Another enthralling edition of ICW Live is taking place in the aftermath of ICW presents: Black Sunday. The I.T. stable are riding high at the moment, and although they are not the stables champions their success has been real. Big Al Stud and Johnny Jacobsen are carrying a huge amount of the federation's gold and King Crasher successfully won the ICW World Championship for the first time in his career.

"Psychopath" by Sultans Of Ping plays and King Crasher appears with the ICW World Championship belt in one hand and his wife's hand in his other hand. Angel looks absolutely stunning after here traumatic ordeal at the hands of Control Factor, but now looks invigorated now that she is back with her husband, the King. The two of them make their way down to the ring and Crasher helps Angel to enter before entering the ring himself and calling over to the timekeeper's table for a microphone. A microphone is thrown up into the ring and this time it is Angel that catches it and passes it to the King. Angel smiles sweetly at Crasher who lightly squeezes her bottom before speaking to the crowd.

King Crasher: It feels great to have accomplished the one thing that was left to be accomplished in my long and illustrious wrestling career at Black Sunday. For those of you that don't know what happened, I became the ICW World Champion after proving my superiority over Patrick Webster even though he and Mr S did everything they could think of to screw me out of the match.

So now that I have done it that I have achieved all my goals...everybody is asking me, where does it go from here? Now that is a good question. But it's a question that I DO know the answer to.

King Crasher pauses for breath.

King Crasher: After eleven years of serious business, it's time to start having some fun.

King Crasher looks around to watch the crowd's reaction.

King Crasher: I've had many bitter feuds with people that I have hated over the years. Back in 1991 with Dynamite. The following year with Mr Majeeka and The Kid F.G. Then some years later with Jayse The Ace. And more recently with Mr D here in ICW. But now I can see a feud developing with a guy who really doesn't come across as a major threat to me. Someone with whom I find it very difficult to take seriously. That man is of course the controversially employed Commissioner of ICW, HHH!!!

The fans boo.

King Crasher: HHH...the man who thinks that it is wise to keep interfering in my business time and time again. HHH, you are everything I am, but ten times less. I don't need to worry about the likes of you when I have had to deal with just about everyone in this wrestling business. You are not what I would consider to be a major player. Your ICW success was gained by being in the right place at the right time and licking the right arses.

So what have you come back for HHH? My title? You can't have this HHH, you just aren't good enough. I know I come out here and say that to every wrestler, but in your case it really is the obvious truth. What else have you come back for? The Commissionership? Well I'm under contract to stay in this position at the moment, so you are just gonna have to run alongside me on this one HHH. Maybe you want a piece of my wife? You have fantasized about her being a part of your apparently deprived sex life in the past, so maybe you want her. The woman that married me. That's right. The woman who thought enough of me to want to spend the rest of her life with me. That's Not you. And it gives me comfort to know that when you were "claiming" to have slept with my beautiful wife here, which was incidentally the same time as things were going on between Angel and Webster, had it have been true that you had slept with her, it doesn't say much about you to think that she run straight to me and married me within three months does it!!!

So maybe then HHH, I have everything that you would like. Maybe that is why you feel that you should trouble me. You know though, I would actually take you a bit more seriously if you were actually bothering me in the slightest. Unfortunately though I am not. If it's true that you are jealous of what I have then I can point out the one fundamental difference between me and you HHH, that sets me aside as a class above yourself. Last week HHH, your tag team partner for Friday Night Riot, a certain Mr Patrick Webster...

The crowd boo.

King Crasher:...had two things that I wanted. He had the World title, and he had my wife. I proclaimed that I would take those two things for myself at Black Sunday, and well, I got them. As for yourself HHH, whatever you want from me, you won't get. You won't get my wife. You won't get the position of sole Commissioner of ICW. And you certainly will not be getting a sniff of this World Title I have draped across my shoulder.

As for you Patrick Webster...I don't mind keep having to kick your arse at any and every opportunity. Last time we met in the ring for a tag team match, you had the talent of Ice standing next to you in your corner. This time you have HHH. I'm not worried.

Take all of this and then take into account that I have a former six time ICW champion in my corner and things are looking bleak for the pair of you. If anyone is gonna know your weaknesses HHH, it's gonna be your brother Pyro isn't it. You really are gonna wish you stayed at home on Black Sunday HHH. However if you like being embarrassed HHH, then Friday is your lucky night!!!

How embarrassing for you HHH will it be to get your arse kicked by not only your Commissionership rival, but also to get it kicked by your very own flesh and blood...your very own brother, Pyro. I cannot stress enough how much of a mistake I believe it is for you to come waltzing back into the ICW expecting success and respect. It's not gonna happen. HHH, you are crap at wrestling, and what's more, you haven't got any friends.

Crasher and Angel smile at each other while the crowd laugh.

King Crasher: The only person that ever backed you up was Mr D, and I'm not sure he even cares about you any more. If Mr S has any brains, he'll realise that he should leave me alone, because he got off very lightly for what he did, and although I am a great believer in kicking the arses of arseholes, I expect the last few weeks to have been a bitter lesson to Mr S that you simply don't take on King Crasher if you don't like coming off second best.

So then, to all of you lot who hate King Crasher, I have this to say to you. I AM your World Champion. I AM your Commissioner. And I AM your King. HHH and Patrick Webster, you could be the first in line to my route to becoming Mr ICW next month. And maybe you'll learn tonight that although in my illustrious career I may have been pinned many times, I may have been beaten and injured many times, but you damn well know that whatever you do to me, you'll always be made to pay for it, and you'll always be sorry that you ever crossed me.

King Crasher throws his microphone out of the ring as "Psychopath" plays in the arena. King Crasher helps Angel exit the ring before rolling out himself. The happy couple make their way up the ramp looking happier then ever.