The camera shows the inside of the Mr D's office at ICW headquarters in Miami, Florida. Hardcore King Crasher is sitting in Mr D's chair talking on the phone. ICW headquarters has high security, so how Hardcore King Crasher managed to get into Mr D's office is anybody's guess. The Crasher is not short of a dollar or two, so maybe that has something to do with it. It is not known who he is speaking to on the phone.

Hardcore King Crasher: Yes, it was a huge success...what...oh Mr D and Mr S should be back on Tuesday...that's right...until then I have appointed myself as the president of the ICW...well, I look upon that as a kind of reward for the fantastic night I put on in Detroit on Friday...that's right, they'll think twice before they call me incapable won't they, anyway I've got a lot to get on with so I'm gonna dash my friend...thankyou...oh and thanks for what you did on Friday, you were more than worthy of all your praise...and a happy new year to you.

Hardcore King Crasher hangs up the phone and motions to the cameraman to sit down. The Crasher takes a pen and clicks it, then proceeds to write a brief something on an unidentifiable piece of paper. He puts the pen down and then looks at the camera.

Hardcore King Crasher: Please excuse me one minute.

The Crasher flits through some paper on the desktop in front of him and pulls out one which he was obviously searching for.

Hardcore King Crasher: Ah, there it is. You see, this is the advantages of knowing what to do and HOW to do it. I've been looking through a couple of files and the most interesting one is Ice's. I've noticed that your contract with the ICW runs out in new year. I was wondering if maybe you was considering packing up altogether. You know, now that you have better talent here in ICW, I wonder if you think you've reached the end of the road. I wonder if you really believe you can become the ICW Champion again now that the roster is that much stronger. Well, I have to admit Ice that you did come out the other side of that triple threat match for your US title, didn't you. Also, you put on a bloody good show in doing it. It's a pity you couldn't entertain the fans as well as that when you and Volcano were fighting title-for-title a week or two ago. That's probably the reason why I intervened. Anyway, you played your part in a successful Friday Night I.T. so I'll just write this down.

Crasher grabs a pad of Post-It notes and grabs the pen in order to write his message. He voices his message as he writes it.

Hardcore King Crasher: HKC!!!

Crasher rips the note off the front of the pad and slaps it on Mr D's monitor.

Hardcore King Crasher: I'm sure Mr D will read that as he's about to play one of those fake Internet Wrestling Roleplay thingys. You know, I'm taking quite a liberty by sitting in this office, but well I've earned it, and this fed won't run itself while Mr D is recovering from his Hell in a Cell match. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with me signing that Hell in a Cell match because the fans loved it. Let's face it, what ordinary American citizen doesn't want to smack their boss in the chops. Most people can't do that, so what better than buy a ticket for Friday Night I.T. and see somebody else doing it. Gladiator, I'm such a nice bloke aren't I? I mean you've given me hell this week, and what have I done? Have I retaliated? Have I lost my temper? I could have booked you in a five-on-one. I didn't though, because I was thinking of this very company and my position in it. It's obvious as an Englishman that I'm going to be singled out and held back in this federation, so rather than sit and wait for my opportunities I create my own. And what a fantastic job I do of it, it I may say so myself!

King Crasher presses a button and speaks into Mr D's intercom.

Hardcore King Crasher: Yes. Yes please, I'd like some coffee for my cameraman friend here and if you can get me a pot of tea, and not that American shit that you serve up, I mean proper tea like I drink back home. Alright? Cheers.

