It's the night of ICW presents Cutting Edge and outside the arena a limousine pulls up. The driver gets out and walks around the car to the back door. The driver opens the back door and out steps King Crasher in a suit and tie with a leather overcoat. King Crasher extends his hand back into the limo and helps his wife, Angel get out of the vehicle.

Angel looks an absolute knockout in her small red outfit that shows off her enhanced chest very well to the delight of the cameramen filming their arrival at the arena. Angel has dyed her hair a devilish red to match her skimpy outfit. King Crasher grabs his wife by the wrist and leads her into the arena.

Inside the arena King Crasher is seen marching down the corridor, with Angel skipping along behind him trying to keep up. All of a sudden, King Crasher stops and backs up slowly. He looks at one of the doors that he just walked past. It says "HHH". King Crasher hands Angel his bag.

King Crasher: Hold onto this a minute babe.

King Crasher carefully knocks on the door.

King Crasher: Hello?

King Crasher pauses a few seconds and waits for a response. King Crasher shadily looks up and down the corridor. There is no response to Crasher's knock up, so he turns to Angel.

King Crasher: Wait here.

King Crasher slowly opens the door and walks into HHH's dressing room leaving Angel standing outside looking surprised and awkward. She stands looking guilty as anything as ICW interviewer Rebecca Thompson walks by.

Rebecca Thompson: Hey Angel, how you doing? Where's your husband?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Er...oh, he's around.

Rebecca Thompson: He's around?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Yeah...he's around.

Rebecca gives Angel a strange look knowing that not everything is as it appears to be.

Rebecca Thompson: I' you later, yeah?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Yeah sure. See ya later.

Angel turns her back on Rebecca, as Rebecca shakes her head in confusion and walks away. Seconds later, King Crasher appears from inside HHH's dressing room fiddling with his zipper. Angel looks down at Crasher's groin suspiciously.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What did you just do?

King Crasher: Nothing really, I was just seeing if my United States Championship belt was in there.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: And was it?

King Crasher: Well, no.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Then what are you doing with your zipper?

King Crasher: Well, when you've got to go...

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: You didn't just...did you?

King Crasher: Come on Angel, I've got an important match tonight.

King Crasher grabs Angel by the wrist once again and drags her off down the corridor towards their own dressing room.

* * * * *

King Crasher's theme music plays in the arena, the familiar sound of "Psychopath" by Sultans Of Ping. From underneath the huge Cutting Edge logo walks King Crasher, now in his wrestling attire. He has his stables championship belt over his right shoulder as he walks down to the ring. When he arrives at the ring his slides in and calls down to the timekeeper's table for a microphone. Seconds later one is thrown up to him. King Crasher catches it and turns to the crowd.

King Crasher: So tonight's the night HHH. Tonight we shall find out who the United States Champion will be on the road to WrestleRage III. It could quite possibly be one of the best matches on the card tonight HHH. Two educated veterans of the sport. Two individuals who come from wrestling families. Two wrestlers who are more than wrestlers, they are politicians within the sport. It will be a tough match, but a match I am confident that I will win. I have not seen nor heard much from you this week HHH, but I know you, and it wouldn't surprise me if you have got some sort of trick up your sleeve. You are bound to have had major discussions with Mr D about this match, the implications if you lose, what there is to gain by winning. And going on from that you probably have a plan A, and if that fails a plan B and more than likely a backup plan C as well. This is all well and good HHH. I'm no angel myself. Half the tricks you use are probably ones that I have perfected to a fine art!!! Those tricks are probably also the ones that most wrestlers have used against me already since my return to active wrestling, and mainly those that used those underhanded tactics still lost, because I am about as clever as they come HHH, and you've got to be able to deal with that. Can you deal with it? I don't think so.

The fans cheer in agreement.

King Crasher: HHH, I have come here tonight for three things. Number one, to kick your arse. Number two, to retain the United States championship, and number three, to take back the belt that you so pathetically stole away from me in a bid to get me angry. HHH, the only thing you're succeeding in doing is making your life more and more miserable when it comes to standing in the opposite corner of the ring to me. You are just an annoyance to me HHH, and that is all. You don't make me blow my top. You do piss me off, but you don't make me lose it. I almost feel sorry for you, that the only way you can think of to get to me is stealing my belt. You should think yourself lucky that you aren't clever enough to really piss me off, coz you wouldn't be able to handle the consequences

But all in all HHH, you have managed to get into tonight's event and you are fighting me to become the United States champion, and I am taking that very seriously indeed. But don't get too upset when I prove to you and everyone that I am so much better than you, that it was a waste of time you even setting foot inside the ring in the first place. Then you can make the most of the fact that you have Commissioners rights in ICW while you still have them, because after I dispose of you tonight you will be facing a battle to keep your position as Commissioner of ICW, and I'll claim right now that I think you will lose that as well. There's only room for one Commissioner in ICW, and that is gonna be me.

So on we go to tonight HHH, and it's me and you for the United States championship. Rest assured that I win defeat you and I will retain my championship. I am the UNITED STATES CHAMPION, I am the COMMISH and most importantly of all for you HHH, I AM THE KING!!!

King Crasher throws the microphone out of the ring and climbs out himself. He marches with purpose back up the ramp with the fans cheering for him as he goes. Finally he reaches the top of the ramp and disappears underneath the massive Cutting Edge logo.