiderwebs' video say: 'What's your name? Tasty champagne. I like cake very much. What's this? Crazy kids? They give me the creeps. Let's run away! C'mon, let's get out!

~*~Gwen and Eric's grandfather is the man on the cover of “The Beacon Street Collection”.

~*~"Trapped in a Box" started out as a poem Tom wrote about how he felt when he watched too much TV.

~*~The top Gwen wears in the "Just a Girl" video was made by her out of a pair of men's briefs.

~*~Gwen's first memory as a child is of her and Eric stealing Oreos from the kitchen, scraping out the white stuff and making a big ball out of it.

~*~Gwen's parents used to be in a band called the Innertubes.

~*~Gwen played the piccolo in her high school band.

~*~Gwen's alias for hotels is Daria Blue.

~*~Gwen's parents were very strict. When they went to Italy, they made her wear long skirts everyday and cover up her shoulders.

~*~In a development that may well make life a lot easier for stigmatized teen girls everywhere, Gwen Stefani is now sporting braces.-MTV News

~*~No Doubt may get cosmic with the title of its eagerly anticipated new record as "Saturn Returns" is one of the leading contenders in the album name sweepstakes.-MTV News

~*~“I am proud to announce that the new No Doubt album will be released in April of 2000 and will be titled "Return of Saturn." The first single is called "Simple Kind of Life."-Tom

~*~“Two years ago, it was Gwen Stefani who was showing Madonna how to dress.”-Vogue Magazine

~*~“She looked like a doll, with her bright-colored dresses and little bindi and cute red lipstick. I just wanted to be her.”-Tony

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