"Psychopath" by Sultans of Ping plays in the arena.

The Charter - Something tells me tonight is gonna be one of the biggest nights in TWC's 15 year history guys.

King Crasher appears from backstage to a mixed response from the fans.
King Crasher doesn't really react to the fans but power walks down to the ring nonetheless.

Shabba "The New York Yankee" - I'm well excited.  I really wanna know what's gonna happen next!

Big Baggy Jelly - The same.

King Crasher grabs a mic and goes to the middle of the ring.

King Crasher - OK calm down everyone.  I know it certainly is a big thing when the owners of the company are about and I know there's a lot of anticipation about The Gladiator making his long awaited return to TWC.  You don't know what to expect.  Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know what to expect either.  I've had a lot of differences with The Gladiator, however I'm prepared to be the bigger man tonight and not be confrontational with him.  The only thing I do know is that he is, as I am, very keen to get Brilliant Brian Brisbane officially elected as chairman of the board to stop Jayse The Ace taking this company in the wrong direction, which sadly he's got a bad habit of doing.

King Crasher - Now, if you'll allow me to digress, I just want to show you some footage.  Please avert your attention to the Spikertron...

* * * Stateside - 27th November 2005 * * *

The show comes back from commercial to a shot of the Spikertron with Big Daddy Jason Berodt appearing on screen to the boos of the crowd.

Big Daddy - Well, a great reaction from a bunch of ungrateful limp risted homosexuals. After I bring TWC here for you enjoyment, and my finiancial betterment, you boo me. But the only reason I'm talking to you from my office right now, other than that you people stink on ice and I couldnt bear to bring myself out ringside more than I have too. Harold Gitt, you sit out there running your mouth about Royal Title this and how you made that belt back in 1743 and slaggin off on the United States, I could really care less about that cause i'm the boss and your not, but when you run your mouth about beating my ass and wanting to have my son beaten up too, that's where I gotta draw the line, so watch your back old man, watch your back.

The crowd boos as Big Daddy makes threats against the living legend Harold Gitt and Asshole chants are directed at the SPikertron.

Harold Gitt - Look at that pussy, he's so affraid of what i could do to him that he can't even say it to my face, tosser has to say over the bloody tele.

The camera shows Harold Gitt staring at the Spikertron which still has the face of Big Daddy looking smug as out of nowhere The Loose Cannon jumps the rail behind the announce posistion and grabs Harold Gitt, picking him up over his head and throwing him into the Spanish Announce table, shattering as Gitts body goes through it.

The Charter - My God! Harold Gitt must be 80 years old at least and The Loose Cannon has just put him through a table, Someone get some help out here.

The Loose Cannon laughs and and begins walking to the back as Harold Gitt lies motionless in the remains of the table.

Big Daddy - I told you to watch your back old man.

Big Daddy laughs as the Spikertron turns off and medics rush to the ringside and attend to Harold Gitt, loading him onto a stretcher and wheeling him to the back.

* * * footage ends * * *

King Crasher - Yeah, you saw that right everyone.  Big Daddy Jason Berodt ordered his brother to just about kill a man in his eighties.  Not just any old man though, but my grandfather.  And this is not the only time he's done this either.  So I see everyone out there asking why I would try and side with him after all that.

King Crasher - Well this whole thing is not about me and Big Daddy.  This is about TWC.  TWC is my life, and I have no choice but to accept that TWC is as much a part of Big Daddy Jason Berodt's life as it is mine.  Big Daddy has got so much more business acumen than Jayse The Ace, and if I care about TWC, I have to recognise that.  That is why we have to vote Brilliant Brian Brisbane in as chairman, because it's good for TWC to have Big Daddy Jason Berodt in control, absolutely regardless of my personal feelings towards the bastard.

King Crasher - Big Daddy Jason Berodt recognises that Vinny Chompways is, and always has been, a cutting edge wrestler with cutting edge thoughts, attitudes and actions.  He may not be politically correct, but he gets bums on seats, and he gets TV's switched on.  People want to see what he's gonna say and do next, and that is why, he should be given the opportunity to win back the TWC Worldwide Championship, and myself, Big Daddy Jason Berodt and The Gladiator all feel the same way.

King Crasher - I am only the owner of 20% of this company...that is a fifth of TWC only.  That's not a lot.  I'm afraid that I have to work with my fellow co-owners Big Daddy and Gladiator to get things done, regardless of how I feel about either of them.  I don't have to justify myself to any of you fans, or any of the wrestlers in the back, but today I have done that out of choice and respect.  Everything I do here tonight will be purely for business reasons.

King Crasher drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Big Baggy Jelly - Well, I think we've all learned... Oi, Shabba, wake up!!!

Shabba "The New York Yankee" - What?  I am asleep!!!...I mean awake!!!....what time is it?

The Charter - Well all three part owners are gonna be here tonight, and I can't wait to see if anything happens.