King Crasher is sitting in the I.T. dressing room speaking to Savage. Savage questions King Crasher.

"The Icon" Savage: So if you had HHH, Patrick Webster, Mr D, Mr S or Howard Stinkle standing in the middle of the ring, and you had Angel's baseball bat in your hands. Which one would you hit first?

King Crasher: that's a good question Savage. Who would I hit? Hmmm. I think I would give the baseball bat to Mr S.

"The Icon" Savage: What?

King Crasher: Yeah, I would give the bat to Mr S.

"The Icon" Savage: You mean hit Mr S over the head with the bat first right?

King Crasher: No, I mean that I would physically give the baseball bat to Mr S, and I'd say "There you go, have fun!".

"The Icon" Savage: Don't be silly.

King Crasher: No, no, no. I would seriously do that.

"The Icon" Savage: Why?

King Crasher: Well, think about it. Mr S has the bat. Now, what is Mr S likely to do with it? Hit me or hit Mr D?

"The Icon" Savage: Well at the moment it would probably be Mr D.

King Crasher: Exactly. So Mr D is out for the count. Mr S would then in turn get his arse completely kicked by HHH for walloping Mr D over the head. Patrick Webster would then take the bat and whack himself over the head with it, and Howard Stinkle would announce the winner.

"The Icon" Savage: You're certainly on an odd wavelength today Chris.

At that precise moment, Angel Devyne-Chazzeller walks into the room and looks directly at her husband, King Crasher.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Hey, did you see who you're up against on Friday?

King Crasher: No. Tell me.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well, you've kicked his arse before in the ring.

King Crasher: Well, who's arse haven't I kicked darling?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: You've not kicked mine.

King Crasher: Well, that's true. But who have I got Ange?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well, he's got something that used to belong to you.

King Crasher: HHH? He's got my United States Championship belt.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Not quite, because that championship belt actually belongs to you. This man has got something that USED to belong to you.

King Crasher:, you've got me there.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well, he's Hardcore King, a title that you used to have.

King Crasher: Oh is that right? So that's who I'm facing is it?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: That's right.

King Crasher: Well, I'd like to know who signed that match up. Coz if I didn't sign it, then somebody that I don't like signed it. And that's what I don't understand. If someone that doesn't like me signed the card, which is likely, because anyone else that has the authority to book matches are all people trying to ruin me, then why have they signed me into a match that I will relish?

"The Icon" Savage: What do you mean?

King Crasher: Well let's look at it. Me versus Patrick Webster. The man I can't stand for obvious reasons. How come I being given another shot at kicking his arse? Is the US title on the line or what?

"The Icon" Savage: Well, no it's not.

King Crasher: You see. This is odd. This is mental games here. Someone is trying to give me the type of match I will enjoy, and there's no-one around here that likes to see myself enjoying myself.

"The Icon" Savage: Well look, changing the subject, Chris did you tell your wife who you saw earlier on at the arena?

King Crasher looks awkwardly at Savage. He then looks at his wife tentatively as he is about to break the news to her.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Who did you see Chris?

King Crasher: Well, was your sister Christian.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Oh I knew it. I knew that ungrateful little bitch would be back. All the heartache I've been through in this last year. The miscarriage, the back injury, she just kissed up to me because she was after our money. Well, if I see her I'll...

King Crasher: Look, calm it down. You've got a serious back injury. The last thing we're after is you getting yourself into some serious bother with that back. You were lucky that bastard Webster didn't exploit your injury when he dragged you away from the arena the other week. That bastard is one sick wanker. I'll get great pleasure out of kicking his arse once more this Friday Night.

"The Icon" Savage: But you've got me thinking Chris. What do you suppose they are up to? Signing you against Webster in a non-title fight?

King Crasher: Yeah, I know. Patrick Webster has always been the same. It's the dual personality in him. Mr Hardcore!!! Knows no mercy. Will injure or maim someone without so much of a bat of the eyelid. No remorse. No heart. But when it comes to kissing arse, nobody does it better. How often has Webster been the chief henchman of the bent staff members of this company? How often has he set up plans to dethrone me as the greatest King in wrestling? Mr Throwing His Head Into Brick Walls doesn't seem quite as apathetic when it comes to him being called into Mr S's or Mr D's office for a quiet chat about the next plan of action against me and the I.T. stable. I bet it's "yes Mr D, no Mr D, three bags full Mr D". There will never be enough arse kickings handed out to Patrick Webster that will not make me think that he's worth another one. Webster is a real snake. How can he look himself in the mirror knowing that he is the ultimate Hardcore Kissarse? Honestly it's pathetic.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Look, maybe I can come to ringside with my baseball bat and make sure that there is no interference.

King Crasher: Maybe not honey!!! I keep telling you, you cannot get too close to the action in your condition.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: But wrestling is my life. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't remain close to the action.

King Crasher: If you get too close Angel, you may end up not even being able to do anything at all. Just don't jeopardise your future health by getting involved in my battles. Patrick Webster is a sick and twisted, sadistic son of a bitch that won't think twice about hurting you just to get at me. You need to watch yourself.

Angel scowls.

King Crasher: Listen Savage, you ain't got no match on Friday. You're mor than welcome to come to the Assembly Hall with me and watch my back.

"The Icon" Savage: If it means that I get to kick someone's ass, I might take you up on that offer.

Angel storms off. Savage whispers to Crasher, quietly enough so that Angel can't hear.

"The Icon" Savage: What's up with her?

King Crasher: I think it's the fact that her sister is back that's pissing her off.

"The Icon" Savage: So anyway, what was we talking about.

King Crasher: Well I was quite enjoying talking about the many ways that I'm gonna kick Webster's arse of Friday.

"The Icon" Savage: Should we give him some payback? Like kidnap him and torture him?

King Crasher: Believe me, he deserves nothing less, but I've got my hands full with dealing with that bogus Commissioner HHH. I could do without the aggro of Webster breathing down my neck right now.

"The Icon" Savage: Well realistically you don't need to worry about Webster.

King Crasher: He's the one that's been left frustrated out of our feud...not me!!! He must just feel so demoralised at the moment. He's lost his World Title to me. He's lost his stables championship to me. I bet he's beginning to regret the day he ever crossed my path. I'd be very pleased to entertain the idea of him fighting me to see who would become the real Hardcore King on the ICW. I mean, okay he won the King Of The Extreme tournament that I set up last year, but who was the proper Hardcore King of the ICW. It was me. And Webster is wearing the title like a pair of second hand shoes. That Hardcore Crown doesn't look half as good on him as it does on me. I MADE the Hardcore reputation of this company respectable by bringing in the King of the Extreme tournament. I gave Patrick Webster the opportunity to win the Hardcore Crown. He is just an imposter to the throne. I am, and always will be the Hardcore King around here.

"The Icon" Savage:Well that's something we agree on.

King Crasher and Savage sit back and continue relaxing in their dressing room as the scene fades.