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...North Dakota still offers more to waterfowl hunters than any state in the nation. Gaining access to private land isn't difficult and the duck and goose hunting is the best anywhere.--Tony Dean Outdoors

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Turtle Lake North Dakota offers excellent hunting and fishing with eighteen fishing lakes within twenty five miles. Three of the lakes are less than two miles from Turtle Lake! People travel from many states far and near to hunt our area geese, ducks, pheasants, ect!      
Short term lodging and long term rentals are available.

Contact Darwin Saari (701-448-2596) at the City Hall for more literature in regards to area public land that is available for hunting.
Turtle Lake is a wholesome place to raise children. Turtle Lake boasts very low crime , low high school drop out rate, low unemployment and an excellent school system.

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Our hospitals, clinics, lending institutions, grocery store, and auto service stations are among the many employers in the area. Check out the linked "Turtle Lake" web page for a more complete listing of Turtle Lake Businesses!

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"Turtle Lake is a town where it's inhabitants still enjoy High School sports as fun and good natured competitiveness, and that instills characteristics in people, young or old, which will stay with them forever. It produces a tight knit and friendly atmosphere socially and in the home.I feel I would have missed an important part of my life had I not lived at least part of my life there..."
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