In the most exciting week leading up to the biggest event on the ICW calender WrestleRage, little or nothing has been heard from the man that was recently and unlawfully fired from the ICW Commissionership, King Crasher. At the arena a black stretch limousine pulls up and shortly afterwards the driver walks around the vehicle to open the back door. From inside the car out steps King Crasher and his wife Angel. The Crasher tips the driver and walks towards the backstage entrance to the arena. From inside the arena their is an unmistakeably loud cheer from the fans in the arena, as the announcers at ringside give their take on the pictures that everybody is seeing.

Paul Stevens: There he is, possibly the most popular wrestler on our roster today, King Crasher.

Terry Gregory: Would you take a look at Angel!!! If Crasher and Angel ever get a divorce, then I need that young lady's phone number.

King Crasher walks purposefully through the backstage area.

The Charter: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think King Crasher is making his way straight out here.

Sure enough as the fan noise dies down, up blasts the Sultans Of Ping track "Psychopath" which sets the fans off shouting and screaming again. King Crasher appears at the top of the ramp with Angel Devyne-Chazzeller. King Crasher taunts the crowd as he walks down to the ring in his suit and tie. The fans continue to cheer as Crasher leaps up into the ring and holds the ropes open for his wife who enters the ring with an incredibly stern look on her face.

Paul Stevens: Angel never looks like she has any remorse at all. She looks cold and calculated.

The Charter: She is also married to one of the most influential men in the wrestling industry today.

Terry Gregory: Not so influential since he was fired as Commissioner!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Paul Stevens: That may all be different after WrestleRage III. This man in the ring could be our sole Commissioner.

King Crasher calls down to the timekeeper's table for a microphone. Seconds later one is thrown through the air towards King Crasher. The King catches the mic in his right hand and turns to the crowd to speak.

King Crasher: Ladies and gentlemen. It is that time of the year again. The time of year that everybody in ICW aims for. The single card that wrestlers are falling over themselves trying to be a part of. The one night of the year in which we try to put an exclamation mark on the list of everything we have achieved throughout the wrestling year. Tonight is WrestleRage, and for a lot of wrestlers on the card this year's event could make or break them.

That fact applies to nobody in a better way than it does for me, King Crasher. The fact that my hands were tied by the ICW owner Mr D, the board of directors and their chairman Chuck Thomas, and the supposedly current sole Commissioner HHH, has made it impossible for me to go about my usual Commissioner's duties which BY LAW I am still at liberty to carry out. So, you may ask, why didn't I do something about it when I was fired? Why didn't I flex my rights as a citizen of the western world and take all three of those stupid bastards to court? The reason why is because my official contract as the Commissioner of the ICW expires today and so I would be fired tomorrow by Mr D anyway. By the time the courts would have got round to reviewing the case and making any type of settlement in conclusion, I could be waiting for six months for that. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a man who waits for anything. Life is too short to wait around. I am a man that sorts things out TODAY!!!

The fans cheer loudly.

King Crasher: So, to those people who ask me why I didn't do anything about be fired, I have just one response. I did!!! Despite being fired, who is the man most likely to walk away from WrestleRage tonight as the sole Commissioner of the ICW until WrestleRage in 2003? I will grant you that my match for the Commissionership this year is a lot tougher than my match for Commissionership against Mr D at last year's WrestleRage but then the King Crasher that is stepping into the ring is a King Crasher that is a lot tougher than the one that stepped into the ring at last year's WrestleRage.

The fans cheer loudly again.

King Crasher: It is time to face the reality of the fact that I am the most devious man on any roster in any wrestling promotion. I get what I want, and do you know why? Coz I want it more than anyone else. I want to be the ICW Commissioner, not because I like being in charge and enjoy throwing my weight around. I want to be the ICW Commissioner because it is symbolic. It is symbolic of success. The success to overcome all the odds, all the supposed geniuses that run this federation. It is symbolic of the fact that bogus authority can be infiltrated no matter how outnumbered you may seem to be. Sometimes your enemies may not hate you as much as you hate them. Sometimes to beat dirty you have to play dirty. In everything you encounter their is a weakness. That weakness is there to be exploited. When I face HHH tonight, I know that their will be weaknesses. I know that if anyone can find and target those weaknesses, I can. Nobody is the wrestling business today has more intelligence than me. Nobody. Therefore tonight you will see me, King Crasher become the ICW Commissioner and bring this federation back onto the tracks that it needs to be on.

The arena fills with crowd noise.

King Crasher: The road to WrestleRage for me has been a long and arduous one. It is a road that these money paying fans enjoy watching. Right from the moment last year when I beat HHH's main man, Mr D, last year at WrestleRage II to become the Commissioner of ICW. You fans watched HHH come down to the ring and tell me that it wasn't over and that the suffering was about to begin. You all watched that. You all saw it for yourselves. Last year at WrestleRage II, exactly one year ago.

The Spikertron flickers on and shows footage of the aftermath of last years WrestleRage.

* * * * *

He then gets into the ring.
He grabs Crasher who is now barely conscious.
He grabs a microphone.
He kneels over Crasher, and grabs his hair pulling his head up.
Crasher looks at him Through the blood and sweat in his eyes.

Triple H: You little bitch! You think this is over? Youre wrong little man. This has just begun. I came out here to make sure you didnt get booking control. Well it looks like I failed. But Ill tell you what. For everything you do that I dont like.. With the ICW Booking and all the bologna... Im gonna give you one ass kicking. So if you decide youre gonna push that stupid good for nothing stable.. You better be watching your back.

