ICW Live is taking place as a limousine pulls up outside the ICW arena for tonight's exciting house card. These are the last few days before Cutting Edge and as with every ICW pay-per-view in recent months, everyone is abuzz because they know that ICW events in the year 2001 are putting any beforehand to shame. As with previous pay-per-views the build-up in these final few days is causing excitement and is sure to feature some shocking action as wrestlers either try to exact physical or psychological upper hands on their opponents going into the pay-per-view spectacular.

The driver of the limousine steps out of the car and makes his way round to the nearside back door.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Who's in that limo JR?

JR: I have no idea King. If we can just be patient for a couple of seconds longer I'm sure we'll know exactly who it is.

The driver opens the door and a young lady steps out. It's Angel Devyne. She solemnly look round as if somebody is getting out behind her.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: It's Angel JR!!! It's Angel.

JR: Angel Devyne is here ladies and gentlemen but who is she with?

Another young lady steps out of the limo behind her. It's Angel's sister Christian Devyne.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Oh yeah! It's the lovely Devyne sisters JR.

JR: Christian is looking great, but I have to commend Angel who looks equally as beautiful considering her recent ordeal.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Yeah, she's had it rough JR.

As the two sisters move away from the limo out steps another person. It's Hardcore King Crasher.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: LOOK JR!!!

JR: What is Hardcore King Crasher doing with Angel Devyne King? Has he forgiven her?

Jerry "The King" Lawler: He must have done JR! Maybe Christian brought them back together again JR.

JR: I have to say that none of them seem too thrilled to be here.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: They've all got faces longer than that stretch limo!!!

Crasher and the Devynes slowly make their way into the arena. Hardcore King Crasher has the daunting prospect of facing Reaper one-on-one at Friday Night Riot. The match itself will be a lumberjack match in which the stable V will be standing at ringside as the lumberjacks. What's more is that ICW's federation president Mr D will be the special guest referee for this contest. It was indeed Mr D that indefinitely suspended Hardcore King Crasher on the Friday Night Riot following Shattered Innocence for serious foul play in a World Title match where Crasher fought Max Powers.

The Crasher leads the way into the I.T. dressing room which is empty on their arrival. He sits and relaxes while Angel and Christian make their way over to another part of the room. The atmosphere doesn't seem to be very friendly, but the fact that they all came in together is a surprise in itself.

* * * * *

Later on in the broadcast Jim Ross is standing in the ring.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen I am indeed presented with the daunting prospect of interviewing a man right now that has certainly been through a lot in the last three weeks. Some would argue that it has been through his own doing, others would state that he has simply been unfortunate. However, I am gonna try my best to find out exactly what is going through his mind with a special interview for you folks. So without further ado, I'd like to bring out the former two time Intercontinental Champion and former Tag Team Champion...HARDCORE KING CRASHER!!!

"Funky Guitar" by TC1992 plays throughout the arena and Hardcore King Crasher walks out into the arena from behind the curtain. His usual air of arrogance is replaced by an apathetic frown that suggests he's in the mood for no nonsense. As he slowly makes his way down to the ring he looks into the crowd who are not giving The Crasher the same amount of barracking as he's normally used to. Although they are certainly not coming across as sympathetic in any way. Hardcore King Crasher makes his way into the ring and stands opposite JR with his hands on his hips looking almost as if he's annoyed by all of this.

JR: Hardcore King Crasher, thank you very much for coming out and joining me. I know you haven't had the best fortune as of late, so I'll be straight with you and tell you right from the off that I'm not here to antagonise you in any manner. However, I would like to ask you how you feel about the recent goings on with the I.T. stable. I mean in your absence it seems that the stable is pretty much hitting turbulent times.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well JR, I can tell you something right now. The I.T. stable, as of today, is gonna get on fine. The reason being...that if they know what's good for them, they'll get on fine. I have no time right at the moment to sort out any petty bickering or backstage disagreements. They need to stick together and stop creating any worries for me, because I've got enough on my plate as it is.

JR: Indeed you have Crasher. But what we're all interested in knowing at the moment, is who exactly is an I.T. member and who isn't. I mean, I was shocked to hear The Gladiator earlier in the week absolutely bad-mouthing Jade Shocker. I mean, is Jade in I.T. or not.

