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-2 A.M.-

It's 2 am and I can't sleep
all is silent not even one peep
nothin' to do not a song to play
I get this feeling almost every day

Get lost in thoughts as I lie in bed
tomarrow I know I'll feel as good as dead
I think of tomarrow I think of today
protect me God, that's what I pray

I wander aimlessly through the dark
as I get up and walk around
might as well give one more try
'cause no one else is making a sound

I want to sleep I want to rest
but trying to is the ultimate test
I close my eyes and count my sheep
fade to black, I fall asleep.

Looking all around they're all after me
they always stare that conspiracy
not anyone else no, no way
they're all on one side all against me

Nowhere to turn, no one to trust
I'm all on my own to fend for myself
what do they want? what do they need with me?
they're out to steal my privacy

It remains unfinished it remains unsolved
mystery from start mystery at end
what has happened? who am I?
am I living or will I die?