* * * * *

The Spikertron goes off and the fans boo HHH's action last year, even though ironically at the time the fans cheered HHH for that.

King Crasher: Well, yes HHH. A lot has happened in the last year. I don't really recall getting the "ass kicking" you promised, but other than that, yes you have been a bee in my bonnet. But that is all you will ever be HHH. You just haven't got enough up top to deal with me, you prove that in your futile attempts to anger me. A prime example is that pathetic episode in which you claim that my lovely wife here was a bit of a bedroom slave for you....

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller grabs the microphone out of her husband's hand. King Crasher looks surpised as Angel gives him a stern look.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: HHH, I was indeed a part of your stable when I first entered ICW back in 2000. But I wasn't there for very long. You see, HHH, I know a good thing when I see it, and that is why I am standing here alongside my husband today and not you. I was only too happy to join up with Chris and his dominant I.T. stable after all the sexual harassment, all the leering, all the jerky comments and all the creepy ass grabbing of my time spent as a part of your stable. I don't know if you're female personal assistants go for all of that stuff, but I am a lady!!! I am a lady that likes to be treated like a lady, and the fact of the matter is that Chris treats me like a lady and that you not only didn't treat me like a lady HHH, but you don't even know how to treat someone like a lady.

King Crasher grabs the microphone back. Angel looks sternly at her husband as Crasher looks at Angel with a smirk on his face.

King Crasher: But hang on Angel, HHH treats Mr D like his bitch, coz basically that's exactly what he is. Does that count? No, but seriously HHH you tried to wind me up by proclaiming the fact that you had some form of relationship with my wife. Well what is it you people over here in the States say? I think it's...WHATEVER!!!

The crowd cheer again.

King Crasher: You know this last year for me hasn't all been laughs and fun for me. Sadly I had to take some time off because Angel here seriously injured her back. At one point we though that she may never walk again, but thankfully by the grace of God she is here standing beside me today. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Myself and Angel received a lot of sympathy from many people in and around ICW, and we been grateful for all of that. But we didn't receive the same sympathies from the company that employed us. While I was on leave and living back home in England, Angel sustained this injury preventing me from making my scheduled return to the USA and the ICW. Despite all of this Mr D somewhat illegally installed HHH as my "replacement". It's true that I made an announcement stating that I was stepping down from my Commissioner's duties, but I told HHH then as I'm telling him now, you can claim all you like what was said and what wasn't said last summer, but the fact remains that I, King Crasher didn't officially resign, and also I was exempt from being fired because the contract that I won at WrestleRage II was a contract that would last me a whole year.

So basically all I did to you two, Mr D and HHH, was exactly the same thing that you did to me just a few short months earlier. While you were on your leave and Mr S was running riot over this federation, I myself came back and in my opinion saved the ICW from certain danger. That's right, Mr S was driving this company into a possible decline. Those were worrying times in ICW. That is why I came back when I did. If it wasn't for me HHH, you may not have had a federation to be Commissioner of. And you Mr D, your fight tonight against Mr S for overall ownership of ICW may have been one that was almost worthless as this company may well have been all but destroyed. With all this in mind, you have admit that the implications of myself not winning against HHH tonight do not bare thinking about for absolutely everybody employed by the ICW. The possibility of IWF overtaking ICW as the main wrestling promotion doesn't bare thinking about, and so it is my duty tonight to the wrestling industry to put everything into my match against HHH and make sure that none of that happens, and that the ICW continues it's successful growth.

King Crasher takes a deep breath before returning to the mic yet again.

King Crasher: It's as if you don't realise HHH, that everyone in this arena doesn't know that you are all mouth and no trousers. Aside from your immaterial threats that you didn't carry out from last year at WrestleRage II, you went on to do the self same thing at Black Sunday back in January when I became the World Champion. If we can roll the footage of the aftermath of that match when HHH ran his mouth again.

The Spikertron flickers on again.

* * * * *

HHH walks up the ramp, and stops at the top of the ramp.

He picks up a microphone.

HHH- Crasher, you better celebrate all you can now, because the Game is Back, and you're number one on my list… and your little bride is number two… And before you realize what's happening, its going to be Game … Over!

"Play the Game" plays, and HHH walks off.

* * * * *

King Crasher: Well, forgive me if a forgot to shit my pants over that HHH. Once again in your desperation you target my wife. I mean, surely not all Americans are such wimps that they have to resort to threatening women in order to infuriate their opponents. Let's get something straight HHH, at WrestleRage III I'm coming after you. I'm not coming after your friends. I'm not coming after your family. I'm coming after you. And I am confident HHH that even though I seemed like a defeated man a couple of weeks ago when yourself, Mr D and Chuck Thomas conspired to get me fired from my Position as Commissioner, that I will rise from this huge pile of steaming shit smelling of roses as all of you will have to put up with me being the Commissioner of ICW for yet another year.

How can I be so confident, you may ask? Well, for those of you with short memories let me take you back to last month at Cutting Edge when HHH challenged me for my United States Championship. I hate to take away any confidence you may have tonight going into our match HHH, but didn't I comprehensively kick your arse on that occasion as well? Oh, but don't take my word for it HHH, let's take another look at what went down just for those of you that feel like you cannot remember it fully. Let's play it.

