Super Ho is sitting all alone in her hotel room; she is watching videotape of her fight with Deacon last Friday. She smiles to herself as she can see the look of disgust and jealousy on Deacons fiancee Eva's face as she watches on from ringside. Super Ho is getting an enormous kick out of watching herself rolling around in the ring with some other girls fiancé. Although she loses the fight she still laughs to herself as she has got a fantastic version of events on tape to show the crowds tonight.

As the video finishes Super Ho puts the tape into her handbag; She gets up and looks around her big empty and lonely hotel room. She has an idea concerning her new stable mates the Kliq! She rushes around packing all her stuff into a sports bag she picks up her room key and heads down the hotel corridor towards the Kliqs Hotel room.

She knocks on the door and Big Daddy Jason Berodt answers the door.

Big Daddy: Super Ho!! Wow Hi ! It's really good to see you! I'm am so pleased you accepted our offer to join the Kliq! Believe me you wont be sorry! It's the best move you could make in the federation.

Super Ho: I'm sure I won't be sorry either I have always had great respect for you guys!! You know a sense of humour is one of my biggest turn ons, among other things of course, which you will find out about!! So I thought it would be a good idea if I shared a room with you and rest of the Kliq. It will be a good opportunity for us all to get to know each other better! What do you think?

He gulps and looks her up and down his eyes stopping on her huge perfectly formed cleavage that is busting above her low cut vest top. And her brown flat stomach is showing over her low cut hipster jeans. He has a huge cheeky grin on his face!

Big Daddy: Sure why not! I'm sure there's plenty of room for us all even if it means squeezing up a bit!! I don't know what loose Cannon or Max Powers will make of it but I'm sure they won't mind sounds like a fucking excellent idea to me come in.

Super Ho: I just want to say thank you for sticking up for me when Deacon started mouthing off at me over winning the fight against me ! That fucking little wanker will get what's coming to him! I've got plenty to say about him later when I address my fans .

Big Daddy: There's no need to thank me, Ill always stick it up for you! OOPS I mean stick up for you. I always stand by my stable I'm not gonna let that sumbitch bastard rip on you! Me and the boys are gonna make all of Team fucking Deacon sorry in our San Antonio street fight on Friday night.

Super Ho: Hee hee ! Great I can see I'm going to like being in the Kliq! Don't worry Big Daddy I will be right there with you watching you beat the shit out of that bunch of losers, and I will be there after ready to ease any aches and pains you may have! So let's talk about something else, how many beds do you have in this room?

Big Daddy: Just three! (He says winking!)

Super Ho: Oh that's cosy! That would mean Id have to share a bed with one of you! Where are loose Cannon and Max Powers anyway?

Big Daddy: Oh they are already at the arena I thought I'd catch up with them later. You can ride down there with Big Daddy if you want?

Super Ho: Id love to ride Big Daddy ! OOPS I mean share a ride with Big Daddy! that was a slip of the tongue!

She winks at him suggestively and walks past him she sets her bag down on one of the beds, and sits down. Big Daddy just stares at her in complete ore of her beauty.

Big Daddy: Shit I need a fucking drink! Do you want one?

Super Ho: I love one! and a drink! Hee hee

He roots around in the refrigerator with some urgency.

Big Daddy: Shit man! We have run out of beers I'll go down to the bar and get some more. Do you mind what kind I get?

Super Ho: No I don't mind what kind you get just get what you like and I'll share yours !

He gets up quickly and clumsily and excitedly stumbles towards the door.

Big Daddy: I'll be right back make yourself at home I'll see if I can get you your own room key as well. He rushes out of the room.

Super Ho smiles and looks around the room she sees a framed picture of herself on the dressing table next to the flowers she sent them a few days ago. She begins to take off her clothes and she goes into the bathroom and runs a hot bubble bath. She gets in submerges her self beneath the bubbles. She leaves the bathroom door open. She hears a key turn in the hotel room door.

Big Daddy walks in carrying a crate of bottled beer. He walks in and finds her laying suggestively in a bubble bath with the bubbles only just covering up her now not so private parts.

Big Daddy: Holy Shit! Here you go you are certainly not shy are you? I'm not use to being around such a hot woman this is fucking great!!!

He quickly exits the bathroom embarrassed and as he leaves he fans the door in a childish manner so to blow the bubbles off her body!!! He laughs and giggles as he looks back and catches a glimpse of her nipple poking through the bubbles! He sits on the bed and drinks a beer real quick and burps loudly.

Big Daddy: I love my job!! (He says to himself grinning from ear to ear)

Super Ho emerges from the bathroom with just a towel round her she picks up her bag and takes out a pair of thongs a bra and a short black dress; she begins to get changes right in front of Big Daddy.

Super Ho: I'm not embarrassing you am I?

Big Daddy: No not at all!! (He says as he pulls a pillow over his lap to hide his real excitement!!) Super Ho gets dressed, then sits down next to Big Daddy on the bed. She drinks the beer in a very suggestive way from the bottle. Big Daddy just stares at her in amusement! He moves closer to her on the bed. Just as he is about to put his hand up her dress when the phone rings!!