Hardcore King Crasher: Oh yeah, Jade Shocker is an I.T. member. I find it hard to trust the little weasel because he was a former Extreme Icon, but he's been behaving himself while he's been in the stable, and he's been looking out for me also. That is what my stable members should be doing at a time like this...behaving themselves and looking out for their leader.

JR: So where does The Gladiator fit into all this.

Hardcore King Crasher: If anyone makes any decisions about the I.T. stable, then it's either myself or The Gladiator. If people don't like that, then they know where the door is. However, we create opportunities for our stablemates. I, for one, do not like to see my friends and family go without. That is why I'm pulling for Savage on Sunday in the Internet Championship match. That man has been on the back burner for too long. It's about time he got some recognition around here and I'm damn sure he'll get it. If he doesn't, then we'll just have to make sure that the ICW recognises him another way. And I can assure the ICW, that you would rather have him become the Internet Champion, than start a riot in this federation.

JR: And what about the Devyne sisters?

Hardcore King Crasher: Yes, they are also I.T. Stable members.

JR: How many do you have Crasher?

Hardcore King Crasher: As many as I bloody well want. I need as much back-up as possible if I'm gonna permanently injure that bastard Mr D for what he's put me through ever since I joined ICW. At the moment alongside Jade Shocker and Angel and Christian Devyne, there are my loyal friends Savage and the Hardcore Champion Sam Hall. Also, there is Inferno, a man that I have seen wrestling back in England that I am hoping will give me even more back-up in this stable. Then to top it all off, the men that call the shots in regard to the I.T. Stable, myself and The Gladiator.

JR: That's a lot of wrestlers Crasher. Is that truly necessary?

Hardcore King Crasher: In the ICW at the moment, you have Mr D. He has the final say on all things. He writes out my cheque at the end of the month. His money is peanuts to me. I don't need that. He is the man who decides whether he wants me employed with his company or not. I have my own promotion in England. I don't need to be employed by ICW. So why, you may ask, am I in the ICW? And why does Mr D put up with me when he doesn't have to? The answer is pride JR. I think the wrestling industry would be so much better if it wasn't for selfish, money-grabbing, prejudiced and sick-minded people like Mr D. Unlike other people who share my opinion, I am prepared to make an active statement by actually doing something about it. In order to overthrow Mr D, I need the back-up of as many federation wrestlers as I can possibly get, because at the end of it all, if we have those members then we can stage sit-downs, we can run into unfair fights and we can cause all the mayhem we like, because Mr D may be able to suspend me, but he won't be able to suspend half the bloody roster! Now that myself and The Gladiator are back, you watch these fans cramming into ICW arenas. They may not like us, but they love to watch us because we excite them.

The crowd boo loudly.

Hardcore King Crasher: And what makes it worse is that each and every one of you useless Americans know that deep down but are scared to admit it for yourselves. Because I bad-mouth you, you boo and jeer me, when in reality when you hear my music hit the speakers you all wanna cheer your bloody heads off.

JR: Moving on. You are faced with the mighty task of wrestling against Reaper on Friday Night Riot for the right to be re-instated in the federation. You have never defeated Reaper, so what do you think may happen if you are not re- instated?

Hardcore King Crasher gives Jim Ross an amused look. He then ducks his head down and attempts to look between Jim Ross'. Jim Ross backs away nervously.

JR: What the hell do you think you're doing?

The Crasher stands back up straight and looks at Jim Ross smiling.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well JR, you've got to have a huge set of testicles to ask me something like that!!!

JR: Do you not see it as a possibility then?

Hardcore King Crasher: How the HELL do you think I became the man I am today by not believing in myself JR??? HOW??? Let me get something straight with you JR. That match means more to me than it does to Reaper. That fact alone will mean that I will outwrestle Reaper with no question. I have never defeated Reaper. That is true. However, we have only met in the ring one-on-one once, and with nothing at stake we still beat the living shit out of each other. We were both left as bloody messes on the arena floor. But Reaper knows that he achieves nothing but a mark in the W column if he defeats me. I, on the other hand get a huge step closer to my ultimate goal in this federation...eliminating Mr D.