Crasher faces the camera again.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well, I must admit that much as the staff won't like it, Friday Night I.T. WAS a success, but I'm not really celebrating or nothing because I knew it would be. I've been booking cards for three years back home in England and I do know what I'm doing. It's just a natural talent. A lot of wrestlers around here don't like me, but look, I'm not an arsehole. I'm quite a nice bloke when I get outside the arena. I'm a bit stubborn admittedly, but I'm a successful businessman, I've got to be. The reason I called you here today is because I wanted to give my opinions on Friday Night I.T. now that it's over.
8-ball, you really as a useless idiot. You could have prevented my good friends Vinny and Angel from taking a loss on Friday. You really are a complete waste of space. I don't really want you in the stable any more. Unfortunately that leaves just Vinny and me, so I will be in the process of recruiting people soon, and opportunities may be available for the superstars of the ICW that probably shouldn't be ignored. When you ride with Hardcore King Crasher you know you're going places. However, if somebody wants to come along for the free ride then forget it. 8-ball thought he would become a superstar without bothering to pull his weight, and look what happened. He ended up back in the same place he was before he joined us. You had such promise, and such a bright future, and in the space of a month you've gone back to being a nobody. You let me down 8-ball. When you compare the likes of 8-ball to somebody like The Kliq, you soon realise what I'm talking about. 8-ball, you're not even in the same league as Berodt and Cannon, and they proved that on Friday. The Kliq are like me. They do what they have to do, and they do it for their own reasons. However, as a federation bigwig, I had to punish you by double booking you at Friday Night I.T., and I hope that you've learned your lesson, and I hope you don't do it again. Well, if you do it again, do it to somebody worth doing it to. Pyro probably wasn't worth the effort. Not when I look at how his brother goes round demanding that the federation stops to find the criminal who masterminded the assault on his brother, Pyro. HHH, I really thought I was doing my bit. I've punished the Kliq, and then gave you the match that you wanted with 1-hit. Then you lose, HHH. You lose to 1-hit. What is that all about? Are you trying to make me look stupid? What should have been entertaining turned out to be a farce. There was me and all the fans of the ICW waiting excitedly for you to kick the living shit out of that mouthy piece of crap 1-hit and you let me down. Well thanks, HHH. Thanks a million. That's the last time I do anything for you. You can find the people who assaulted Pyro on your own now. It just makes me laugh when you look at the list of former ICW champions around here. People like Ice, Jericho, Sting and then you HHH. You're just the cherry on top of a pretty crappy looking cake.

Some young lady arrives with a trolley containing a coffee, a pot of tea and various nibbles and biscuits. The Crasher speaks to the lady.

Hardcore King Crasher: Thankyou very much, I shall speak with Mr D and commend you highly for your professionalism. You can go now.

The lady walks out and Crasher reaches across and takes his pot of tea and a cup and saucer. He proceeds to pour himself a fresh cup. He then takes a sip of the cup of tea which he has been looking forward to refreshing his pallet with.

Hardcore King Crasher: Fucking hell!

The Crasher slowly lets the tea he sipped dribble from his mouth, back into the cup. He then places the cup of tea to one side.

Hardcore King Crasher: Look, what am I saying? That's right. Now, I think I highlighted one of the biggest problems around here when you look at two of the triple threat fights that I signed up on Friday Night I.T. One was for the second highest accolade in the ICW, namely the United States Championship, and the belt was contested for by three former World Champions. The other that I wish to make a comparative reference to was the Internet Championship match between Ace, Savage and Mr Majeeka. Now which was the better fight? Hey? Well, in my opinion, it wasn't the one with the three former world champions in, and that was one of Ice's more entertaining fights. It really is time to shift out some old faces and bring in some new ones. People like Andrew Smooth and Alex Stud really need to either get on their bikes or consider giving themselves a major facelift in order to revitalise their abilities. You see, Smooth and Stud, you ARE indeed the tag-team champions. You did indeed prove your worth by winning that triple threat match at Friday Night I.T. just three short days after defending those titles for the first time. But have you considered what will happen AFTER you lose them? And I know you're sitting there thinking that you won't lose them, but the reality is that all titles end up being lost whether you lose genuinely or you are screwed. After you lose your titles, I can't see anyone in a hurry to sign you up for title shots afterwards. You just bore people shitless. Sorry, but it's the truth.

The Crasher takes the cameraman's coffee and starts to drink it. Obviously it would seem that the cameraman will just have to go thirsty unless he wants the dodgy cup of tea that The Crasher has spat in.

