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These were added 6-29-02

Group = Our big group before we went out at McQuades in Bismarck, ND

Werd = In hotel room before we went out, Top left to right:L Tony, Bucky, Jung, Marc, Me, and Karsky

Sidelines = 3 pimps kickin it at Sidelines, Bucky, me and Schmidt


These were added 9-15-01

Yep = Whos #1? Cheyne and I being stupid. ha ha

Car1, Car2, Car3, Car4 = I got new rims and tires on my car, 1998 Honda Accord EX Manual Transmission.

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4= I went to Virginia to visit Alex and Virginia this summer, what a blast!


These were added 2-10-01

Girls = Billi Leach and Heather Svihl back home in Dickinson, ND

Bucky = Here is Eric Buchholz and his little tike Grayden.

Crazy = Jer and I seeing how crazy of a pic we could take at his pad in Fargo, ND. I think we did pretty good! ha ha

Da Boyzz = Here is some of us in Dickinson, ND over X-mas break (TOP = Eric Buchholz, Jeremiah Kostelecky, Ben Maxiner, BOTTOM = Mark Karsky and Me)

Girlz = hangin at Jers place.

Umm Sober = Kris Svihl (lair) and Jared Torstenson giving the best impression on how sober they are!

Sexzy = Laura Miiller, me, and Amanda Wiedner at my place in Sioux Falls, SD. Couple of hotties huh!

Shots anybody? = Mark Karsky, Me and Jeremiah Kostelecky at Borrowed Bucks in Dickinson, ND at X-mas break.

Just Posin = Sarah Rowe, and me at Mark Allens place.

Schmidt dogg = Bryan Schmidt Maxin and relaxin.......


These were added 12-12-00

Armys 1 = This is back home in Dickinson, ND over Turkey day. My best bud Bucky and I.

Armys 2 = This is also back at home at our favorite bar. Jer, Michelle, Me.

Fargo = On my way back home had to stop in Fargo and meet some of my buddies at the bar Chumlys. Andy, Jer, Me, and somebody :)

Jers Pad = Us being stupid at Jers house. Andy, Jer, Me with Kate on top.


These were added 11-12-00

Dickinson = This is a little party at my old house in North Dakota, we were playing sex dice, fun game!!

Fish = This is a big Northern Pike I caught over the 4th of July at Detroit Lakes.

Roomie = This is me and Tim my new roommate from Michigan.

Cheers = Corey and Ryan doing the cheers to Honor. (If u know the rest u rock!)


These were added 5-12-00

Bondfire = Stacy, Me, and Meg at some bonfire party here in Sioux Falls.

Drunks = A bunch of us up in Canada for new years

hotel group = all of us before we hit up the town in Winnipeg.

Oh Ya! = Night before we went to a pimp and ho party It is Matt Jensen, Me, and Stacy Kiupers.

Posers = Yep Ryan Riegel and I are thinkin we are kewl. TEE HEE

Boyezz = Ryan, Dave Long, and Corey

USA EH!!!!! = This is a little message we left in Canada before we left! I am sure the canuks liked that one!


These were added 12-01-99

At Vikings/Raiders Game = Mark Karsky and I were at one of the games this year in Minneapolis, we also went to the Chargers/Vikings game to.

Jer and I = This is me and Jeremiah Kostelecky in his car one night in Fargo, ND before we hit up the barz...

Neighbors = This is our very good looking neighbor girls and some of there friends at our place one night in Sioux Falls.

Party in Minneapolis = Here is a bunch of us parting in Minneapolis at Mike Heberts and Kari Coopers pad.


These were added 9-28-99

More ABS = Me and Jeremiah Flexin our abs at his pad in Fargo.

Me & Michelle = This is me and Michelle kickin it in my room one night after I taught her how to drink! HA HA

Basement = This is Jerimiah, Erin, Me, Kris, Mark and Aaron in Marks basement before we went out on the town in Dickinson.

Standing = Mark Karsky, Jerimiah Kostelecky, Me, and Ryan Riegel at Jers and Fid's house in Fargo, ND

Burbon = Kris Svihl, Me and Javen Pelton ridin in his pimpin truck.

Sitting = Travis Fitter, me and Jer maxin and relaxin at there pad in Fargo.

Armys = Me and Bobbi Ross up at Armys in Dickinson.


These were added 9-3-99

ABS = Eric Buchholz, Mark Karsky and Me flexin our abs in my backyard.

Applebees = Me, Kris Svihl (Lair), Jon Binstock, and Bryan Schmidt in front of Applebees.

Hospitality = Kris Svihl, Me, Ryan Riegel, Mark Karsky, & Ben Maxiner at what is now called the Travelodge.

me&buck = Me and Eric Buchholz hangin in my dining room.

brookemenikki = Brooke Wagner, me and Nikki Sauvageau catchin some good rays in my backyard.

Mannsmekarsky = Aaron Manns, Me, and Mark Karsky about to go out on the town.

40thparty = Dion Kuhn,Gery Baar, Kevin, Ryan Riegel, and Me at my uncles 40th B-day party in Sioux Falls, SD

Kenna&I = Kenna Yates and Me at my place on the deck in Sioux Falls.

me&karsky = Me and Mark hangin out by the keg we won for softball in his backyard.

Jesse&I = Jesse Anderson and Me at his house this summer when he was back for a few weeks.

me&gengler = Me and Ryan Gengler in the front seat of my car driving down the road not lookin.

skiing = I was waterskiing out at Patterson Lake this summer on Bens boat.

boyz= This is at our place in Sioux Falls top row = Travis Fitter, Dave Long, Kris Svihl Bottom row = Me, Ryan Riegel and Jer Kostelecky.

lair&I = Me and Lair dogg chillin on his massage table.

livingroom = Top = Lair, Travis Fitter Middle = Riegel, Jer and Dave and me at the bottom.

binstock&I = Me and Jon Binstock trying to be tough, he is pretty big!

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