JR: Will your personal traumas as of late be something that could affect your performance on Friday?

Hardcore King Crasher: If anything JR, everything that has happened to me lately has just made me get back in the ring and kick someone's arse heavily. My outside the ring business is quite frankly none of your business JR. It's also none of your business you sick-minded American imbeciles. You're not watching Friends now. You're watching me and my REAL LIFE!!! The news that I heard at the weekend just makes me wanna see Pyro kick Patrick Webster's arse black and blue on Sunday. Yeah, that's right I'm pulling for PYRO!!!

The crowd roar at the sheer mention of the ICW legend.

Hardcore King Crasher: You can cheer the man, but it makes you sick to the pit of your stomachs to think that I would be in support of your hero. I'll speak at more length about Pyro when I tell his stable a thing or two in a few minutes, but as for now there is somebody who I would like to introduce to you and all of you American arseholes that are desperate to know what is going on in my private life.

JR: Who might that be Crasher?

Hardcore King Crasher: It's my new girlfriend JR.

JR: You new girlfriend??? Hey, you don't waste any time Crasher. Well, are you gonna introduce her to us?

Hardcore King Crasher: You're damn right I am. Here she is...

The arena is silent as Crasher and Jim Ross turn their heads and look back up the ramp to the curtain that separates the arena from the backstage area. "Funky Guitar" by TC1992 plays throughout the arena and nobody immediately appears from the back. The Crasher's music is an obvious ploy to keep the crowd guessing as it gives nothing away. Then a figure appears underneath the Spikertron of a good figured female who's identity is still a mystery because she is still not out in the light of the arena. Then the lady does in fact walk out from underneath the Spikertron where her identity is immediately apparent. It's Angel Devyne.

Jim Ross looks at Hardcore King Crasher in confusion, expecting Crasher to be annoyed that Angel has spoilt this moment when Crasher wanted his new girlfriend to appear in front of the fans. But Hardcore King Crasher looks very relaxed about the whole thing and Jim Ross' look of confusion turns into a shake of the head and a deeper look of confusion. As Angel arrives down at the ring she climbs the steel steps and Hardcore King Crasher sits on the second rope and pushes up the third rope allowing Angel Devyne's entrance to the ring to be much more dignified and effortless. Hardcore King Crasher grabs Jim Ross' microphone and makes an announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back my sweet Angel Devyne!!!

Angel curtseys for the fans who are now booing louder than ever. Hardcore King Crasher hands the microphone back to Jim Ross and holds Angel Devyne's hand. Angel kisses Crasher on the cheek.

JR: Wait a minute, this is the last thing I expected to see.

Hardcore King Crasher: Jim Ross, how many years have you been around this industry. You know by now that you have to expect the unexpected. That's right ladies and gentlemen. I've let Angel Devyne back in my life. She knows who is the man to be with in this federation. She has not only apologised to me, but she has made up for her mistakes...

JR: What mistakes Crasher? She hasn't done anything wrong!

Hardcore King Crasher turns to Jim Ross obviously annoyed.

Hardcore King Crasher: If you ever interrupt me like that again Jim Ross, I will personally put my foot in your face so hard that you will not realise what planet you are from. As I say, Angel has made up for her mistakes, haven't you Angel?

Angel Devyne: That's right Chris. I have. I love my man, and I'm sorry to tell all the wrestlers in the back that I've found the man that truly makes me happy. Without him, I am nothing. Although Chris, I was NEVER unfaithful to you darling. And I DIDN'T know I was expecting when we first...

Angel pauses and gives Crasher a shy but sexy look. Crasher cannot help but smile as he realises what Angel is thinking of. Jim Ross and the crowd are obviously repulsed by this pathetic performance by the I.T. couple.

JR: If I could please get back to the subject at hand Crasher. I really want to address the match on Friday. In case anyone is unaware, it will be Hardcore King Crasher against Reaper in a special lumberjack match at Friday Night Riot. If Hardcore King Crasher defeats Reaper then his contract with Internet Championship Wrestling is re-admitted and will effectively name Hardcore King Crasher as an active participant in the ICW therefore terminating his suspension period. However, Mr D has stipulated that HE will be the referee for this contest and V will be the lumberjacks. Tell us how you feel about that.

