In the arena, the fans of Internet Championship Wrestling watch the Spikerton as it flickers on at shows a limousine arriving at the arena where ICW Live is currently taking place. The limo comes to a stop and an unknown gentleman appears from nowhere and opens the back door of the limousine. Hardcore King Crasher steps out and marches away from the car. Kevin Kelly appears from nowhere and runs after The Crasher.

Kevin Kelly: Hey Crasher. Crasher? What are you doing here?

Hardcore King Crasher turns and looks at Kevin Kelly with a downright evil look. He sneers at him. It is obvious that recent events have pushed The Crasher close to the edge.

Hardcore King Crasher: You wanna know what I'm doing here, huh?

Kevin Kelly: Well Mr D has suspended you Crasher. We weren't expecting to see you around for some time.

Hardcore King Crasher gets closer to Kevin Kelly and stands face to face with him. He speaks with built up frustration obvious in the tone of his voice.

Hardcore King Crasher: You will have to forgive me if I seem a little...pissed off. Don't worry Kelly, I ain't planning on hanging around. If I stick around here, I may do something I'll later regret. You have to understand that life has a habit of knocking you down and then sticking a boot in for good measure. Mr D had better proceed with caution from this day on. Now, in the light of recent events, we're gonna find out exactly what sort of a man he is.

Kevin Kelly: I'm not sure I understand what you are saying King, can you explain a little more clearly?

Hardcore King Crasher: Normally my clearest explanations are made by me sticking a fist in your face Kelly. However, on this occasion I will explain. I know for a fact, that had I have not suffered so many setbacks in recent weeks, that I would either be the ICW World Champion, or I would be planning a direct challenge for the belt. Indeed, that's what SHOULD be happening. However, the treatment of me and my stablemates by Mr D has been a disgrace. The reason behind the treatment is the fact that we are not American. I'm just interested to see how much compassion Mr D has for the people he employs. After all that has happened to me, will Mr D put the effort in to make my life no more harder than it needs to be.

Kevin Kelly: You speak of your stablemates Crasher. There have been some rumours going around in the backstage area...

Hardcore King Crasher: Shut up Kelly. I haven't got time right now to worry about the stable, and I hope that my stablemates would appreciate why. All that I know is that whatever anyone tries to do to the I.T. Stable in my untimely absence, Savage will have the situation under full control. Savage is a man that understands how myself and The Gladiator think. He is familiar with our past, and he knows who to trust and who to not trust in ICW. I have no worries in regard to Savage's abilities to run things while myself and The Gladiator are pre-occupied with our own personal problems.

Kevin Kelly: Now Mr Chazzeller, I am very sorry I have to do this but can you enlighten us as to how you feel about Angel Devyne at the moment, and how you feel about her sister becoming a member of the federation.

Hardcore King Crasher looks up into the air. He rubs his chin nervously. There is obviously a number of emotions rampaging inside his head at the sheer thought of events surrounding Angel Devyne. Hardcore King Crasher looks down and has a more solemn look on his face and a very sober tone to his voice.

Hardcore King Crasher: are indeed a very sweet young lady. When I came back to the castle you did what you could to help me. I appreciate that you were looking out for your sister primarily, but you took the time to look out for me and I greatly appreciate that. I will speak to The Gladiator and make sure that he looks out for you in and out of the federation as a token of my thanks to you and your kindness.

Kevin Kelly: And what about Angel, Crasher?

Hardcore King Crasher looks increasingly awkward as he knows he wants to get a lot off of his chest, but simply does not want to lose face in front of anyone by being overcome with emotion. He takes a couple of deep breaths and ponders on what he will say next. He collects himself and speaks softly...

Hardcore King Crasher: I had a lot of time for Angel. I had a lot of time.

The Crasher pauses as he considers his next comment.

Hardcore King Crasher: You don't meet many people in a lifetime who you feel like you could give a large proportion of your time to. That is a fact.

Hardcore King Crasher pauses once again during this difficult speech and glances skywards in an attempt to keep his composure.

Hardcore King Crasher: You know, I was wrong Kelly.

Kevin Kelly: Wrong?

Hardcore King Crasher: Yeah. I made a massive error.

Kevin Kelly: Can you explain?

Hardcore King Crasher: I made a misjudgement of character Kelly. I thought that Angel Devyne was genuine. I thought that she genuinely looked at me and thought to herself, "Now there is a man that stands taller than every other man in this federation!". I thought she idolised me. I felt as though she wanted to hang out with me because she thought I was cool to be seen with. I genuinely believed that she regarded me as a man that was better than any man she'd ever met or been with. What did I misread? Is Angel Devyne a downright filthy dirty SLUT!!!???

Kevin Kelly tries to avoid Crasher's glaring eyes by trying to shrug off his last comment with no hint of an opinion.

Kevin Kelly: Do you think that you could ever marry her Hardcore King Crasher? That is the one thing she apparently wants.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult question of any that Kevin Kelly has challenged Hardcore King Crasher with. The Crasher would naturally just grab Kevin Kelly and throw him across the ground. On this occasion, it is obvious that he would rather get things off his chest, but he is finding it incredibly difficult. The Crasher looks up at Kevin Kelly and says...

Hardcore King Crasher: I've got to go.

And without another word said Hardcore King Crasher rushes back into his limousine and shuts the door, before the limo speeds away probably at Hardcore King Crasher's request. Kevin Kelly just stands there continuing to look completely gaumless.