The Spikertron flickers on for the third time during King Crasher's promo and shows the closing seconds of HHH's challenge for King Crasher's United States championship.

* * * * *

Crasher wakes Johnny Moon back up as HHH screams in pain
Crasher then locks the Figure Four up for the forth time
Johnny Moon checks HHH
HHH taps the mat very hard, and very fast
Johnny Moon signals for the bell

Howard Stinkle- The winner, and still U.S. Champion..... KING CRASHER!!!

Crasher still doesn't release the hold as HHH screams in pain

* * * * *

The Spikertron goes off again.

King Crasher: Yeah, OK HHH, I'll be the first one to admit that I used a sledgehammer on your leg before slapping on that Figure Four leglock. Call it what you like, but I call it justice for all the crap you've been dishing out to everybody in ICW. And the record books will state that I defeated you. I was victorious over you. You succumbed to my superior ability, and that my friend is what will happen again tonight.

So after everything HHH. After all the shit that's hit the fan over the last twelve months it is now time to see exactly who is clever enough to ensure that they will be become the Commissioner of the ICW for the foreseeable future. I'm not stupid enough to think that it will be a case of me and against you for twenty minutes before one of us pins the other one for the victory. No, there will inevitably be illegal holds, foreign objects and outside interference. No match with this amount of political connotations can go by without some sort of dirty play, but I said right at the point of first coming out here that I am the most devious individual in the wrestling industry today, and quite frankly HHH, I do not rate your chances of being able to live with that heat. The reason? Because you rely too much on other people to get the job done yourself. You rely on Mr D saving your skin. You rely on your legacy and the fact that you were once great before becoming the washed out state that I know you are today. You should have stepped aside from the top of the ICW a long time ago HHH. It is now my job to throw you from the top, and believe me that when you land at the bottom and face up to reality, it's gonna hurt you more than anything has ever hurt you in your life. Your career in wrestling will be over, and in all honesty I will not feel a single twinge of guilt at all in being the man to burst your bubble.

It will give me a great deal of pleasure to be the Commissioner of ICW for yet another year especially seeing as Mr D and Mr S are fighting for the ownership of ICW. These two really don't like each other and they are fighting for the biggest political position in wrestling today, but very likely it is that they are both on a hiding to nothing. For the loser it is a trip into wrestling oblivion, but for the winner it will be a life of torment as they try to maintain a company with a Commissioner that will not allow the owner to pervert the course of the company in a way that is detrimental to it. Both Mr D and Mr S are so wrapped up in what they want for themselves that the welfare of ICW can often be a lower priority. Well for as long as I am Commissioner that will not be allowed to happen. If HHH becomes the Commissioner it will be a dark, dark day in the history of the ICW because unfortunately HHH will allow his ego to get in the way of his duties and once again we will be faced with the possible demise of ICW. We cannot afford to let that happen and I'm not about to allow that to happen.

Whatever happens at WrestleRage III don't think for a second that I, King Crasher haven't prepared for any and every eventuality that could transpire tonight. Tonight is WrestleRage III and I have big plans for tonight and the future. ICW may never be the same again after tonight. I have told my stablemates to be ready for tonight and it's aftermath. The stronger the I.T. stable are the better equipped they will be for the rollercoaster ride I have in store for them at WrestleRage and beyond. This is why I have told them to sign whoever they like to the stable. The more men I.T. has, the better off I.T. will be. I.T. is the greatest stable in the history of the ICW. Let's keep it that way.

So HHH, be ready for the ultimate humiliation in your worthless career. Tonight you will be defeated and there is nothing you can do about it. There is nothing your right hand man Mr D can do about it. In fact, there is not a single damn thing anybody can do about it. I, King Crasher will be the individual that will Commission this company into the summer and beyond because in all actuality I am the best man for the ALL aspects.

King Crasher throws the microphone out of the ring and walks over to the ropes amidst a chorus of cheering from the fans in the arena. He holds the ropes open for his wife before climbing out of the ring himself. Crasher and Angel walk back up the ramp as the fans continue screaming and shouting.

* * * * *

Minutes after returning to his dressing room Rebecca Thompson apprehends King Crasher and proposes that they film an interview.

Rebecca Thompson: King, we've heard HHH make an attack on what you probably consider to be one of your most valuable assets, the I.T. stable. He claims that it stands for nothing and is meaningless.

King Crasher: Well yes Rebecca, HHH can say that as many times as he likes in order to try and convince himself that that is the truth, that I.T. are meaningless.

Rebecca Thompson: But what do the initials I and T stand for in the I.T. stable's name?

King Crasher: They stand for pain and destruction Rebecca. Cloaked in mystery, HHH claims that that is how I want the I.T. stable portrayed and why I avoid telling people what I.T. is the abbreviation of. The fact that people do not know what I.T. means pisses them off, and I'm quite entertained by that. That is pretty much why I won't say anything about what it stands for. All the wrestlers of ICW and HHH need to know is this. I.T. means exactly what I.T. is. I.T. is I.T. We are I.T. I am I.T. I am the man. HHH, you are not the man. You will never be I.T.

Rebecca Thompson: HHH claims that I.T. are just a joke and that that joke is also what you are?