Hardcore King Crasher lets go of Angel and walks up to Jim Ross who is standing with his microphone ready for Crasher's reply.

Hardcore King Crasher: That's right JR. The ring is surrounded by individuals who aren't my biggest followers. For example, HHH, you've already proven to Angel here, that you do not fit into the same category of real men like I do. However, I have never caused a problem for you but you seem to enjoy causing problems for me. If you try it again HHH, I will ensure that you will be very sorry for doing so, and it will be a simple message to you, telling you to get on with and enjoy your twilight years as an active wrestler, and not bother me with your silly annoyances. Your brother Pyro is a inconsiderate man, but apart from that I have no grudge against him. However, some gratitude wouldn't go amiss as not only did I go out of my way to uncover the mystery of who assaulted him at Ground Zero, but I also forgave him for the damage he caused to my crown when he damn near mowed me down in his vehicle last autumn...or FALL as you say.

Others among you include Volcano, who is indeed the man that I really don't have a lot of time for. I think he's a simple waste of space. I mean, does anyone actually watch his matches? Volcano, you may well turn out to be somebody who I have a lot of interest in after Sunday in the World Title Match of the Jobbers. Whoever holds the World Title after Cutting Edge can expect to meet me in the ring, where I can successfully win the biggest prize in Mr D's company. I wait eagerly and patiently for the day when I can stand in this very ring and parade Mr D's World Title in front of Mr D's nose.

We should also take notice if the fact that Big Al Stud and Ace will also be present at ringside. These two men have never really given me cause to lose my temper at any time in the past. At worst they been like flies flying around in front of my face like minor annoyances. You'll be best warned just to stay out of my way as I attempt to regain my status as an active ICW wrestler. Just don't get yourselves involved in something this big. It won't be worth your while in the long wrong. I assure you.

JR: You speak as if it's a foregone conclusion that you're coming back Crasher.

Hardcore King Crasher: I HAVE to think like that JR!!! I NEED to wrestle in ICW. It is ALL I want to do at the moment. It's not for the money. It's not just to stop me getting bored. It's a passion. Wrestling is my damn life. If I lose that match on Friday, anyone local to the ring better scatter fast, because I can't imagine what I'll do. I'll just simply lose it and be out of control of my actions. Simple as that. So, I'm just not prepared to think about losing as a possibility, and neither should you JR, if you're gonna sit at THAT announce table and not have nightmares about Friday Night, neither should you.

JR: And to be honest Crasher, there are not many more men in this federation that are more of a daunting opponent than Reaper.

Hardcore King Crasher: Yeah JR. The last time a wrestled Reaper he kicked my arse. I kicked his arse. And he won the match. Reaper claims that it's what goes in the book that counts. It's the "Reaper win" that counts. Anyone looking back on that match without watching it, will simply see that in that contest, you came first and I came second. However, I wonder why you make a point of saying that Reaper. Who are you trying to convince? The fans? Or yourself? You see, you can bring yourself to even admit how close you were to losing that match against me. That sounds like the attitude of a man that is worried about Hardcore King Crasher stepping up and overtaking him as the nastiest bastard in this federation. Like I said earlier, I want the victory a whole lot more than you do and in the end that is what will be the difference. I don't believe anyone would want to put money on any Reaper vs Crasher match and be confident of winning one way or the other. But you just don't have anything to gain from this encounter, and will be more than happy to kick your arse as hard as it has to be kicked to get back into ICW. Then the next target is Mr D.

No words are spoken for about five seconds after this last statement. Crasher stares with determination into the camera. JR waits for Crasher to stop psyching out the videotape machinery before continuing.

JR: Well, I know that by signing this match Mr D has captured the fans attention...

Hardcore King Crasher grabs the mic out of Jim Ross' hand.

Hardcore King Crasher: Belt up Ross!!!

"Funky Guitar" by TC1992 plays once again as Crasher roughly grabs Angel by the wrist and leads her over to the ropes. Crasher once again sits on the second rope and holds the top rope high as Angel makes a dignified exit this time. Crasher then jumps out of the ring and helps Angel down from the ring apron, before the two of them walk hand in hand back up the ramp and into the backstage area.