The Charter is mid-way through an interview with King Crasher in The Crasher's very own dressing room about the up and coming Mr ICW tournament.

The Charter: King Crasher, your opponent in the very first match at Shattered Innocence is none other than Control Factor's very own El Oso. Rarely have your paths met in ICW, but now you meet one another, and El Oso has been very vocal about his opinions of you. Are you aware of what he has been saying?

King Crasher: Yes I am, and it just proves a point that he lacks greatly in intelligence, very much like his Control Factor stablemates. You see, El Oso is very quick to go running me and the I.T. stable down for just about any little desperate fact or figure he can lay his hands on. He states that I.T. have never been stables champions. Well perhaps not. But are the ICW stables championship what fulfills my goals in ICW? I think not. You can keep your stables titles Oso. I'm going for the Mr ICW title so that just about sums that up. I don't know how long you have been in the fed off the top of my head Oso, but I certainly don't remember seeing much of you during the start of my sixteen month stay here. Yet despite that you seem to think you know everything about me and my history. The truth is that you know jack shit. This is the typical bullshit I hear each and every day here in ICW from people that think they know it all, but in truth are so fucking stupid that they don't know bollocks.

The Charter: Would you care to elaborate?

King Crasher: Of course. El Oso, the reason why I.T. have never been the stables champions is because we constantly were screwed firstly out of our shots and then out of our matches. But that's immaterial because we happily antagonised those situations. You seem to the think that Friday Night I.T. 2000 was a flop. What? My stable hospitalised Mr D and Mr S over Christmas 2000. You call that unsuccessful? Savage was not a member of the I.T. stable, but Gladiator was and we spent the whole evening setting up a rift between myself and him that idiots like you would buy, when in reality it was a scam to draw in enemies like the staff and 1-Hit and Volcano and others, and it bloody well worked. The staff vowed to make me pay for what I did back then, but the following month I went on to become the Intercontinental Champion!!! Some form of payment eh? Sounds like you need to do a little more research Mr Oso you idiot.

The Charter: He regards you as a nuisance and an annoyance?

King Crasher:Yeah, for him maybe I am. And he says I never accomplish anything either. Listen dickwipe, I'm the man who can sign you in any fucking match I like. Now I'd like to think of that as an accomplishment. I think the fact that El Oso thinks that I lack accomplishments, is a very rich statement from a man like him. When you consider EVERYTHING that El Oso has achieved.

King Crasher laughs out loud.

King Crasher: Oso, you really have got your head elsewhere haven't you. You understand how much better than you I am and you're probably sitting in the corner of your dressing room crying your eyes out and screaming WHY???!!! Why must you have to fight King Crasher when your stable has done everything they can to personally piss him off??? You're scared I'm gonna make you pay for everything Patrick Webster, Max Powers and Mr S have done to me over the last few weeks. Maybe I will, but it'll be your own stupid fault. You will have to face up to the fact that you keep the wrong company arsehole.

The Charter: El Oso talks very strongly about the fact that you simply mix in with the politics of ICW to disguise the fact that you are less than adequate wrestler.

King Crasher: Of course he does. He's got nothing to feel proud of himself so he tries to run down everything that I am in order to make himself feel better. El Oso's hatred of me doesn't stem from the fact that he disagrees with the way I conduct myself in day to day wrestling affairs. It stems from the fact that he is incapable of being the major influence that I am in the industry today. It all stems from JEALOUSY!!! But let me explain something to you Oso. Because you are a run of the mill wrestler...a run of the mill athlete...a REAL athlete as you say, your accomplishments in ICW are merely and simply just...your accomplishments. For me however, all my title victories and all my political achievements have been opposed by people. My accomplishments have been REAL accomplishments, against the odds. I think it's pretty desperate of El Oso to state that I am not a REAL athlete because I dabble in the political stances of ICW. To be quite honest with you Oso, I am like you, simply another wrestler on the roster of Internet Championship Wrestling. But in reality Oso, I am so much more of an individual than you because of my real influence in the wrestling industry. I am a REAL athlete, and then some. When people look back over the history of ICW, they won't remember you El Oso, but you can bet your bollocks that they will remember me!!!

The Charter: Now El Oso seems very proud of the fact that Control Factor abducted your wife last month. Do you have anything to say about that?