King Crasher: Yeah, isn't it funny how some people prioritise different things. Even though HHH was trying to belittle the I.T. stable, in reality I know that it is just another dig at me. HHH, maybe if you paid more attention to winning the major titles of this federation instead of thinking that respect in this industry is gained by bleeding for the sake of your stable then maybe your career wouldn't be the joke that it is. If you really believe that being the US and World Champion this year is what jokes are made of then you must qualify for being the biggest joke in the entire world today. I mean, I'd love to sit there all day and listen to HHH ramble on about what is wrong with me but basically compared to him there is nothing wrong with me and HHH has to resort to talking out of his arse for half an hour to try and convince himself and everybody that there must be some aspect of his being that even comes close to be as impressive as me. That's right HHH, you wanna rub it in my face when I.T. have "done nothing", like winning the stables championship is doing nothing. But if indeed I.T. truly have done nothing, then I HHH have certainly done something. I've won the World Championship. I've won the US Championship. And what's more HHH, I've kicked your arse!!! All of which I've done since the start of the year. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I reckon that a large percentage of the wrestlers, if not all of them wish they had done all of that HHH. So you can go on talking shit all you like. I know who the better man is and it doesn't take Einstein to figure out who the successful man is out of me and you either.

Rebecca Thompson: HHH has also claimed that you have spent your who career in ICW trying to gather respect when if anything you are not respectable.

King Crasher: Well, I'm not going to speculate as to whether that is true or not. What I do know is that I'll keep what little respect that I have earned during my time in ICW and happily not trade it with the amount of respect HHH gets from anyone around here. I think that covers my point quite adequately Rebecca.

Rebecca Thompson: Do you have any thoughts about the fact that your match with HHH is a Hell in a Cell confrontation?

King Crasher: That suits me right down to the ground Rebecca. Like I said out there earlier, this match is not going to be a case of wrestling holds and a pinfall finish. It's going to be as brutal as any match you will witness on that card tonight. Tonight will be the culmination of a feud that has been going on in almost every different capacity you can think of for over a year. Tonight somebody is gonna be right up there, and somebody is gonna be a nobody. Tonight, we get to find out.

Rebecca Thompson: Thankyou King.

King Crasher turns and walks back into his dressing room where he sits down next to Angel who is watching the TV.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Chris, are you gonna go down and speak to your stablemates about tonight's matches?

King Crasher: No.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Why not?

King Crasher: Because Angel, they can take care of themselves. They're big boys, not children. They don't need me going in there telling them what to do and what not to do.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I see.

King Crasher: My mind is fully focussed on HHH for WrestleRage. This event is the conclusion of a year of hard work for me. HHH believes that I don't appreciate this event for what it is. WrestleRage is the event that HHH doesn't appreciate what will happen to him. I took full control of my destiny at last year's WrestleRage. This year, I get to do it all over again. All these elements combined Angel. I want more than anything to kick HHH's arse. I want more than anything to win at WrestleRage. I want more than anything to be the Commissioner of ICW for another year. Now how in the hell is HHH gonna live with that? I'm hungrier than ever going into tonight. My legacy depends on me becoming the victor in our match. ICW depends on my arm being raised inside that Hell in a Cell. I believe that there are people out there that just do not realise the consequences of this match. I believe that there are employees in this company that truly do not appreciate the devastating affect that the outcome of this match could have on their career. For those who do not take this contest seriously I would just like to say two words. Good luck. You sure as hell may need it.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well I know of your importance here.

King Crasher: And as well you should. HHH tries to play me down as a man who uses his mouth to deceive people into thinking that I'm great. HHH, if only you could be as great as I am. You call my following a cult. Yes, that's as maybe. But cult followers are not blind. They follow for a reason. They follow me because they believe in me. However HHH, where's your cult following? Where are all those people that believe in you? I don't see them. It seems like every time you open your mouth HHH you say something that plays right into my hands, which is a coincidence in actual fact because that's just like your wrestling. You do a move that's predictable and easy to counter all the time in the ring. So maybe I do have a cult following HHH, whereas you my friend are a "CULT" with just one letter that needs to be changed.

Angel and Crasher laugh together.

King Crasher: You know that it is good to laugh at a time like this HHH. I must be incredibly relaxed. I feel no pressure going into the match tonight. I have nothing to lose now, and everything to gain. The only losers that there would be are the fans of ICW...not me. However if you lose HHH, that may be the signalling of the end of your career. How can you come back from the sheer embarrassment and humiliation of that? You'd better hope and pray that Mr S doesn't beat Mr D tonight HHH, because without Mr D you are nothing, and that's a sad fact. You HHH fall nicely into the slot of the man who runs his mouth and makes himself out to be bigger and better than he is, much better than I do. I talk the talk just like you HHH. But the biggest difference between me and you is that I can walk the walk and I have proved I can walk the walk. You however, will forever remain an ICW superstar of yesteryear. Fans respect what you did at the outset of ICW, but as for nowadays nobody takes a blind bit of notice of you, even as ICW Commissioner.

