It's late sunday morning in Denver Colorado and just hours away from Wrestlerage IV. ICW workers are starting to arrive at the Pepsi Center to get everything ready for tonights big event. Brian Wilson is in the backstage area talking to Alex Tyler about the signed matches and giving their views on each match when Brian Wilson's cell phone begins to ring. Brian Wilson reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.

Brian Wilson- Sorry Alex but i'd better answer this it could be important.

Alex Tyler- No worries i've gotta make a move anyway i've got a couple of things to do.

As Alex Tyler walks off Brian Wilson answers his phone. While talking on the phone a cameraman runs over to him and tries to get his attention, Brian Wilson waves him away but the cameraman stands his ground and eventually he gets his way as Brian Wilson ends his call.

Brian Wilson- This had better be important!

Cameraman- Don't worry it is.

Brian Wilson- Well then spit it out what is it then?

Brian Wilson- Are you sure he's there, how did you find out?

Cameraman- A friend of mine who drinks there just phoned and told me that the Gladiator was in there as he walked in.

Brian Wilson- Do you really think that the Gladiator would be drinking it up just hours before a big match. Maybe the Gladiator of old but not now.

Cameraman- My mate wouldn't lie to me, why don't we just go and check it out, it wouldn't hurt would it?

Brian Wilson- Okay okay grab some equipment then and we'll go see but i can't believe he'll be there.

Cameraman- Its already done and packed in the car.

Brian Wilson- Well come on then what you waiting for?

The two of them then make their way out into the parking lot and get in their car and drive downtown to see if the Gladiator is where they were told he was. After driving for a short while they reach the bar in question and get the equipment out of the car and set it up. Once done they enter the bar and see for themselves the man in question. There sitting at the bar with a beer in hand is the Gladiator. Brian Wilson and the cameraman make there way over to him.

Brian Wilson- Gladiator can we have a word?

Gladiator- Excuse me?

Brian Wilson- I was wondering......

Gladiator- I heard what you said Wilson but can't you see that i'm having a nice quiet beer?

Brian Wilson- I can see that but......

Gladiator- There's no buts about it!!!

Brian Wilson- So could we by any chance have a chat with you?

Gladiator- Well Wilson that depends.

Brian Wilson- On what?

Gladiator- Well are you going to get the beers in or what?

Brian Wilson- If thats what it takes then i suppose so, but do you think you should be drinking before such a big fight?

Gladiator- Look Wilson its as simple as this, if you want to sit here and ask me some stupid questions then you need to get your money out and keep buying the beers. Do you understand me Wilson or are you as thick as you make out, now its up to you?

Brian Wilson- Okay then if thats what it takes then thats what i'll do. Bartender another drink over here please.

The bartender cracks open a bottle of beer and puts it down in front of the Gladiator. The Gladiator then picks it up and takes a large swig out of it and places the bottle back on the bar.

Gladiator- Right then Wilson what do you want, try not to be your stupid self try and use some sense.

Brian Wilson- Well first of all Gladiator what sort of shape are you in for tonights match considering you haven't competed in the ring since you lost the TWC world championship to Mike Lindsay back in August of last year?

Gladiator- What shape am i in, look at me Wilson i'm in the best damn shape of my career just because i haven't been competing in the ring doesn't mean i've just let myself go. You see this match with Lindsay is the most important match of my career and theres no way i'm going to lose i just won't allow it, do you hear me you little piece of shit.

Brian Wilson- Now Gladiator you've faced Mike Lindsay on two different occasions when theres been a title involved and on both occasions Mike Lindsay has come out on top and taken the titles away from you. Now does that give Mike Lindsay any sort of advantage in this match up?

Gladiator- Well if it does its only on his half. What you've got to understand Wilson is when Lindsay defeated me for the ICW Hardcore title my mind wasn't on the match i had more important things to worry about as i heard that my mentor had come very ill and it was touch and go whether he'd survive so defending the Hardcore title didn't matter at the time. And as for when he defeated me of my TWC world title back in August of last year well i'm sorry but he had a bit of help in that match, but no it won't be on my mind as i already know that come the end of the day i will come out on top and that the TWC world title will be back where it belongs and thats with its owner the Gladiator.

