The arena spotlights turn regal red and royal blue as the crashing sound of "Psychopath" of the Sultans Of Ping blasts of into the arena and the screaming fans get to their feet cheering the former ICW World Champion.

The Charter: Here he is Rebecca. Despite losing the World title, the fans still admire him just as much.

Rebecca Thompson: Yes...he may be from overseas, but these sometimes fickle fans have latched onto King Crasher as the main ambassador for combatting the likes of HHH and Mr S.

From underneath the Spikertron appears King Crasher without the World Championship belt. He stands at the top of the ramp with his arms outstretched as if he were lapping up the response of the jam packed audience. He wears his familiar suit and tie which to him represents his status as Commissioner of the ICW. King Crasher marches down to the ring and as he approaches it he turns and heads for the steel ring steps.

Rebecca Thompson: I'm sure King Crasher has plenty to say about events in the ICW at present.

The Charter: That's right Rebecca. His recent loss to Volcano. His up and coming match at En Fuego against Max Powers. And then the imminent Mr ICW tournament at Shattered Innocence.

King Crasher climbs the steps, steps through the ropes and walks over to the opposite side of the ring. Crasher shouts down to the timekeeper's table for a microphone and subsequently one is thrown up to him in the ring. King Crasher catches the microphone and prepares to speak to the noisy fans.

King Crasher: No...I no longer have the World Championship. I was defeated by Volcano last Tuesday in a match which I should have done much better in. Now, I have to face you, the fans, and face up to the fact that I have subjected each and every one of you and each and every wrestler in the back to another phase of there being a jumped up, thick as shit, gaumless piece of crap as our ICW World Champion. For that I truly apologise, and promise that I will beat Volcano's arse the way that I know I can, in order to save this federation from the obvious humiliation it will suffer by having Volcano as it's number one representative.

The fans applaud.

King Crasher: Now as I'm sure many of you will already be aware, I have a match against my old mate Max Powers on Tuesday Night En Fuego. My old mate, eh? You know...the one that thinks it's great fun to kidnap my wife. The one that is not two faced, but to be quite honest he's got many more faces. He's got a face here...

King Crasher points to his own face.

King Crasher:...a face here....

King Crasher points to the side of his head.

King Crasher:...a face here...

King Crasher points to the other side of his face.

King Crasher:...he's got a face coming out of the back of his head, out of his neck, out of his chest, out of his back, on the end of each arm, and he's even got a face for an arse!!!

The fans cheer Crasher's comments.

King Crasher: Does anyone actually believe a word that Max Powers says? Shit...I remember this guy actually coming out here and saying how great it was when I returned to ICW in December. I remember him saying how much he admired my ability and my ethics and stuff. This is the very same man who less than a month later joins the one faction that if they weren't called Control Factor they'd be called Anti-Crasher, and then goes onto be one of three men who brutally throw my wife into the boot of a car and drive her away, not letting her do as she wants for five days. That's what a consider to be a lowlife conniving bastard right there. Nothing short of one.

King Crasher draws his breath once again.

King Crasher: You seem to have this problem Max Powers where you think I'm an easy opponent. Whoops!!! Exactly how good are you Powers? Are you some sort of superhuman? Easy opponent? Me? Tell me precisely what planet you are living on right now? You come out here and say, "Well, after I beat Crasher and after I win Mr ICW and after El Oso beats Crasher"...what the fuck?

The fans laugh.

King Crasher: Shall we get real for a second and seriously consider the totally realistic threat that you arse faces on Tuesday Night. The threat of one of the biggest kickings in your stupid little career. I really don't know where your head is at Powers? You say that ICW doesn't need me around? Hang on...ICW doesn't need me around? Shall I leave ICW? Is that what I should do?

The fans boo.

King Crasher: Or should I stick around and beat your arse regularly each and every month until it's time for me to hang up my boots?

The fans cheer again.

King Crasher: You know, I think all the chair shots you have taken over your career have had some sort of effect on the way your brain works Powers? You say that after you face me you are gonna be focussed 110% on the Mr ICW tournament next Sunday? I say that after you face me you won't be able to focus correctly on anything Powers. Somehow, I think that you may have bitten off more than you can chew. I don't know who signed the match between me and you on Tuesday, but whoever it was certainly don't like you!!! You're facing me in a no DQ match? Man, poor you.

King Crasher looks around at the packed out arena.

King Crasher: does that makes you feel Powers? You starting to feel a little bit desperate? Is it going through your mind that you maybe should have behaved yourself a little bit better in the past? Maybe you should have not done some of the things you did. Maybe you should not have said some of the things you said. Ah, but it's too late now Powers. You are a condemned man. Like anyone who ever crosses the path of the King Crasher, you are gonna be made to face up to the trails of shit you have left behind you. You only have yourself to blame you stupid idiot.

After I've dealt with you, I will be going onto Shattered Innocence to win the great honour of Mr ICW. When the federation see how I take apart the 2001 Mr ICW, they will be under no doubt what a threat I will be to everybody in the 2002 tournament. That includes my first opponent El Oso. That especially includes you HHH. It's includes Johnny Jacobsen, Big Al Stud, Pyro and Chairsman. That even includes you Savage. All of you will go down at my hands, because I am on a one way mission to win Mr ICW 2002. And my journey to that goal will start by my methodical annihilation of the 2001 Mr ICW this very Tuesday at En Fuego.

King Crasher throws the microphone out of the ring before exiting the ring himself.

Rebecca Thompson: Well I must say Charter that King Crasher looks like he's getting worked up now for the build up to Mr ICW.

The Charter: Well, this will be his last match before Mr ICW. A last warm up to the big event by wrestling last year's champion.

Rebecca Thompson: Crasher will be keen to avenge the way he was defeated in the semi-final of last year's competition due to outside interference.

King Crasher walks up the ramp to the top and then disappears underneath the Spikertron.