In a continuation of King Crasher's speech in the ring The Charter and Rebecca Thompson are the commentators as King Crasher directs his attention to Volcano.

King Crasher: Now then Volcano, if anyone has suffered a major loss of direction, it is you. I mean, what are you doing with your career? Have you not got any brains at all. What was once a promising young career, with everyone wondering exactly how high you would go, not knowing what your boundaries were...becoming a greater and greater force in the ICW as every month would go by, culminating in the ultimate prize when you won this very ICW World Championship...

King Crasher taps his belt.

King Crasher:...and all for what? So you can join Rage World Order and become just another face in the crowd? Come on, Cano. You have got to be the finest example of career mismanagement in the ICW. You should have taken my helping hand when you had it. When Mr S started throwing his weight around and you were practically bullied out of being the World Champion, the one man that spoke up against Mr S' actions was me. Don't get me wrong Cano, I don't particularly like you and I haven't really liked you ever. But in my professional role as Commissioner of the ICW, I set my personal feelings aside and recognised that our federation president had done wrong by you therefore made a stand, and what for? There is no gratitude from you. So seeing as I won't receive a "thank you" from you, you may have to receive an arse kicking from me!!!

The fans roar in approval.

King Crasher: Volcano, I don't believe you know how lightly you got off during that episode. I was going through a time in my career where I was finding it difficult to devote my time to a comeback. I was looking after my wife, but all the time, all I wanted to do was get in the ring. People were forgetting exactly who I am and what I do. People were talking about me as if I was just another name in the history of ICW. So when I made my ring comeback, I realised that some people needed to have an example made out of them. Take for instance, Blizzard. That young lady who was coached to becoming an ICW superstar by my beautiful wife Angel, and then simply turned her back on us both. Now anyone with half a brain knows that turning your back on the Chazzellers is a bad, bad idea. Blizzard got paid back. She was attempting to win her first singles title here in the ICW, when I simply screwed her. She asked for it, and she got it.

Another fine example is Maniac Miller. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of intelligence of some superstars. Mr S stripped Maniac Miller out of the Intercontinental Championship. I knew this was wrong, but nevertheless I stood up for what I believed to be right. I made a stand against it. Then before I know it, Mr S has a assembled a bunch of recruits called Control Factor and believe it or not, Maniac Miller is a part of them!!! How would anyone deal with that. I helped to kickstart that man's career when he joined with the rest of the OWF. He simply either forgot or didn't appreciate the fact that The Royal Kliq took the entire OWF and gave them a start in this federation. Instead Maniac Miller tried to screw me, but unfortunately, Miller has got to be a bit more wily and experienced to deal with someone like me. Just look at him now, resting up with a broken arm. He missed a big opportunity to become Mr ICW because of the fact that he fucked with me.

Thankfully for you Volcano, things with you are different to those with Maniac Miller. You were never an ally of mine and neither did you turn and join my bitter enemy Mr S, and it's because of those reasons that I haven't sought to exact any extreme revenge on you. To be quite honest Cano, I like to see your ugly mug around the place. It not only reminds me of how good I am but it also gets me in the mood for fighting.

The rivalry between the two of us goes way back, as does my rivalry with Ice. Yes, we climbed the ICW ladder at the same time but we have never climbed it together. You have always aligned yourself with those I don't like. HHH is a fine example. Not only were you a friend if his from when I had a problem with him before, but now it seems you have pledged your comradery to him again with your actions at Friday Night Riot. You must think of yourself as a well protected man to be able to come down and attack me like you did.

By attacking me you could have been sending one of two messages. The first one could have been your belief that HHH will throw me out of the Commissionership of ICW and you want to be with the Commissioner that succeeds. A simple but foolish idea when you consider that HHH has got at least one hundred and one arse kickings to receive before I'm done with him and he's done with his half of the Commissionership. The second idea is that you took the coward's way of saying to me that you want a piece of this...

King Crasher points to his ICW World Championship.

King Crasher: Well bring it on Cano. Anytime or anyplace. You want a shot at this gold? Then shoot for it Volcano. I've taken you on before and it has always been an epic battle. But now I'm bigger and better than at any time in my career. You take me on now Volcano, and you are taking me on at my best. By all means, step up to the plate and have a go at getting this baby off of me. But I'll warn you now, I'm taking this piece of gold all the way to WrestleRage III and I ain't gonna let a megastar wannabe like you stand in my way of accomplishing that goal.

Volcano, I never shy away from any battle, especially not one with you. It is inevitable that both of us with be inducted into ICW's Hall of Fame at some point in our careers. To beat your arse is just as important to me as beating any Hall of Famer's arse. The sheer respect you get when you are an ICW Hall Of Famer is great. It isn't necessarily respect for your personality, which is good for you Volcano seeing as you don't have one, it is moreso a respect for your achievements and accomplishments. To actually beat a Hall Of Famer is something that people take notice of, and for some reason Volcano, and I may need my head checked for this, for some reason I consider a victory over you to be just as good as a victory over any Hall Of Famer.

You see, I respect you for your ability Volcano, but the respect doesn't go both ways. I don't think you have any respect for me at all, which quite frankly is unintelligent. Three Hall Of Famers have pledged their alliance with me and what I am doing at the moment. Three of them. Count them. Big Al Stud, Pyro and Chairsman. They all want to help me keep people like Rage World Order and Control Factor in their places. How many Hall Of Famer's want to help you fight for what you believe in Volcano. How many care about what you believe in? How many have even heard of you Volcano?

The crowd laugh.

King Crasher: I have no problem whatsoever with taking you on at En Fuego, Cano. I am looking forward to it. To me, it is yet another battle where I re- establish myself as a superior wrestler, fighting, brawler and ring technician as you. You may think you know some dirty tricks Cano, but I know every trick in the book. When you are my size, fair play is not always paramount in your desire to be the best. So my view on this match Volcano, is simply to prove that I am better than you in every aspect of wrestling, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

King Crasher pauses before continuing.

King Crasher: But I've said enough about you Volcano, I wanna move on...

to be continued...