In the preview card to Friday Night Riot, "Psychopath" by The Sultans Of Ping blasts out of the arena sound system and from underneath the Spikertron, King Crasher appears dressed in his wrestling attire. He walks down to the ring as the fans cheer loudly. As he gets down to the ring he rolls inside and makes his way over to the opposite side where he calls down to the timekeeper's table for microphone. Seconds later a microphone is tossed through the air into the ring. King Crasher catches it in his right hand and as the music fades he begins his speech.

King Crasher: Patrick Webster, tonight I get to face you again in what will prove to be a one sided contest, as it always is when we face each other. Don't you get it Webster? Do you not understand? Tonight I'm going to be kicking your arse again because quite frankly, you are as usual, simply not as good as me when it comes to wrestling.

I know all about you Webster. The young superstar that puts his own well being on the line to be the greatest wrestler in ICW. But your strategy will take a toll on you, and unlike me you lack the skill to be anything more than a hardcore brawler. And no amount of brawling will ever gain you success against someone as technically gifted as me. We've seen it time and time again Webster. How you try your hardest to break me down with your high impact crap. There comes a time where fatigue sets in, and I know that if I survive your initial onslaught, that I have the match in the bag.

Yeah, it's all very interesting. You claim that you don't understand why I signed the match between me and you tonight. The truth is that I never signed it. You say that you don't understand why I would want to be in a match with you when you are the most dangerous man in ICW. Well, it may be true that you are the most dangerous man in ICW, but dangerousness isn't the one thing that makes a successful wrestler. The reason why I want to get into the ring with you is because I don't bloody well like you, I enjoy kicking your arse and I know from past experiences that I CAN kick your arse!!!

The crowd cheers.

King Crasher: I have very fond memories of stripping you of your World Championship belt at Black Sunday Webster, but you believe it's luck. Well I must be the luckiest son of a bitch in the world to keep beating your arse to the ground every time we meet. You know that you're gonna give me an arse kicking tonight Webster. You know that you are good enough to do that, but do you still yet appreciate the fact that I am good enough to take that arse beating and still turn the match around to the point where I Crasherplex your arse to the canvas for the three count? I don't think you do. And it's your inability to recognise that fact that will forever make you a loser Webster. Well, against me you will be a loser that's for sure. Don't blame HHH for the fact that you lost your belt to me Webster. Blame me. One hundred percent. I take FULL responsibility.

I find it hard to stomach the fact that you think that you are the better man than me. You know that I'm smarter, that one thing I will give you credit for. You know that fact. I know that fact strictly on the premise that it is blatantly obvious, but still how can you call yourself the better man? You are a desperate man. That is what you are, a desperate man. So desperate that you would venture into my private and personal life and subject my very own wife to misery just so that you can think of yourself as better than me. You don't see King Crasher going around threatening his opponents family in a desperate attempt to make myself feel all powerful do you? You are the scum of the earth Webster. You cannot call yourself better than me. I am a gentleman. You are a fucking animal.

The fans cheer once again.

King Crasher: Yeah, you believe that it's all so clear cut don't you. Despite all the arse kickings that I have given you in the past you still believe that it's a case of me entering the ring, then you entering the ring, then you kicking my arse and that being it. Well hello thicko, I think it's time to get in touch with some reality here. I am the man that beat you for the World Championship. I am the current United States champion even though HHH thinks that by steeling the belt, he is a hot shot. I am the one man that you know is capable of kicking you arse whatever happens tonight. You need to consider these facts and forget this big show of yours that you are all hardcore and fearless and merciless and all the other bullshit that goes hand in hand with your macho image. Let me break the whole situation down for you Webster, put me in one corner of the ring, you in the other, the chances are that you are gonna have a massive struggle on your hands to put me away, because I am so good. What does it take for you to recognise that?

You try to proclaim that your size advantage is a major factor in this match. Webster, I have to step in the ring with wrestlers that are bigger than me in 99% of my fights. This size advantage shit, who are you trying to convince? Is it the fans? Or is it yourself? The fans ain't buying into all that crap. They've seen me wrestle too many times before, and they know I am a danger to anyone in the ring. They know that at any time I could beat anyone. So you sit down and think long and hard about what you are saying Webster. If I were you I would get down that bloody gym, work your arse off to get in the best shape you can possibly be in, then get over to Johnny Rodz or Stu Hart's wrestling school and brush up your technique, and then bring your arse into the ring and face me, coz then people will begin to believe that you have a fighting chance of defeating me. Wrestling is mainly about skill, and not about brawn. Think about it Webster. You could be so much better than you are, and I recognise that. I've seen so many hardcore arseholes come and go in this industry, and I think that you are one of the best, if not the best. But there's only so much a hardcore animal can do in the ring before he either gets himself disqualified or succumbs to the superior ability of a skilled ring technician like myself.

You say that you don't care about being the Hardcore King, well of course you do. You earned that accolade, and I was here when you put in some of the best ring performances of your career to win that thing. The trouble with people like you is that you think you can just bullshit your way through your career believing that you are the best, when basically you fall a long way short of fulfilling your greatest potential, and it is that fact that will be your downfall tonight.

Basically Webster, all I can say to you is that after I kick your arse yet again tonight, you go away and have a long hard think about who you are and what you are doing. You can question yourself all night long if you have to, but if you can't come up with any answers then you will never become as great as I have become in this industry. One of the greatest pieces of advise I was given by my father and my grandfather before him was that there is always someone better than you, and in my case, that someone better is certainly not you.

King Crasher throws his mic out of the ring and then exits the ring himself. The fans cheer for Crasher although Crasher doesn't acknowledge them. He simply walks to the back.