King Crasher stands in his dressing room with his wife Angel, Chairsman, Pyro, Johnny Jacobsen and Big Al Stud.

King Crasher: You know, it's really important to get the whole stable through into this tournament at Shattered Innocence. We've done half the work, now it's up to me, Stud and Pyro to do the rest of the work.

King Crasher looks specifically at Big Al Stud and Pyro.

King Crasher: Now, are we gonna let our tag-team partners get through to the tournament while we don't.

Big Al Stud: Not likely you ass.

"The Legend" Pyro: Hey, there's no way I'm letting Chairsman advance without me advancing as well. I'll never hear the last of it.

King Crasher: Well, who do you have Pyro?

"The Legend" Pyro: I've got Mr Kreeper, the Hardcore Champion.

King Crasher: Well I think your experience will be enough to put him away. What about you Stud?

Big Al Stud: I don't know.

Johnny Jacobsen: You've got Johnny Blaze.

Big Al Stud: Who?

King Crasher: Well I've got some idiot called Tony Giovanni. I've never heard of him. Does anyone in here know anything about him?

Everybody shakes their heads despondently.

Chairsman: Well, that name is definitely an Italian name.

King Crasher: Well, has anyone seen anyone around here that is Italian?

At that point Savage walks into the room. Everybody looks at Savage realising that he has Italian blood in his veins. Savage looks at his stablemates in wonderment.

"The Icon" Savage: What?

King Crasher: Have you seen any Italians around here apart from you?

"The Icon" Savage: No.

King Crasher: What do you know about Tony Giovanni?

"The Icon" Savage: Tony Giovanni is a DJ.

King Crasher: He is?

"The Icon" Savage: Yeah, he plays acid house and slow breaks. Look, I've got his number here.

King Crasher: You have?

"The Icon" Savage: Yeah, hold on.

Savage reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.

"The Icon" Savage: Yeah, it's 309.757.5323.

King Crasher: You don't honestly think that that is the same man that I am wrestling this Tuesday in the Mr ICW tournament do ya?

"The Icon" Savage: Well, I wouldn't have thought so.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Hey babe, there was a Giovanni's Pizza in that place we went to.

King Crasher: That's right. What was their phone number?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Hang on a minute.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller reaches into her ample cleavage and pulls out a piece of paper. She unfold it and reads from it.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: It's 277-5141 or 277- 5162.

King Crasher: Well maybe someone should phone them up and find out if they have someone there called Tony that is into wrestling.

Then King Crasher's mobile phone rings.

King Crasher: Excuse me everyone.

King Crasher takes the phone out of his pocket and answers it.

King Crasher: Hello?...HEY, HOW'S IT GOING!!!

King Crasher's face lights up. He puts his hand over the phone and announces to everyone who it is.

King Crasher: It's Rocket Ronnie, the Silver Shark. He used to manage the I.T. stable when we first joined ICW.

Savage and Angel look excited about the phone call. They were in the I.T. stable when Rocket Ronnie was involved with it. The others in the room look less than excited. King Crasher returns to his phone call.

King Crasher: Hey Rocket, how's it going?...Good, good...what's up man?

King Crasher pauses for a few seconds listening to Rocket Ronnie's news.

King Crasher: You have?...Bloody hell're right on the ball...that's unbelieveable...well yeah...bring it right over...we'll take a look man...thanks.

King Crasher puts his phone away.

King Crasher: Well, I'll tell you what. There isn't much that gets past that man.

"The Icon" Savage: What do you mean?

King Crasher: Well Rocket Ronnie reckons that he's found some old footage of Mr Tony Giovanni.

"The Icon" Savage: He has?

King Crasher: Yeah. Apparently it's from August last year in a federation called Destiny Wrestling Federation. He's gonna bring the tape over so we can see it.

"The Icon" Savage: Well is he around?

King Crasher: Well he reckons he a couple of hours drive from the arena so with a bit of luck he should be here without too much aggro. I can take a look at this geezer and see if he's got what it takes to go toe to toe with the ICW World Champion.

"The Icon" Savage: Well I think I might join you for that one Chris.

King Crasher: Sure thing Savage.

King Crasher turns and faces the rest of the group who are lounging around the dressing room now.

King Crasher: Listen, we've got to get EVERYONE into the Shattered Innocence tournament. Three of us are it's up to the other three to get in. I can't stress how important this is for us to send a message out to everyone that opposes the I.T. stable. If we can all get in, that means that half of the tournament involves I.T. members. And it doesn't matter if we have to kick each other's arses that night, just so long as the eventual winner is from this very dressing room we are sitting in now. Just imagine if Mr ICW is an I.T. member. That would ensure that those who want us out of the ICW would have a harder job than ever. One of us has GOT to become Mr ICW.

King Crasher looks around sternly at his stablemates as the scene fades.