I'm tired of listening to HHH put me down. I'm one of the finest wrestlers in ICW history, and he simply cannot bring himself to admit that. He thinks that I call myself King to make myself believe that I am better then him. Can you believe that Angel? I could call myself anything Angel, and I would still be better than him. I call myself King, because I earned the right to call myself King by my accomplishments back home in England, and that name should serve as a reminder to HHH that I am gonna take my best abilities as a wrestler and give them to him in full force, and if he believes that all of that is nothing to worry about then I pity that poor bastards chances tonight. HHH, if you're walking into that Hell in a Cell halfheartedly tonight then I will destroy you. You'll need to be at your best to even survive it. You come into WrestleRage III with a lack of respect for your opponent HHH. I'm gonna have the time of my life in showing you what will happen as a result. You honestly believe that you are getting the better of me HHH but someone tonight will walk away with nothing and I'd say that you are the odds on favourite to end up losing it all. You could have waiting until after WrestleRage and Mr D would have instated you as the Commissioner and I would have been fired, but because the pair of you are too greedy you have a slipped up and allowed me an opportunity to become the Commissioner. You really could have avoided all this, but because I've got more upstairs than you, you have landed yourself in a situation that quite frankly you could have avoided. Poor you. You're cracking HHH. You know deep down who the better man is out of me and you.

But this will be a match that everybody will remember for a long time to come HHH. I'd like to think that it will be the match that is symbolic of the past ending and future beginning. By that I'm talking about you HHH. Your ICW accomplishments have been made. You indeed have made a name for yourself in ICW, but you will be remembered mostly for all of your achievements before WrestleRage III. I however, will continue onwards and become bigger and better than I am now. My achievements and accomplishments will be coming thick and fast after tonight. My future could be my legacy. Your legacy HHH is all but complete. Your best days are over. It's now time to bow down and submit to the fact that I am going to be the one to take wrestling and the ICW forward. I'd like to say thanks for all you've done for ICW and you are relieved of your duties.

Crasher and Angel laugh to themselves again.

King Crasher: HHH, you think that when I walk into that Hell in a Cell tonight that I will be walking into a whole new world. You think that I'm gonna experience something like I've never experienced before. HHH, I could show you worlds that you never knew existed. You talk to me like I'm a twenty one year old graduate from a wrestling school. Get real HHH. Face it mate. You are entering what is probably the biggest and toughest contest in your career. The fact that you've plugged your head so far up your own arse that you don't even know the colour of your own skin anymore will really prove to be your undoing. Your ignorance is unparalleled. Your inability to face reality and the truth is astonishing. And there's enough bullshit coming out of your mouth to keep the farmers of England well stocked up for manure for the rest of the year. You claim that you got all excited at the prospect of us having a confrontation in a Hell in a Cell match, well what did you think? Did you think I'd be upset? You are so unbelievably idiotic HHH it is baffling. If you don't believe that I cannot wait to get this match on HHH then I really don't think you even know who the hell I am. This is it HHH. This really is the moment I've been waiting for. My opportunity to accomplish so much in just one match. If you really believe that I'm not itching to get it on, I feel so sorry for you, because you will just end up being shocked at just how seriously I'm taking this whole thing.

I've heard you talking a lot about yourself and WrestleRage history, but you see that's what you are HHH. That's what you have become. Wrestling history. If you think I give a shit about what you've done and what you haven't done at WrestleRage's over the years HHH then you cannot take me very seriously. But if you want to take a look at the fact that I have won my one and only WrestleRage match against Mr D, then as an apparent believer in statistics I have simply got a WrestleRage 100% win record then haven't I? It doesn't mean much to me, but in this fantasy world of statistics that you seem to live in, it might just be enough to make you shit yaself.

You promise to be at your maddest at WrestleRage HHH. WELL BRING IT ON!!! I want you to be mad. I want you to be a raging bull. I want you to bring everything you've got. I want you to wrestle the match that is greater than any match you've wrestled before. I want us to make history. I want this match to be the greatest match in the history of professional wrestling. You be mad HHH, no, you make damn sure that you are mad. You make damn sure that you've never been madder at any point in your entire career HHH. Get your arse in that Hell in a Cell and be out of control. Give it your all. I wanna beat you HHH, and I wanna beat you at your best. No second chances HHH, this is it, all or nothing, this is where the road ends matey. Just make sure you are as pissed off as ever HHH. I want that.

HHH, we will never be friends. You can never trust me. I can never trust you. There is not room for two Commissioners in ICW. There is only room for one. That has been proven by everything that has happened in the last week or two. I hate you. You hate me. That's all there is to it. After WrestleRage ICW will have a permanent Commissioner. We need to all hope it is me because I cannot stand the thought of the possible damage it may cause if the ICW has HHH as it's Commissioner for the next twelve months.

If you believe that all the shit you've dealt me over the last month has done anything but fuel my hunger to beat you at WrestleRage HHH, then you are nothing but a fool. All that matters to me is today, I will take all of our history and bring it to today, here at WrestleRage. I truly believe that in one short night at the biggest event on the wrestling calender that I can make this the longest night of your life inside the Hell in a Cell and make you pay for each and every single little wrongdoing that you have done in the eighteen months that I have wrestled over here in America. I believe that I will leave that Hell in a Cell tonight feeling totally at ease with myself, confident that the past has been put right and that the future is a bright one for me, without the unnecessary interruption of HHH whingeing and wining about what I am or am not doing from one day to the next.

I feel sorry for the people of America. Back home in England I make my English fans proud to be English. The fans in America will have to resort to cheering for an Englishman to get the job done of saving their American company from a certain downfall if their American Commissioner wins the match. They have to cheer against their countryman. Do you appreciate just how sad that is? I'm English through and through, but what sort of an ambassador for America and Americans are you? I mean, Angel, does HHH make you feel proud to be an American?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: No sir.

