Backstage Kyle Adams spots King Crasher storming down the corridor towards
Mr D's office.

Kyle Adams - King, King...

King Crasher - Kyle, I'm very busy.

Kyle Adams - How do you feel about losing out on that 50% stake in the TWC?

King Crasher - Listen Kyle. I'm more conerned about getting Mr D to
reinstate me and finding out where that bitch wife of mine is, so if you can
just piss off please.

King Crasher reaches the door of Mr D's office and knocks firmly but
No answer.
King Crasher tries the door handle.
The door is locked.
King Crasher is now getting frustrated.

King Crasher - Son of a bitch.

King Crasher takes a few steps back and a deep breath.
King Crasher then takes a dramatic run at the door and kicks it in.
The door flies open.
King Crasher sees his wife Angel the other side of Mr D's desk.
Angel has her back to the door and appears to be straddling Mr D's chair.
Mr D's face appears from in front of Angel's body.
The crowd in the arena gasp in shock.
King Crasher pauses for a second.
Angel and Mr D look at Crasher with no reaction.
King Crasher slowly slinks off.
The camera goes back to Paul Stevens, Terry Gregory and The Charter who all
look a bit shellshocked.

Terry Gregory - I can't believe what I've just seen. Was that for real?

Paul Stevens - Angel in a state of undress straddling the owner of this
company? You don't need to read to much into that.

The Charter - That's the last thing I expected to see. I know Angel is
labelled as one for infidelity, but we've all seen it first hand now.