King Crasher sits relaxing in his dressing room. His wife Angel, loiters around in the background listening to the Insane Clown Posse. King Crasher never could and still can't stand Insane Clown Posse.

King Crasher: I'd take them on in a handicap match Angel. I truly would.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Oh shut up, you miserable ass.

Angel continues loitering and Crasher continues relaxing until the music ends. Angel takes a seat next to her husband.

King Crasher: Now tell me my dear. Am I not the greatest wrestler in ICW at the moment.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well of course you are. You have great ability, and you have me!

King Crasher: Well hang on a minute, you think that I wouldn't be as good if you weren't with me?

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well who else would swing the baseball bats eh?

King Crasher: Okay, you have a fair point Angel. You may have absolutely no taste in music, but you have a fair point.

Savage walks into the dressing room.

King Crasher: Well hey there, if it isn't the main man who is proving to everyone that we are indeed the best stable around.

"The Icon" Savage: Hey Chris, is their anyone out there that can beat us?

King Crasher: Well let me think for a second there Savage my old, there isn't.

"The Icon" Savage: Ha ha!!! I'm just gonna sort my bag out.

King Crasher: Sure thing Savage. You carry on mate.

Savage moves to the back of the huge dressing room and starts rifling through his belongings.

King Crasher: Now listen to me Angel. I wanted to speak with you about something.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What's that?

King Crasher: Well babe, I don't want you to think I'm telling you what you should or you shouldn't do, but I'm a little worried about you getting too involved in my matches.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What???!!! What do you mean by that???

Savage looks over from the back and tries not to laugh.

King Crasher: I'm just a little worried...

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What are you saying? I'm no good at ringside? Is that what you're saying?

King Crasher: That's not what I'm...

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Just remember who has been alongside you helping you overcome all your enemies.

King Crasher: I know and that's why...

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: I went through five days of hell all because I believe in you.

King Crasher: But that's precisely it!!!

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What's precisely it?

King Crasher: I don't want you to be put in situations of danger because of me. It's not that I don't appreciate your help, or that you are a useful ally. It's just that I can't help but blame myself for anything that happens to you.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: With all due respect Chris, you are not the one that has had your wrestling career cut short by an injury that I'm not even sure will heal properly. I'm not even in my mid-twenties yet and the thing that I love doing has been taken away from me, and that thing is wrestling. So yes, although I'm very pleased that you care about my well being, I am NOT going to stay away from the wrestling scene, and not even you can stop me.

King Crasher just looks away in despair knowing that he is arguing in an argument that he just can't win.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: What's your problem Chris? You only fighting Ice and Volcano. I ain't scared of them.

King Crasher: I do not want you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well that's a chance I'm taking.

King Crasher and Angel stare at each other seriously. King Crasher points his finger in Angel's face.

King Crasher: You just be careful.

Savage looks over once again. As usual he is entertained by the Chazzeller marriage drama.

King Crasher: Well look, I have an important match at En Fuego. I've got to make sure I'm at the top of my game. I know I've beaten both Volcano and Ice on my way to winning the world title since my comeback, but this time they know the match is happening and they are out for a win for themselves, so I reckon they'll be at the top of their game knowing that they are getting in the ring with me.

Angel Devyne-Chazzeller: Well, you just make sure you keep that championship belt until WrestleRage Chris. I wanna see you walk down to the ring with that gold at the biggest stage there is. You deserve nothing less.

King Crasher: Listen to me Angel, I know I'm out to enjoy my career more right now, but I'm gonna shed blood, sweat and tears over this title before my time is up. This is the era of King Crasher as the World Champion and it's gonna be remembered as one of the most influential and admirable World title reigns ever. If either Volcano or Ice can prove that they are worthy of a shot at this thing when we do battle at En Fuego, then they are more than welcome to step up to the plate and have a go at it. While I am the champion I want to beat everyone that there is to beat, and in my estimation, that should include Volcano and Ice. Only then can I stake a claim to being one of the best World Champions that ICW has ever had.

The scene fades.