ICW presents a special interview between The Charter and King Crasher. As usual with many of The Charter's interviews the room is a set made up to look like a comfortable lounging room. The two men sit on huge leather seats.

The Charter: Hello everyone, I'm The Charter and alongside me I have the man that is gunning for the ICW World Championship at Black Sunday against Patrick Webster, that man being King Crasher. Welcome King.

King Crasher: Thank you.

The Charter: Now then King, firstly I want to take a broad look at your wrestling career. Tell me where it started.

King Crasher: Well Charter, it started around eleven years ago. I had been wrestling long before then, but professionally it was back in 1991 when I started wrestling for the TWC.

The Charter: Did you always know that you were going to be the sort of man that would contend for the best titles in wrestling.

King Crasher: Undoubtedly Charter. You see, everyone takes the piss out of me because I don't weight in at 200 lbs. You know, even Webster still thinks it is a major factor to the World Title fight. But size means nothing in wrestling. Even if I weighed 126 lbs, I'd still make you hurt. I always knew what was going to happen to me. I always knew that I would ascend to the top of the sport. I knew that inevitably I would get numerous World Championship title shots. I am one of the best wrestlers to come out of the 1990's, Charter. People WILL remember my name. People will know that King Crasher was a major part of wrestling history. People will talk about me for years to come. I am worth all of that.

The Charter: Can you offer your explanation as to why you have NEVER been a World Champion?

King Crasher: It's circumstantial Charter. I have been unlucky over the years. But my time will come. I will have my moment in the sun when I will stand tall above the entire industry as the World Champion. If for some bizarre reason I get screwed out the championship at Black Sunday, I will be back for another shot. I'm too good to dismiss. I am undoubtedly the greatest wrestler to have never been a World Champion. The World Championship is pretty much the only accolade left for me to gain in my wrestling career. I've done everything else. I've won everything else. When people that are new to the sport hear that I've never been a World Champion, they can't believe it. I'm too good to go through my whole career without being the World Champion. It HAS to happen sooner or later. I believe that it is going to happen at Black Sunday. I believe that I will be able to outwrestle Patrick Webster at Black Sunday. I spent 9 years wrestling in the TWC with no world title. I've now spent 15 months in the ICW...once again, no World title. It's beginning to bother me now. I need to get that strap even if only to satisfy myself.

The Charter: What will you do differently in this World Championship match that you maybe haven't done at others?

King Crasher: Maybe at this one I will be completely off my head Charter. Most of the times I wrestled for the World Championship in the TWC, it was against The Gladiator. The Gladiator and I have always got on well. I never entered the ring and wrestled him with any sort of anger. If ever I went for the World Championship in ICW, it was during Ice's reigns as the champion. I would not carry huge amounts of animosity when I wrestled Ice. I would enter the ring to outwrestle him for that belt. It's true that I have never liked the bloke, but nevertheless it would be a controlled strategy that I would undertake in trying to wrest the title off of him. This time Charter, my mind will perhaps not be on winning the World Title so much, as paying Patrick Webster back for upsetting my wife. When I step into that ring I'm going to rip him to bits. I hate Patrick Webster. I want to see him rot in hell. Maybe I'll wrestle, maybe I'll just physically beat him to within an inch of his life. I honestly won't know until I look across that ring into his eyes.

The Charter: How do you think Patrick Webster will wrestle? Will he have a strategy?

King Crasher: You know it's a damn miracle that he is the World Champions anyway. I mean, justify the fact that he is World Champion. Is he the best in ICW? No way. In fact, I could probably name half a dozen wrestlers that I would consider to be superior to him without even having to think about it. Patrick Webster may have a strategy, but I'm betting that strategy will be the same strategy that he walks into each and every fight with. He only knows one way to wrestle. I hear him in his interviews trying to proclaim that he has some mat wrestling ability. That's bullshit. Patrick Webster is crap at mat wrestling, that is a fact. I terms of Patrick Webster's different strategies...well, he just doesn't have different strategies. He only knows one style of wrestling. The big bastard that slams you around. There's no fancy wrestling or cleverness to be seen when he's in the ring. He's just like a raging bull with no control. I am clever enough to know how to deal with that. I have the brains that Patrick Webster missed out on. I know exactly what Patrick Webster will try to do when that bell rings, and I know all the answers to it.

The Charter: Can Patrick Webster beat you?

King Crasher: Yes he can. There's some very good reasons why he could beat me as well. One of them is Mr S. Another is Max Powers. Another is Ice. Reaper is a reason too. Yeah, I know that they are all going to be waiting in the wings ready to screw me over. That much I can take for granted. Just so long as each and every one of them are aware that Savage, Big Al Stud, Johnny Jacobsen, Pyro and Chairsman have pledged their full support to me in my quest to become the World Champion, and are very excited about the prospect of having to kick Control Factor's arse should they get out of line. So Patrick Webster can beat me, but I say that he won't beat me. He's just going to be too overwhelmed by me because I want to kick his arse so badly. Webster can sit in his interview rooms pretending to be clever and picking at what I've been saying over the last few days. It doesn't matter Webster. Because no matter how much bullshit you think I talk, the be all and end all of the situation is that you're getting an arse kicking of the highest degree, and you're getting it whether you like it or not.

The Charter: Does the worrying kidnap of your wife cause a problem for you at Black Sunday.

King Crasher: Cause a problem for me? It will cause a problem for Patrick Webster. I do hope that Patrick Webster doesn't think that the night will end with me pinning him and taking the World Championship in my hand, raising it aloft, and walking out of the arena, coz that ain't gonna happen. Instead I'm gonna pin him, take the World Championship in my hand, raise it aloft, and then I'm gonna kick seven shades of shit out of him all over again!!!

The Charter: Do you expect them to bring Angel to the arena?

King Crasher: I really don't know what to expect Charter. I saw the disturbing video footage of Mr S tormenting my wife. I've never known blood to boil in my veins like it did that day. Mr S will do everything he can to upset my focus at Black Sunday, and if it means he's gonna use my wife to do it, then he will. Mr S, you enjoy being the boss. You enjoy telling everyone what's hot and what's not around here. You don't give a shit about anyone on the roster. It's just unfortunate that Patrick Webster doesn't realise that. Webster, you too will become a victim of Mr S' wicked games. It's just a shame for you that you are so downright stupid that you just don't realise this.

The Charter: What will you do to Mr S if you get your hands on him.

King Crasher: Oh, I'll get my hands on him alright. After I beat the living shit out of Webster and take his precious World Championship, I'll beat the living shit out of Mr S. I'll strike him right across his head with the championship belt of the very company he presides over. Then I'll make him pay for every damn thing he's done to my wife since they took her away last Tuesday. Believe me Charter, everything I did to Mr D last year will be tame compared to what's gonna happen to those two, Patrick Webster and Mr S.

The Charter: Would you stay on as Commissioner of the federation should you win the title?

King Crasher: Without a shadow of a doubt. It's the only reason that there is any equilibrium in the ICW. Without me as the Commissioner we would return to the dark days when Mr S was victimising the wrestlers that he didn't like. Well now things are levelling out. With the United States and the Tag Team Championships in the I.T. stable there is a small victory over Mr S. The thing that will piss him off the most is when I win the World Title at Black Sunday. And the bit I'll enjoy is watching him helplessly unable to do a single thing about it.

The Charter: Well, I'd like to thank you for your time Crasher and wish you good luck for your match against Patrick Webster.

King Crasher: Thanks.

The scene fades.