In a continuation of the interview that The Charter is conducting with King Crasher, The Charter selects another wrestler from the brackets of the Mr ICW tournament to question King Crasher about.

The Charter: King, there is a possibility that should you defeat El Oso that you would be facing your stablemate Big Al Stud in the next round. Big Al Stud has voiced some opinions as to who he thinks will win the match between El Oso and yourself.

King Crasher: I know that. And to be quite frank, I don't know if Big Al Stud thinks he's being realistic or whether he is downright stupid. If you are listening Stud, you are in the I.T. stable for whatever your reasons are. Whatever they are, I don't care. I am grateful to have allies in my battle against people like Mr S who want to promote a one-sided company. But if you think that for one second I ain't going into Mr ICW, at one hundred and ten percent then you really are as stupid as you look. If it takes me having to face you in the Mr ICW tournament to teach you a lesson then I won't think twice about doing it. You want to question my abilities, well that's fine. That's up to you. But each and every person that has questioned my abilities in the past has been made to eat their words, and if I have to send a message to you and make you eat your words, I will always be the first one to step up and ram those words so far down your throat that you'll be shitting the entire English language for the next week. Stablemate or no stablemate, Big Al Stud, there can only be one Mr ICW and don't think that just because we've been running together that I won't hesitate to give you the arse kicking of your life.

The Charter: Do you really have that much animosity towards Big Al Stud?

King Crasher: No, I don't. There are many in this federation that deserve true animosity from me, and Big Al Stud isn't one of them. I respect Big Al Stud for his role in the federation. I respect Big Al Stud for his role in my stable. I'm not his boss...I'm the man that is doing whatever the fuck I like and he is the man that chooses to be a part of that. I don't go up to Big Al Stud and say, "Al, go and get some beers.". I don't go up to him and say, "Al, carry my cases into the arena.". I don't need to tell him what to do and what not to do. I don't need to be his boss. There are a lot of wrestlers in this federation that slag me off because I make them look stupid whenever I do one of these interviews. Well, I do apologise if I'm making you look stupid now Big Al Stud, because I simply can't help it if I was born with intelligence. I have to be totally honest with you Stud...I DO NOT appreciate you coming down to the ring and in affect telling the entire world that you think I am a failure. Anyone that has done that in the past has had their arse kicked by me. Why should you be an exception to that? What makes Big Al Stud such a big man that he can go down to the ring and criticise everything that I have ever done in this federation? I don't whinge and moan when people criticise me. I don't get upset and sit in the corner and cry. I kick arses for a living and I kick arses of those that think they know a thing or two more about wrestling than I do. I kick those arses to prove a point. I kick those arses because I want to prove that I am the best wrestler in this federation. I want to teach a lesson to anyone that underestimates me. Big Al Stud, you underestimate me. Now, if you're any sort of man Big Al Stud, then you won't be offended if I meet you at Shattered Innocence and go all out to kick your arse. Coz if you're "BIG" enough to say things, then you should be "BIG" enough to back those things up..."BIG" Al Stud.

The Charter: Is there not even a glimmer of truth in what Big Al Stud says in your mind Crasher?

King Crasher: Look...everyone that is entering this tournament believes that they can win it. That's only what is expected from the twelve finalists. The third section of the finals that involves myself, HHH, El Oso and Big Al Stud could be the toughest division of the tournament. All of us are enjoying some of the best form we've hit in our careers. Stud, I don't underestimate your ability. I'm not even going to go into whether you'll beat HHH, or whether HHH will beat you. I'm not concerned. Whoever I meet when I beat El Oso will receive the same amount of intense performance as anyone that I meet in the entire tournament. Just remember Stud, that I am professional as anyone that you will ever meet in this industry. I've been around for long enough to know what I have to do to win this tournament. You are not addressing another ICW superstar here. You are addressing the King Crasher. I have been World Champion this year. I have won eight out of nine fights that I have been involved in this year. I am as much a danger to your so apparently inevitable Mr ICW tournament win as anyone in that bloody tournament. Honestly, Big Al, if you choose to underestimate me then that will certainly prove to be your undoing. A man of your experience should not nearly be so stupid as to write me off as a threat in this tournament. You say that you train harder than me, well maybe you NEED to train harder than me Big Al Stud. Maybe that's the case. I really did think a lot more of you as an intelligent wrestler, but some of the comments you've made about me have not made me angry so much, more disappointed with you. I know that if I face you I will be facing one of the toughest obstacles on what I believe to be my destined route to becoming Mr ICW, but for some reason you look at me as somewhat of a walkover. Well very simply Stud, we'll see about that.

The Charter: Will this at all threaten your relationship with Big Al Stud in the I.T. stable?

King Crasher: I've heard shit flying round in the back about possible I.T. stable break-ups and what have you. Hell, even you Charter have brought up the issue yourself. Quite frankly I don't know if you think of yourself as a perceptive journalist or a shit stirrer. That's your prerogative, and you state your statements knowing that someone may want to kick your arse for it. It's not all happy families in the I.T. stable. It never is in any stable. All six of us are competitors. We don't sit around a huge table having dinner with each other. We don't go round each others houses and play with each other's pets while our wives cook the dinner and we share a four pack in the garden. The wrestling world ain't like that. The I.T. stable in 2002 is a sensible business arrangement. The only two people I trust around me in the wrestling industry is my wife Angel and my loyal friend Savage. Apart from that I couldn't care less about anybody else. However, in saying that I am determined to not let the fact that all six I.T. members are in contention for the title of Mr ICW cause rifts between us. If Big Al Stud is as much of a man as I think he is, he'll hear my comments, swallow them and then get on with his task of being as good as he is, and continuing to stand up for what he believes in, that being the fact that he doesn't agree with what Mr S and Control Factor stand for and he is prepared to stand alongside me as we both combat what we see as a threat to ICW's existence.

The Charter: So there are going to be no repercussions of your disagreements with Big Al Stud in the future?

King Crasher: Listen Charter. Big Al Stud said a load a shit about me. Now if he expects me to swallow it all and still stand alongside him, then he needs to be a man and accept everything that I have just said to him. I don't want to kick his arse when he walks into the I.T. dressing room. If he asks me what I think about what he said, I shall tell him. I'm not going to be the one to get aggressive with him. Not at all. But if it does so happen that me and him do meet in the Mr ICW tournament then it will be on my mind to make him pay for underestimating my abilities. As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to win Mr ICW and I ain't gonna allow Big Al Stud to stop me. be continued...