Big daddy: Oh Shit good timing! Yeah?… Oh right sure be right there….. Im afraid we better get going the car is downstairs waiting to take us to the arena.

Super Ho: What now? Ok I'm ready we can finish our drinks when we get back to our room later ok? Then you can show me the real reason they call you Big Daddy!!

Big Daddy gulps and smiles and puts on his shades and they leave the room.

They arrive at the arena and Super Ho makes her way to the curtain at the top of the ramp waiting for train sound affects to begin. Big Daddy asks if he can escort her down to the ring and she delightedly accepts. Big Daddy is wearing his tag title belt over his cut down jeans and T-shirt. As the Spikertron plays her sound effects and the steam appears she grabs the Mic and screams!


The crowd goes wild and chants Ho Ho Ho Ho and as she appears through the steam with Big Daddy the cheers turn to boos and begins to throw cans. Big Daddy sticks his finger up at the crowd! And Super Ho leans over and begins to suck his finger in a suggestive manner. The crowd starts to chant Slut Slut Slut Slut!! She loves it and smiles and begins to walk down to the ring! Jr and King are at ringside.

JR: Wow this English lady is getting a mixed response from the fans now that she has agreed to join the Kliq

King: Yeah she sure is she seems happy enough I sure wish I was Big Daddy's finger when she sucked it like that wow what a woman!!

Super Ho bends over in front of Big Daddy to get into the ring and Big Daddy stands behind her and grins as his mind is filled with perverse thoughts of what he could do to her from that position.

King: Hey Jr do you think they are a couple now they look kinda close!!

JR: Its possible King but I can't imagine Super Ho being with just one man can you?

Super Ho: Id like to say an enormous hello and good evening to you all especially all the sexy men!

She blows a huge kiss to the crowd. And King jumps about like a mad man getting excited again.

Super Ho: Id first like to announce that I am now part of the best fucking stable in the whole Federation. Super Ho is now a member of the Kliq! So it's now me Super Ho, Big Daddy Jason Berodt, Loose Cannon and the also newly recruited Max Powers! What a team we are we are gonna kick some serious arse in the Fed starting with Friday night when all my boys are going to be in a street fight with Deacon Goliath and wrath. Im really looking forward to watching Team Fucking Deacon get here damn faces smashed in especially after Deacon started getting mouthy with me after our fight last Friday.

To be honest with you Deacon I didn't really try to win the fight against you I was enjoying myself too much. I was enjoying you touching me and I know you were enjoying it too. Id like tell your fiancee Eva exactly what you did to win that fight, If you love each other as much as you say you do then what the hell was you doing trying to grab my breasts at every opportunity you got. Not that I'm complaining! But I thought you was a man of moral standing? But you are just some little pervert who gets his kicks out of grabbing women's parts and making out like it was a accident!! Just because your prim and proper Eva won't let you touch her until your married you are sexually frustrated! Its obvious I saw the way you were looking at me in that ring you wanted me baby and you know that you're just not man enough for me. And you hate the fact that you will never get anyone as hot as me. You and Goliath better just stick to your dog ugly girlfriends at least dogs will be loyal to you, hey they wont stray no body else would touch them with a bloody barge pole! Actually they may get a bit of interest from Stevie Wonder but that's it or they could even get some interest from all those guys who are into bestiality!!!

The crowd laughs and starts chanting Ho Ho Ho Ho Big Daddy smiles proudly at her.

Super Ho: Id like to show you all a video which I have put together myself, It's the edited version of my fight with Deacon. Its all the footage the ICW did not want the fans to see. Ill show Eva just what sort of a man she has agreed to marry! I'm sure you will all find this very interesting!

The Spikertron jumps into action and some real raunchy 70's porn music starts to play the screen shows a slow-motion version of the fight. The first shot is of when Deacon grabs Super Ho and pulls her to the floor as she falls down the slow motion camera shot shows Deacon close his eyes and take Super Ho's Breast in one of his hands and squeezes it. Then It cuts to another shot were Super Ho has Deacon in a headlock between her thighs, The slow motion camera reveals Deacons tongue come out and lick Super Ho's panties. And so its goes on. Shot after shot of Deacon sexually touching up Super Ho.

The crowd gasps and start-chanting Pervert Pervert Pervert!!

The Spikertron shows another 10 images from the fight were Deacon is doing something sexual to Super Ho.

King: My God JR that Deacon is some kind of sexual pervert! I wonder what Eva will make of all this?

JR: I don't think she's going to be too pleased King!

Super Ho: Now girls you tell me "could you concentrate on a fight when some guy is licking your panties at every given opportunity?" No I didn't think so!! No woman can think straight after some mans tongue had been teasing her like that! even if it was Deacon!!! Eva I have sent you a copy of this tape I have made it to show you exactly what kind of guy you are marrying!! Maybe you will think twice!!! Oh and Eva just think after that fight, when Deacon ran over to give you a kiss just think were his tongue had been moments before!!! Ha ha ha ha

Super Ho begins to stroke herself under her dress and touches her breasts she looks at Big Daddy who is standing nearby. She looks him up and down as he stares at her in disbelief of how far she goes on stage to be rude but he smiles a cheeky smile proud of his new stable mate.

