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-The Epic-

Pressure builds and tempers rise
I've known about you all this time
with your fake identity and all your lies

Twist the truth until you're clean
so spotless that in the sun you'll gleam
hiding the real you seldom to be seen

You think you're safe sitting so high
maybe you should start watching your back
your confidence will one day be your demise

There are people hinding in the shadows you can't see
the dangerous ones that don't give a fuck like me
you better make the most of your days
you don't know when your last will be

The blade flashes one in the sun
and returns covered in blood
it would appear that your time has come

Where are all of your so called friends now
kind of sucks when no one shows up for your funeral
Looks like you got used and played for a fool

This is the sign of the times
the sand in the hourglass wastes away
the epic begins today