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-The First Step-

So far away from where I should stand
to keep on the path and find my way
keep the faith no matter the price I pay

So far from my home, lost
without a signal to find my way
like a ship being tossed
in an unforgiving storm

They say if you look hard
you can find your way back home
they never said seeing the place you left behind
was easy if you were blind

Itís in my hands, I canít feel it
I canít see it but I know itís still there
so close but out of reach
Iíve never known it all this time

What if the path that leads me home
leads me to find myself
to become stronger then Iíve ever known
to stand against the storm that blows

Iíve finally taken the first step
in the right direction now
still so far away but Iíll never stray
from this path that Iíve made

I canít say that Iíve won if Iíve never tried
to conquer those who never came
in the end itís only myself I met

I still wonder what I left behind
and what I left for
maybe never knowing is the price I pay
now all I can do is fight my way back
to where I started being stronger the first step
coming back then the first step
I took when I left