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Latest News

July 20
Tara has an apartment in New York City for a few weeks.

Tara has posted again on her messageboard: I'm sorry I am sooooo late getting you guys a new diary entry, but I AM working on one, I promise! Right now, I am talking to you guys from my laptop in SC - Erin and I plus my mom and dad have been here vacationing the last week and working on my house - it is really a lot of fun here around Kiawah Island!
I do have some exciting news that I wanted to share that can't wait for a diary entry - I just met recently with a movie producer - He is shooting a movie in France called "The Metro Chase". I will be flying to France for 2 weeks on August 5th - I got the 2nd female lead role - I am sooo excited!!!
Well, that's it for now - I am going to log off and see what Mom and Dad are into - Have a great weekend everybody, and I will try to sit down and finish that diary entry soon!
Always Dream,
PS - If you get a chance, come out and see me on the Limited Too Passion for Fashion Tour - It is a lot of fun!

Click here for more photos from the Passion for Fashion show.

Katie has Scott Philip's Passion for Fashion photos up on her site.

July 13
Ileana has scanned in some photos from Ice Skating Superstars.

Stars On Ice is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography. Click here for more information.

July 11
Click here for the Blades On Ice scans.

Angie has put up Jack Breslin's Miracle Match photos. She also has scanned in her photos from Passion for Fashion.

A Golden Journey has a new look!

July 5
Click here for an article on Tara on the Limited Too website.

Click hereto view this month's Blades On Ice cover that features Tara.

Here are some games using a photo of Tara.

Tara will be competing in The Hallmark Skaters Championships in Washington, DC on December 7 and 8. Also competing are Midori Ito, Kurt Browning, Ilia Kulik.

June 25
Vanilla Sky is coming to theaters on December 14, 2001!

June 21
Click here to read a fan's cool experience with Tara.

Here is some bits of information about Tara during Kasey's lesson:
Tara gave about 5 people lessons on Friday.
Tara and her mom have almost matching purses.
Tara took the time to sign autographs for everyone that wanted one as long as it wasn't during a lesson.
Tara wore new balance tennis shoes, gray and navy model 803s, and little square diamond earrings.

June 19
Kasey has been taking skating lessons from Tara at the Galleria in Houston. View them here.

Tara will be on the cover of the July/August issue of Blades On Ice. Click here for more information.