Super Ho: Oh I feel all turned on at the thought of a guy's tongue teasing me like that! But I'm definitely not feeling horny for you Deacon you sad little wanker. You had the cheek to call me street trash but this bitch if far to good to be on the streets I'm a top class hot Ho and you fucking love it you couldn't wait to get a taste of me for yourself could you? Well its never gonna happen Deacon I need a real man who knows what he's doing!! Not some little guy with the smallest Dick I have ever seen in my life! And as for that note you reckon I put on your door, asking you to met me in a Holiday inn! well it definitely was not from me. I couldn't think of any thing worse than having sex with a creep like you the note was probably from your one and only dogface fan! Maybe it was even from Eva maybe she got turned on watching you touching me up! And wanted a bit for herself!!?

King: Wooo Hooo ! JR she's certainly horny tonight, Big Daddy's a lucky guy I get the feeling he will be benefiting from her excitement later!

JR: Well they are staying at the same hotel tonight so you never know king?

Super Ho: I'd like to also mention that big mouthed ex boyfriend of mine Hardcore King Crasher I don't know what your fucking problem is slagging off my new stable. I think you are just jealous because they now have the hottest thing in the ICW in there stable and you only have some freak chick who looks like she just been dug up!! But I will have to admit Crash I found great amusement in what you had to say about Goliath's girlfriend Angel. You are still a complete Arsehole and I do admire that in a man.

Right on to that stupid Pratt Impact! What the hell is the matter with you stupid pathetic little man? You had the opportunity to have sex with the hottest most gorgeous girl in the Fed, . But you pushed me aside to sleep with that ugly untalented bitch Jazz! You must have some sort of brain disfunction or something. But I'm glad you did in a way because it made me realise what a girlie wimp you really are! All that kissing and cuddling in showers! You really are a big girls blouse aren't you it wouldn't surprise me if you were bisexual? Im so glad I escaped a sexual encounter with you. You've blown it pal!

Right let's get down to my next big fight in the ICW. I have a bikini match at Sunday night Carnage against Jazz. The rules state the first one to lose her bikini top loses the fight! This is going to be a very hard fight for me! And I believe its going to be a very hard fight for all you men watching if you know what I mean. Let me explain its not going to be a hard fight because of the fighting aspect I know I can beat Jazz with one hand tied behind my back if I wanted to! Ive done it before. Its just that with my beautiful large double D breasts inside a skimpy bikini they are not going to want to stay in there if you know what I mean! These baby's are going to want to come out! But I guarantee this, that bikini top is not going to be removed by that ugly bitch Jazz. The only person who's gonna take it off my back is my Big Daddy and that wont be till after the fight is over. And Jazz is going to be left laying face down on the matt trying to hide her ugly pimply small breasts from the crowd. I'm gonna humiliate your arse so bad on Sunday Night. You are never gonna want to show your face in the ICW ever again. So just watch out girl! You crossed Super Ho once before an your Pansy Arse boyfriend Impact had to run out and save you. But Impact aint going to run out to save you this time. The only thing that's gonna be running out after you, is all the vomit from the crowds as they look at your naked breasts in the ring!!! Errrrr what a horrible bloody thought!!! Ha ha ha ha. Come on Big Daddy Im feeling sick just thinking about Jazz with no top on lets get out of here.

Super Ho blows another huge kiss to the crowds and her music Steam by East 17 starts to fill the arena. Super Ho and Big Daddy make their way up the ramp together to a mixture of cheers and boos Super Ho squeezes Big Daddy's arse really hard and they stop at the top of the ramp! Big Daddy turns around to the crowd and sticks both his middle fingers up at the crowds he grabs Super Hos hand and drags her off behind the curtains.

Super Ho: Come on lets get the fuck out of here and back to the hotel room.

They arrive back at their room and start drinking beer they begin to have races!

Super Ho: Ill show you that Super Ho is an excellent beer drinker ! ill drink you under the bloody table mate.

They drink about 15 bottle each one after the other and they are now both extremely drunk.

Super Ho: So come on show me the real reason that they call you Big Daddy Jason Berodt!

Super Ho Drags Jason Berodt to the big Double bed. She staddles him and pulls off her dress to reveal some very sexy black underwear.

Big Daddy: Fucking Hell!!!

Big Daddy Jason Berodt still has his cut down jeans and T-shirt on. He just lies there grinning at her with a glazed and drunk look. She leans over and grabs his tag title belt and puts it around his waist.

Super Ho: I love to suck off winners Big Daddy!

She moves down his body and begins to undo his zip on his jeans she pulls them down to reveal black boxer shorts. She can hear him breathing really heavy! Which she though was strange as she hadn't even started on him yet She sits up and looks at him.

He has passed out and has started snoring!!! She laughs and climbs off him. She puts her dress back on and makes her way down to the Hotel Bar.