Hardcore King Crasher: As for Volcano, you've been made to eat your words, boyo. You claimed alongside a minority few who felt the card I signed was biassed against them that the card was rubbish. Well, you were proved emphatically wrong, weren't you? You have to realise that the card was probably the best Friday Night card that there's been certainly since I've been around. It's a great pity that you lost your belt but you've had that coming for a long time. You've targeted me since I joined ICW, and Friday saw your comeupance. You found out the hard way what happens when you pick on old HKC here, and what's more I didn't even lay a finger on you. Volcano, you are pathetic. I showed that to be true by the way I screwed you. Another man that I don't appreciate is Raven, but instead of bitching and whining about the card like you Volcano, Raven looked upon the match as a challenge, and that is ultimately why he defeated you. People ask me all the time which stable I hate the most in the ICW expecting me to say the Extreme Icons. That's not true. The stable I hate the most is End of the Line, and look at them after Friday Night I.T. They are all champions. Does that bother me? No. That is the last thing I'm thinking about. They got what they wanted out of the night, and that's fine. Because I got what I wanted out of the night. I showed the world that Mr D isn't a patch on me when it comes to running the fed, and I also screwed you Volcano. Next, I'll screw Ice, but I'd rather do that one-on-one in the ring. I'm hungry to right the wrong from when Ice became the first person in my career to pin me. Next time, that WON'T happen. Now, 1-hit. How the hell did you beat HHH. I'm going to watch that tape again and again and again, because I alongside 99% of the federation can't get our heads around that. Come Tuesday Night I will just have to prove you to be a 1-hit wonder when myself and Chompways meet you and Gladiator in a first blood match. I just can't understand what happened there.

Crasher stuffs a biscuit in his mouth and takes a few seconds out to chomp on it before he speaks again.

Hardcore King Crasher: That's right folks, I lost to Ming Chee on Friday. But it was all the Gladiator's fault. Gladiator will get his on Tuesday, and I'll happily wait until then as well. You see, it's The Gladiator that's getting wound up about all this, not me. I know you're probably laughing to yourself at the moment about punishing the staff, and to tell the truth, I was glad to see you do it. But I didn't feel inclined to interfere in your match, unlike you did with mine. I'm not worried about your career turning out to be better than mine, because I know that just won't happen. You were obviously worried about me winning yet another title here in ICW because you felt worried about being left behind. Well, that's fine because I'll settle this with you inside the ring in that first blood match on Tuesday Night En-Suite. After I draw first blood from 1-hit, I'll draw second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth blood from you. You're another one of these idiots that is just pathetically jealous of me. It's just so bloody sad to see wrestlers wasting their careers trying to outdo me, a man that cannot be outdone. I know you very well, Gladiator and I know you'll have a problem letting your feud with me come to an end. But just think, when you reach your forties and have to quit wrestling because you're becoming too slow, you're going to sit back and wonder why you wasted all those years trying to be better than me, someone who you will never become better than. I'd hate to be in your shoes when that day finally comes. You'll end up a bitter and lonely old man. I think it's quite amusing how everybody thinks that you are the masked man, Mr Majeeka. I've known Gladiator and Majeeka for the last eight years, and believe me, they are NOT the same person. Just sign them up in a fight against each other if you don't believe me.

Crasher stops for a moment to scratch his arse.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well, I'm looking forward to coming down to an arena after New Year and talking about my fight on Tuesday Night En-Suite, but until then I've got a lot of work to do such as gathering up viewing ratings and calculating ticket sales in regard to Friday Night I.T. You know, I ought to run a sweepstake with my mates as to when the next Friday Night I.T. will happen. Oh, and if anyone would like to put in a good word for me, then don't be too proud to do so. Let's just say that if you chose to look after me, I'll chose to look after you. Remember, I have the ability to turn this federation on it's head and if you want to be involved in that, then I won't be going far from here in the next couple of days. Oh, and Mr D, I owe you an apology. I've just farted in your chair!

The camera fades.