Brian Wilson- Now Gladiator tensions have been mounting of late between you and the Crasher and it was he who decided that you and Lindsay should fight for it when in the past he surely would have been on your side and agreed with you that you should keep the belt and not have to fight for it. Also do you think that the Crasher might be seen at some point in this match up because of late it seems that he has been taking Lindsay's side over yours?

Gladiator- You know something Wilson thats true there are tensions but it doesn't bother me, you see the Crasher knows how dangerous i am but he doesn't realise how clever i am, in the past i've always taken a back seat and let Chris do all the hard work but he has a fault and one day sooner or later he will shoot himself in the foot and lose everything. End of the day Crasher needs me more than what i need him. He knows that if he turns up during tonights match up and tries to stab me in the back he knows full well that it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

Brian Wilson- Now Gladiator going back to Mike Lindsay, do you think its wise to be sitting here drinking beer after beer when you've got such a difficult match later today?

Gladiator- Talking about beer its about time you got them in.

Brian Wilson once again calls over to the bartender and asks for another beer and also asks for a soda water for himself. While the bartender is bringing the drinks over the Gladiator finishes his previous beer and puts the empty bottle on the bar just as the bartender places both drinks down, Gladiator picks his up straight away and drinks about half of it before placing it back down on the bar.

Gladiator- Right then what was you going on about?

Brian Wilson- I was saying do you think its wise to be drinking when your just hours away from such a big match?

Gladiator- Yeah i know all about that Wilson but with me a couple of beers or more before a match always helps and also i've received some good news today about a bit of business i was doing.

Brian Wilson- And what business was that then?

Gladiator- Don't worry you'll find out in good time, at the moment its no business of yours but all i will say is that a old friend of mine will be shocked and surprised.

Then a wry smile appears on the Gladiator's face and then chulkles to himself before picking up his beer and finishing it off. He then looks at Brian Wilson and Brian Wilson calls over to the bartender for another beer.

Brian Wilson- So Gladiator how do you see your match turning out?

Gladiator- Well one thing is for certain and thats at the end of the night i will come out victorious as i'm in a no lose situation.

Brian Wilson- What do you mean by that surely you don't think that your match against Lindsay will be a stroll in the park do you?

Gladiator- No not at all i know its going to be a tough match, just because i don't like Lindsay don't think that i under estimate him, no i know he's a top star, if he weren't any good do you really think that i would have allowed him into the TWC. Not at all i only let the best join but remember one thing and Lindsay you take note of this to. I own you and at the end of the day Lindsay i am your boss and you will do as i say.

Brian Wilson- Gladiator if i could just point this out, but you only own 25% of the TWC.

Gladiator- If thats what you say Wilson AND?

Brian Wilson- Well with Jayse The Ace owning 50% and the Crasher owning the other 25% you need one of those on your side to......

Gladiator- Let me just stop you there.

Brian Wilson- But with you not seeing eye to eye with the Crasher at the moment and you've never been friends with Jayse surely......

Gladiator- Look Wilson everything is going to work out fine and dandy, will you stop worrying.

Brian Wilson- Oh i'm not worrying but with the Crasher inviting Jayse The Ace over here to America to talk business......

Gladiator- Yeah i know he's here i met up with him last night and we had a few beers and had a chat about old times.

Brian Wilson- But i don't understand the two of you have never got on so why......

Gladiator- No Wilson the reason we hated each other was one thing but we both always wanted the best for the TWC and thats a fact.

Brian Wilson- So are you and Crasher both up to the same thing?

Gladiator- I don't know what your on about, what Crasher gets up to is his business all i done was met up with an old work colleague and hit the town for a few beers, where's there a problem with that?

Brian Wilson- There is no problem.

Gladiator- Well in that case then just drop the subject or i'll have to give you a slap.

Brian Wilson- No theres no need for that.

Gladiator- Well then thats alright then, now get back to what you do best and buy me another beer.

The Gladiator then picks up his half full bottle and finishes it off while Brian Wilson orders another drink.

Gladiator- So Wilson is there anything else that you want to know or what?

Brian Wilson- Not at the moment Gladiator but thanks for your time.

Gladiator- No problem, thanks for the beer.

Brian Wilson and the cameraman then gather their things and make their way out leaving the Gladiator sitting at the bar drinking bottle of beer after bottle of beer.