King Crasher: You see. It's people like you that drive people like the American born Gladiator to proclaiming that they are unquestionably not American. And the worst thing about all of it is that you probably don't even care what your countrymen think of you. The sooner I dispose of your kind in wrestling the better as far as I'm concerned. What a complete waste of space you are.

You like to give out your famous quote HHH. You like to tell me that for me it will be "game over". Well HHH the game is just beginning. My victory over you will haunt you for the rest of your life. My victory over you will be something that you cannot take back. My victory over you will be the start of a game for you HHH. Only this game is one that will not be pleasant to play by any stretch of the imagination. The Hell in a Cell looms over the ring for us already. It is a truly intimidating erection. No wrestler is not put on edge by that damn thing. But call me insane HHH, but I cannot wait to step inside it. Whoever gets the upper hand in a Hell in a Cell match creates their own world full of pain and suffering. It is that world that I look forward to introducing you to HHH.

King Crasher gets up from the leather couch that he and Angel were sitting on and picks up his training bag.

King Crasher: I'll be back in five minutes.

King Crasher walks out of the dressing room.

* * * * *

About an hour and a half later and WrestleRage III is about to get underway. Angel Devyne-Chazzeller is getting frantic as Crasher has not returned. She has tried to phone him on numerous occasions but Crasher's phone is turned off. Angel then decides to phone Savage.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Oh thank God you've got you phone with you Savage, I can't find Chris...yeah, he's been gone for about an hour and a half...I don't know what to do, you don't think he's running away from this event do ya?...he did?...he has?...well where?...So you're telling me that the last time you two guys were in New Orleans you both went there?...Right well it's my last hope...thanks again and Chris have got no better friend than you.

Angel finishes the call and runs out of the dressing room. She runs at top speed out the back into the carport and grabs a limousine driver.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Hey, I need to get to the ferries at the bottom of Canal Street and fast!!!

The driver nods his head and jumps into the limo as Angel jumps in the back. The limo speeds away from the SuperDome.

* * * * *

A short time afterwards the limo stops by Old Man River at the bottom of Canal Street and Angel jumps out. She runs round to the driver's door and shouts into the limo.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Stay there.

Angel then runs down to the river and frantically looks around for her husband. She cannot see him anywhere as she looks along the bank. Just as she is about to go back to the limo she hears a voice.

King Crasher: Hey!!!

She turns to see her husband.

King Crasher: What the hell are you doing down here?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Oh Chris, thank God. I thought you'd run off. I thought that you were running away from WrestleRage III.

King Crasher: They'd have to damn well kill me first to get me to miss WrestleRage III Angel, I can tell you that straight away. How did you know I was down here?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I spoke to Savage. He told me that the last time the two of you were in New Orleans that you came down here. He said that you enjoyed sitting here watching the world go by.

King Crasher: Savage knows quite a bit about me eh?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Yes, maybe too much.

King Crasher: You honestly thought I wasn't gonna turn up for WrestleRage?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: You said you were only gonna be gone for five minutes.

King Crasher: Yeah well, I fancied taking it easy before the match and gathering my thoughts. You know, I like to practise what I preach Angel. I tell all my proteges back home in England to do all of their physical training before the day of their match. The day leading up to the match should be left to eating properly, relaxing and mentally conditioning yourself for the match at hand. Just a few warm up exercises in the fifteen minutes leading up to my fight and that will be it. I've never been in better physical condition than I am now. I'm heavier than ever and I'm built better than ever before. This ritual of coming down to the river and relaxing could be interpreted as the calm before the storm. I'm ready to head back now.

Both Angel and Crasher get back into the limo and head back to the SuperDome. Not many words are exchanged on the journey back. King Crasher is slowly getting himself into the frame of mind that so often makes him a dangerous competitor going into his more important matches. And this match is about as big as it gets. There is so much to be gained from this match at WrestleRage for King Crasher and the time is almost upon him to go out there and do battle for it. They arrive back at the SuperDome and King Crasher heads back into the arena looking like a man possessed. He marches with purpose until he is stopped backstage by Brian Wilson, ICW interviewer.

Brian Wilson: Hey King!!!

King Crasher stops and looks directly into Brian Wilson's eyes.

Brian Wilson: What is your frame of mind Crasher, knowing that it is all on the line tonight? You could become the ICW Commissioner.

