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Here I have gathered information on books about Gardners, as you probably gathered from the title of the page. Many of these books can be found at Barnes and If you know of a book that I've missed, or have further information on a book that is listed here, please feel free to tell me so, the email is at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can post your comments for all to see in my guest book, also found at the bottom of the page. Feedback is much apprecated and enjoyed. :]

Gardner - Ancestry of Daniel Garnder V and Mary (Hodges) Gardner of Champaign IL with Other Gardner and Hodges Records and Historical and Biographical Notes
By D. Hodges Gardner, Published Sep 1994

Gardner Hist and Genealogy<
By L. May Published Jan 1989

Gardner - Ballard and Allied Families: Edmondson, Lee, Daniel, Cauthen, and Staff
By Oscar William Gardner, Leroy Whitcomb Gardner, and Maria Bunch Thomason, Published Jan 1995

The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
By Douglas Shand-Tucci, Published Sep. 1998

The Isabella Gardner Museum: A Companion Guide and History
By Isabella Gardner Musuim and Hilliard T. Goldfarb, Published Oct 1995

Isabella Gardner: The Collected Poems
By Isabella Gardner, Published Jan 1990

Isabella Gardner: The Collected Poems, vol. 1
By Isabella Gardner, Published Jan 1993

Witness to an Era: The Life and Photographs of Alexander Gardner
By Mark Mark Katz, Published Mar 1999

An Enduring Interest: The Photographs of Alexander Gardner
By Brooks Johnson and Alexander Gardner, Published Jan 1991

Witness to an Era: The Civil War Western Photographs of Alexander Gardner
Editied by Random House Value Publishing Inc., Published Aug 1998

Sharks Never Sleep: A Novel Featuring the Black Mask Boys
By Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Erle S. Gardner, Published Oct 1998

Erle Stanley Gardner: An Exhibit
By Mary Hirth, Published Jan 1972

Erle Stanley Gardner: a Checklist
By E. H. Mundell

Lies! Lies! Lies!: A College Journal More of John Gardner
By John Gardner, with an introduction by Thomas Gavin, Published Apr 1999

Off the Wall: the Newspaper Columns of Ted Gardner
By Theodore Roosevelt Gardner, Published May 1993

Soccer Talk: Paul Gardner on Soccer
By Paul Gardner, Published Jul 1999

Portrait of an Expatriate: William Gardner Smith, Writer
By LeRoy S. Hodges, Published Jan 1985

Mathematical Recreations: A Collection in Honor of Martin Gardner
Edited by Martin Gardner and David A. Klarner, Published Apr 1998

Living Responsibly in Community: Essays in Honor of E. Clinton Gardner
Edited by Frederick E. Glennon, Darryl M. Trimiew, and Gary S. Hauk, Published Apr 1997

Face to Face: Photographs at the Gardner Museum
By Abelardo Morell, et all. Published Sep 1998

AVA Gardner: A Bio-Bibliography
By Karin J. Fowler, Published Jul 1990

Gardner Cox: Sketches from Life
By Gardner Cox and Phoebe Barnes Driver, Published Jul 1995

Writers Talk to Ralph D. Gardner
By Ralph D. Gardner, Published Jan 1989

The Art of John Gardner: Instruction and Exploration
By Per Winther, Published Oct 1992

John Gardner: A Study of the Short Fiction
By Jeff Henderson, Published Jul 1990

Thor's Hammer: Essays on John Gardner
By Jeff Henderson, Published Apr 1988

Understanding John Gardner
By John Michael Howell, Published Dec 1993

John Gardner: Critical Perspectives
Edited by Robert A Morace and Kathryn Van Spanckeren, Published Jan 1982

Dream of Peace: Art and Death in the Fiction of John Gardner
By Ronald Nutter, Published Jan 1998

The Novels of John Gardner: Making Life as a Moral Process
By Leonard C. Butts, Published May 1988

Gardner Murphy: Integrating, Expanding and Humanizing Psychology
By Lois Barclay Murphy, Published Jan 1990

There is More Beyond: Selected Papers of Gardner Murphy
By Murphy Lois Barclay and Lois Barclay Murphy, Published Jan 1989

The Psychotherapeutic Techniques of Richard A. Gardner
By Richard A. Gardner, Published Jan 1986

Gardner Museum Cafe Cookbook
By Lois McKitchen Conroy, Published Sep 1985

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