Kids That Need to be Slapped

The Degrassi High "actors"

Arthur you asshole! (more on him later)

Wheels is a genuine loser.

Joey thinks he is a wiseguy...wearing a hat and tie all the time.

Mr. Raditch (inluded with Kids That Need to be slapped) needs to have his ass kicked in the school parking lot.

Snake is a bad nickname for an obvious Norseman.

Spike obviously liked to "whore around".

This kid was named Yick on the show.

Yick and Arthur thumb-through a Playgirl and discover things.

My thoughts on Degrassi High: I have always wondered whether actors were hired or if the producers stumbled onto the cheesiest group of kids in North America? I say North America because the show is (clearly) Canadian. What a gem...if the producers intended to showcase some dorks. The show is funny to the rest of the world because we know Canada regrets airing it. My advice to the producers.....if you are going to rip off "Saved by the Bell", then do it right.

An obvious candidate (maybe doesn't need a slap as much as a really hard twink to her forehead)

The Welch's girl is from another dimension of driving me to insanity. If I ever see her in "real life" I will punt her like a football. If you see the same...give her the boot.

"Wow, Tie-Dye Barbie comes with PCP viles!!!!" (drug viles included...cleanup kit and mushrooms sold separately)

These kids need to go outdoors or something.

Girls: "Uncle Larry!"

Uncle Larry: (zipper noise) "Ta-da!!!"

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