King Crasher: Yeah, Oso, have you nothing better to do with your time than gloat over a woman that has clearly much more fearsome than yourself. You may have only been pleased to be in Angel's company because you admire her for not backing down from anyone. Let's get real for a second Oso, there's no way that she would ever back down to you is there. You say that you had your fun with her and you insinuate that you wouldn't dare do anything of a sexual nature to my wife because she's a bitch? Hold on Oso, my wife Angel is one of those girls that people like you will only ever dream of making love to. Angel would sooner scratch your eyes out than sleep with a halitosis suffering prick like you. My beloved Angel hits guys in the head with baseball bats because quite frankly, they damn well deserve it!

Man, despite what you believe Oso, no-one around here has handed me anything. I'm not like you...I don't hang around with staff members just to get a lucky break here and then. No, everything I have done I have earned off my own back because I worked hard and knew what I was doing. Oso, you can only sit there and cringe with jealousy when you look at me. You know how well respected I am by those that matter. You know the fans now appreciate that everything I do has been so the ICW can advance. Don't try to tell me that Mr S was giving everyone opportunities and booking the cards that people wanted to see. That's bullshit. When I came back to oppose Mr S, I didn't do it because I fancied being annoying. I did it because Mr S was going to ruin this company. I did it because Mr S was gonna drive half the roster out of the federation. I did it because I knew that when I made my comeback I wanted to be fighting the best wrestlers in the world and not a bunch of demoralised losers that had been made victims of Mr S's biassed regime. One thing I'll give you credit for Oso, is although you talk bullshit, you talk good bullshit. That says either one of two things to me man. You are either a manipulative son of a bitch praying on the innocent minds of those lacking intelligence around you, or you have been the victim of a manipulative son of a bitch that has prayed on your very own innocence and intelligence lacking mind.

The Charter: Yes, indeed El Oso thinks that you don't give Mr S the respect he deserves.

King Crasher: Ah you're joking. All this time I thought that Mr S deserved no respect and El Oso is now telling me I'm wrong? Are you off your head Oso? What about the respect you don't have for me, shall we talk about that? You say you've held this belt, I've held that belt, you've done this, I've had five title reigns, you've picked your arse seven times today, whatever. You ask me what makes me think I'm better than you. I'm not gonna tell you the answer to that. You'll learn the bloody answer first hand at Shattered Innocence. After I've kicked your arse so badly you won't know whether you want to step into a wrestling ring ever again, you will pause and say to yourself..."That's why he think he's better than me!!!". It'll be because I just kicked your arse and proved that I am!!!

Now like I said earlier. I ain't underestimating you. Despite all your major character deficiencies I appreciate the fact that you are one of the best out and out wrestlers we have the pleasure of having in this company. Let's face it, none of us are as good as gold. I'm famous for being an arsehole. You don't know how to stop being one. But at the end of the day, we are both major players on the ICW roster and we both are among the best wrestlers in the world. I'm not too proud to admit that. I still believe I am technically superior to you and that you will progress no further than me in the tournament. But the fact remains that we both won to be here, so we both deserve some wrestling respect for that. It's just that I'm not prepared to let you get any further than me in this tournament, and as a matter of fact that goes for everybody.

The Charter: El Oso makes reference to the fact that he thinks his Bear Trap will be too much for you. When he applies that hold he believes you will have no option but to tap out.

King Crasher: Interesting that. El Oso's Bear Trap is a great move. It truly is. But is he the only one with great moves? I don't think so. You see, I'm saving my wonderful little Crashing Cradle for him. I can have that little move slapped on in seconds. You like to describe exactly what you move will do to me Oso? I'll tell you what is gonna happen to you mate. I'll push my weight onto your crossed over legs, and then I'll take hold of your ankle and simply pullthe bastard thing up so hard you'll believe it is gonna break. You'll be screaming in absolute agony as I pull harder and harder. Your bones will creak under the sheer pressure that they will be subjected to Oso. You will have a choice though Oso. If you're as tough as you make out and you can bare the excruciating pain that you will be in, you will have this option. Number one, you tap out. Number two, your ankle breaks. Either way you will never look at me in the same way again. You will look at me and at last in your stupid little insignificant life you will understand exactly how much better than you I truly am. You tell me that you're gonna prove yourself to me Oso at Shattered Innocence. Now that is accurate, because I have nothing to prove to you, I will simply just beat you up badly. be continued...