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Tara Skates Farewell With Scott Hamilton
Tween Girls to Show Their 'Passion for Fashion' as Limited Too Launches National Tour
Sports Stars Team Up to Defeat Tobacco Use
Rudy T Team Up to Develop Athletic Complex
Toy Wishes Offer Look Into Celebritie's Toy Boxes
Rockford Girl Will Skate With Lipinski
Skating for a Cure
Tara Lipinski Hosts HCA's Celebration
Ferndale Woman Passes Skating Memorabilia to Lipinski
Rockefeller Center Celebration Features Tara Lipinski
Saint Inspires Olympic Champion
Pros Have No Cons for Lipinski
Skating on Solid Ice
2 Olympics Champs Make Right Jump to New Careers
Girls Life- A Golden Moment
Lipinski, Yamaguchi Headline in SOI
SOI Supports Target House
SOI Putting It Together
The Fattening of America
Ice Skater Tara Lipinski is Healing
Scott Hamilton Moving On
Lipinski Became Reluctant Patient
Lipinski Recovers from Surgery
Tara & Pat Lipinski
Marc Anthony, Destiny's Child, & More in 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center'
Lipinski Returns to Ice After Hip Surgery
Microsoft Announces Two New Internet Safety Websites for Children
Scott Hamilton's Farewell to Stars On Ice
USA Network Glides with Improv-Ice
2000 Youth Advocates of the Year Awards
Lipinski Returns to Competition
Lipinski's Critics Owe Her Apology
NBC Unveils Details for Holiday Album, Special
Lipinski on Mend After Hip Surgery
Figure Skater Tara Lipinski Eyes November Return
Witt Shows Off Her Old Magic
Ft. Lauderdale Doctor One of Few Doing Delicate Work
Lipinski Undergoes Successful Surgery
Lipinski Rests After Hip Surgery
Tara in McDonald's 'Olympic Smiles' Commercial
Lipinski Adds Cap & Gown to Routine
Tara Lipinski on MXG Beach Countdown
Tara Lipinski Still Good As Gold
Tara Lipinski Launches New Website
Catch a Rising Star article
The 25 Most Influential List
Skaters Watch Lipinski Up Close
Little Comet Blazes New Trail
Blade Runners
Stars On Ice Turns 10 with Hip Show
Tara Lipinski Glides Into Work
Lipinski Deserves Better Treatment
Tara Tries Things
Smooth Lipinski Takes First Major Pro Title
Hungry Lipinski Goes for First World Pro Title
'Genie' Lipinski, Flawless Urmanov Take Leads
Kristi Yamaguchi's 'A Golden Moment'
Big-Tara TV
Ice Angel Begins Production
Clowning Around with a Dozen Stars On Ice
Leader Lipinski Plays It Safe
Lipinski, Urmanov Highlight Evening
Soap Capades
High Profile: Tara Lipinski
Icing On A Dream Cake
Lipinski, Kwan Set for Hershey's Challenge
All Eyes on Lipinski in Hershey's Challenge
Gold Medalists Dealing with Fame, Fortune
Lipinski Invading Kitchener
Lipinski Named Spokesperson for Youth Clubs
Lipinski Now a Real Pro
LULAC Wants Parade for Gold Medalist
Lipinski Returns to City Where She Trained
Lipinski Skates for First Time Since Olympics
Lipinski Skates Way Into Pro World with Victory
No Ice Queen Lipinski Bares, Shares Soul
Lipinski, Kulik to Join Stars On Ice
Lipinski to Tour with Hamilton
Off Ice, Lipinski Remains Typical
Lipinski Practices on Ice for Pro Debut
Lipinski Answers Critics with Her New 'Soft Touch'
Reign of Tara!
Lipinski Wins Figure Skating Gold
Tara Is Main Draw as Fans Gobble Tickets for COI
Regaining a Competitive Edge
Lipinski Pure Gold Over Kwan
Lipinski Returns to Detroit
Lipinski to Make Pro Debut
Lipinski Turns Pro to be with Family
Serene Lipinski Glad She Leapt to Pro Skating
Tara's Coming-Out Party may be 'Today'
Tara's Medal Just the Tip of the Gold Mine
Tara Lipinski's Smile as Bright as the Olympic Flame
Toe to Toe
"Wow, it really happened!"
Golden Girl Returns to Motown
Grand Send-Off for Eldredge, Lipinski
When Kids Dream of Olympian Victories, the Race is Halfway Won
Young Stars Shouldn't be Knocked for Turning Pro
Life's Still a Blur as Tara Prepares to Leave Japan
Lipinski Clan Liking Break
Lipinski Feels the Cons to Turning Pro
Lipinski May Not Want More Titles
Behind Todd, Tara, a Stressed-Out Coach
By Leaping Over Kwan, Lipinski Becomes Youngest Champ
Detroit Skating Club Celebrates Tara Lipinski's Win
Detroit Skating Club Seeks Sanctuary on Ice
Endorsement World is Lipinski's Oyster
Fans Welcome Back Golden-Girl Lipinski
Kwan, Lipinski Hit Ice in Preparation for Showdown
Kwan at Career Peak as Lipinski Awaits
Kwan Skated Safely, But Lipinski Was Right Behind
Americans Eye Ladies Figure Skating Sweep
Lipinski Commits to Worlds, Agent Mum on Pros
The Untouchables Kwan, Lipinski Solid Medal Favorites
Lipinski Could Unveil New Moves in LP
Tara Lipinski Audio
Poised Lipinski Sends a Message in Munich
In Ode to Joy, Young Lipinski Grabs the Gold
Lipinski Undecided for 2002; Kwan Undeterred
After Fall, Lipinski Title Hopes Dim
Sugarland Elated 'Tara-tory'
For 'Team Tara', the Captain is Mom
"I'm Just Her Mother"- But That Was Everything to Tara
Tara Lipinski: It Felt So Perfect
Tara Finds Joy at Olympics
Skaters Wow Crowd
Kwan, Lipinski Highlight Tour
Lipinski Practices on Ice for Pro Debut
A Holy Tara
Tara Lipinski Aglow As Olympic Champion
Lipinski Earns USOC Honor
In Short, Lipinski Wants to be Quite a Character
Lipinski's Haven is Detroit Skating Club
Lipinski Upset by French Skater in Lalique Competition
Ice Skating: Lipinski Performs Perfect Encore
The Tiara Goes to Tara
Fans Find Ice Nicer
Small Things in Skating's Future
The Texas Twenty: Tara Lipinski
Lipinski Wins World Title; Kwan in Second
Gardiner & Lipinski's Success Showcases Houston's Growing Ice Age