King Crasher: Well you think you are telling me something I don't know. For the last two weeks this match is the only thing that has been on my mind. I feel like this match is the only reason why I exist right now. HHH, do you honestly realise the extent of what you are entering into tonight? You accept the fact that it will be a brutal confrontation one minute and then take a casual attitude the next? What is all that about? You think I lack talent HHH? Where the fuck have you been for the last eighteen months while I've been kicking every single ICW wrestler's arse? What wrestling promotion have you been watching? Why does your memory fail to recall the arse kicking you suffered at my hands at Cutting Edge? I just don't know where you get off saying some of the stuff you do HHH. Sometimes you talk sense and other times it seems impossible to stop the stream of bullshit that escapes via your mouth. HHH, make no damn mistake about it, this Hell in a Cell match WILL be your worst nightmare. When I am kicking your arse harder than it has ever been kicked before you WILL beg me to stop. You WILL want to escape the confines of the Hell in a Cell. You WILL realise that your days at the top of the ICW tree are well and truly over. HHH, I am King Crasher and nobody has had more overall effect on this federation in the last year and a half. Not even you HHH. I am the self same King Crasher that climbed the hard way to the top of this federation opposed by all around me. Opposed by you. Opposed by almost every superstar on the roster. Opposed by the staff members. Opposed by the board of directors. Opposed by the president and the owner of Internet Championship Wrestling. I still got to the top. Do you know what that means? It means that not only are you facing the most determined man on the ICW roster but that you are also facing a man that time and time again has managed to get the job done. And that for you, is a big problem. You know that you have to overcome one of the most dangerous men in ICW and to be honest I think that through all the front and all the big words you dish out that you are a man who has doubts about the situation he is in. You are a man that wishes it had never come to this. Just think HHH, all you had to do was wait a couple more weeks. Mr D could have fired me as Commissioner and the road would have been paved for you to be the Commissioner of this company for the foreseeable future. What went wrong HHH? Mr D took it into his own hands to try and push me out too soon, and as a consequence now you are being made to fight for the one thing that you really should have been assured of anyway. Mr D has screwed you HHH. Mr D has inadvertently presented me with an opportunity to overthrow you. You claim that you have the momentum going into WrestleRage after all you dirty deeds and interferences in my matches, but psychologically HHH, it is me that has the momentum riding with me. I should have been getting fired from the Commissionership tomorrow but instead I have the opportunity to become Commissioner for the second year in a row. I'd say things are looking very grim for you HHH. I'd say that you could be looking at a long stint in the wrestling wilderness after tonight. If I were you HHH, I would be very, very worried about my ICW future indeed, because in all reality my friend, it is not safe.

Brian Wilson: Have you seen HHH here at all today?

King Crasher: No I haven't, and he wants to make damn sure that we don't bump into each other backstage. If I see him now we're gonna end up with a special preview of what's to come later on. I'm revved up now Brian, and it won't take anything at all to make me explode. I'm so excited to be wrestling HHH in that Hell in a Cell here at the biggest show of the lot. I'm going to be going out there at one hundred and ten percent.

Brian Wilson: What will happen if you lose tonight?

King Crasher: Right now, I'm not thinking about that. I do not believe that I am losing tonight. I am too good. Too good for HHH for certain. Like I said earlier today Brian, I am prepared for each and every eventuality. This is what has kept me at the top of wrestling for so long. But tonight Brian, I am winning. When I was labelled Hardcore last year, it was a term which reflected not only my Hardcore wrestling ability but mainly my Hardcore attitude to wrestling. Wrestling is in my blood, it is all I stand for and all I live for. A win tonight puts immortalises me in the annuls of wrestling history. A win tonight ensures that I am everything that I have worked long and hard for the thirty six years of my life to become. A win tonight finally sends HHH the message that I am the superior human being. It doesn't come down to being English or American. It doesn't come down to who has done what for ICW. It comes down to tonight and who will emerge from the Hell in a Cell victorious. At that point we will know who the better man is. And I truly believe that I will become that man.

Brian Wilson: Will your stablemates be on hand to help out should you need it?

King Crasher: Quite frankly Brian, I have not spoken to my stablemates today. It is up to them should they wish to support me tonight. I'm not about to tell them that they should interfere just as I am not about to tell them that they should not interfere. The decision comes down to them as individuals. If I could firmly believe that HHH will attempt to get the job done on his own tonight then maybe my attitude would be different. But can you say for definite that Mr D will not get himself involved in this match tonight Brian?

Brian Wilson looks at King Crasher without response.

King Crasher: Did you not hear that question??? I asked you if you thought that at tonight's Hell in a Cell match between myself and HHH for the ICW Commissionership, Mr D will definitely not interfere?

Brian sort of shrugs his shoulders.

King Crasher: You see what I mean Brian? You cannot say for definite. I'm going to be watching my back all the time throughout that match and it's because I have to. I don't expect anyone to watch my back tonight, but if they do, that's up to them. HHH is as desperate as me to win tonight so anything could happen. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. I do hope that HHH brings all he's got. HHH, be at your best, because I wanna beat you at your best.

Brian Wilson: King, what will it mean to ICW if you become the outright Commissioner?

King Crasher: It will mean that this federation will be on the fast track to success no matter who wins the ownership match between Mr S and Mr D. Neither of them like me and both of them are incompetent each for their own different reasons. ICW will improve beyond all standards going into the summer. The fans of ICW will not even look at another federation after they see the improvements that will be made to ICW in the coming months. ICW will certainly be a much better place under the jurisdiction of myself as opposed to HHH. What exactly does HHH bring to ICW? Not half as much as me. Who brought the King of the Extreme tournament to ICW, HHH? It was me. Who introduced ICW to the most exciting Intercontinental Championship title matches such as the Ten Man IC Rumble and the Intercontinental Starcade tournament? It was me HHH. Who signed a five way bra and panties match after WrestleRage last year HHH? It was me!!! Me!!! Me!!! Me!!! This shit is what makes me ten times the Commissioner that you will ever be HHH. This is what the fans pay to see HHH. They don't pay to see you and Mr D screw other wrestlers. They have more intelligence than that. They pay to see top notch wrestling matches. They pay to see tits and arse. They pay to see the best, and by God do I give them the best. Any fan that has watched our Commissioner's feud develop will be cheering for me out there tonight because they understand what it will mean to them. A better Commissioner means a better ICW, and I have just told you exactly why I am the best Commissioner.

Brian Wilson: Well King, I'm certainly looking forward to one of the greatest WrestleRage matches in the history of ICW tonight in that Hell in a Cell. Thanks for talking.

