Delusions of Persecution and Grandeur

An archive of when I cared.

Well, this is my page. The layout is by my friend Martine. It's best when viewed with Internet Explorer. But the content, which is what really matters, is mine. Probably the best things on here are the stories, the chipperness list, and the ever-popular quotes. You'll probably find a few more things in the lists section at least mildly intersting as well. Oh, and there's the journal. It has its moments. But there's also a good chance you'll find something on here you don't like. And if you do, and you feel I need to know this, I do enjoy the occasional hate letter. Or you could sign my guestbook and tell me I deserve to die. Actually, I'd prefer if you did that, as nobody ever seems to. Oh, and if you don't understand something on here, it's probably an inside joke. Live with it.