King Crasher storms down the corridor away from Brian Wilson. As he continues back towards his dressing room he passes the I.T. stable dressing room. It is a room he rather unusually hasn't entered all day. King Crasher tries the door and it is open. He pokes his head inside and the only person inside is Savage who is warming up for his match against Reaper. Savage looks up at Crasher not knowing what reaction to expect. Crasher looks at Savage and a few seconds silence follows before Savage breaks it.

"The Icon" Savage: Good luck for tonight man.

King Crasher: I'll be fine Savage. I think it might be you that needs wishing good luck tonight mate.

"The Icon" Savage: Don't worry about me Chris. I've got Reaper's number tonight.

King Crasher nods his head and comes out of the room shutting the door behind him.

King Crasher: That's not exactly what I meant.

King Crasher continues on down the corridor back to his dressing room. He enters and his wife Angel is already in there putting on some make-up. King Crasher walks to the back of the dressing room and stands staring at the wall. He starts to take deep breaths.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What will we do if you get screwed over and lose tonight Chris?

King Crasher: We'll go to Disneyworld. That's what we'll do.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I'm being serious with you.

King Crasher: Yeah!!! And I'm being serious with you. I'm not prepared for one second to contemplate what is going to happen in the event of me losing the match tonight. In my mind I am going to win and that is all there is to it.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I still can't help but worry.

King Crasher: Well you can worry all you like Angel, just find another room to do it in.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Sorry.

King Crasher closes his eyes and tries to maintain his composure.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well look, let's talk about if you win.

King Crasher: Okay, well regardless of anything Angel, me, you, the I.T. stable and the ICW will never be the same again. That's a promise for a start. Next thing I promise is that ICW will see some of the most exciting matches ever screened in the history of the federation. The fans won't be able to get enough of ICW, which is a good thing for us!!! The most important thing is to cut down on HHH's airtime. HHH truly does not belong in the ring with some of the genuine talent that is on today's roster, and after WrestleRage it will be time to put that straight?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: And what about you Crasher?

King Crasher: Me? Well I'll be going right back after that ICW World championship again Angel. I should never have lost that damn thing so I can't tell you how important it will be for me to get that back. Can you imagine what would happen if HHH was to stay as the Commissioner of this company? Can you imagine? He would be giving himself loads of title shots. Can you imagine what it would do to ICW viewing ratings? It would destroy them. Listen Angel, I'm not about to let any of that happen. I've come to New Orleans tonight to win at any cost. I'm gonna do it all. It doesn't matter if I have to take two months out to recover from the match, just so long as HHH doesn't become the permanent Commissioner of ICW. If the rest of the roster realised the consequences then maybe they would come down to the Hell in a Cell and make sure I win as well. But in the event that nothing like that will happen, then I'm gonna have to lay it all on the line to get what I want more than anything in the world. A victory in that Hell in a Cell.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I do hope you don't get seriously hurt tonight Chris.

King Crasher: Well, I can't do much to reassure you Angel. Some of the most brutal bumps have been from a Hell in a Cell. One thing I will make sure of though, is that my injuries are not as bad as the injuries that HHH is gonna sustain. If I end up not being able to walk then I will see to it that HHH will end up not being able to move.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well I'll be cheering for you all the way along.

King Crasher: And I'd like to think that the fans here in New Orleans are intelligent enough to cheer me on as well. I hope they are intelligent enough to understand what it means to them if I don't win tonight. It could mean that the sport of wrestling that they all love could be heading for a baron spell. With HHH and either Mr D or Mr S running the show can you imagine what will happen? It really doesn't bare thinking about. Most of the roster will end up going off and joining IWF and when that happens you will know that things are getting bad. This is my chance to prove to all those critics, and believe me I've still got them, that I am not a man who is at the top of the ICW just because I know what to say and when to say it. I'm not at the top of ICW just because I know who to hang around with and how to screw people. I'm at the top of ICW for the very same reason that everyone else at the top of ICW is at the top. Because they're damn good wrestlers and they wrestled long and hard to get to the top. That's why I'm at the top. Because I am good enough to be there. What about you HHH? Why are you at the top? Is it because Mr D lets you stay at the top? You have ability HHH, but you don't have the ability to maintain that ability every time you wrestle. Your glory days are over HHH. You are a has been. You are all washed up and now tonight will be the final blow to you and your chances of staying at the top of this fed. Sooner or later you must have realised that this day would come. When all your lies about how good you are catch up with you and you are shown up as the second rate wrestler that you truly are. And HHH, do you truly believe that Mr D will be there to lift you back onto your feet when you have fallen at my hands tonight? Will you be there Mr D? I don't think so. HHH, you have given Mr D all you have to give and now it is the end of the road. Nobody respects you. Nobody wants you around. Nobody gives a shit about the work you've done for ICW over the years because you have rammed it down our throats so much we're all sick to death of it. HHH, tonight you meet your destiny, and to be fair to you, your destiny is not a pleasant one. Your destiny is a constant reminder to you about the federation that you helped to create coming up and becoming too big for you, and it makes me ever so proud to think that it was me that was part of the catalyst that turned ICW from an average wrestling promotion to one of the best in the world. HHH, your game is over, and it's now time for mine to begin.

The scene fades as King Crasher peacefully closes his eyes and concentrates his mind fully onto WrestleRage.