It's another edition of ICW Live and inside the I.T. dressing room Hardcore King Crasher stands in front of Jade Shocker. Crasher has the Intercontinental Championship on his right shoulder.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well look Jade. I appreciate the sentiment, but I've had Extreme Icons stab me in the back before. Listen, if you're genuine then you've got the option of riding with I.T. You make up your mind Jade. Then get back to me. Until then, good luck!

Hardcore King Crasher leaves Jade Shocker behind in the dressing room. Jade starts using and abusing the facilities in the room as the scene cuts to Hardcore King Crasher marching down the corridor on his way to the ring.

* * * * *

Inside the arena...

JR: Ladies and gentlemen momentarily we will have Hardcore King Crasher coming down to the ring yet again.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: We're being treated this week JR. Hardcore King Crasher is all over ICW broadcasts. I love it.

"Funky Guitar" by TC1992 plays throughout the arena. Hardcore King Crasher steps out to the top of the ramp and stands with his arms outstretched with the Intercontinental Championship in his right hand as he nods his head at the disapproving crowd.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: He seems like he's in a good mood tonight.

JR: I'm surprised. I thought he'd be in a foul mood considering what HHH said to him this week.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: HHH should keep his oversized nose out of The Crasher's business JR.

Hardcore King Crasher now has made his way down to the ring and rolls inside. He walks across the ring and signals to the timekeepers table in his usual arrogant fashion for a microphone. A microphone flies through the air into the ring and Hardcore King Crasher catches it. He prepares to address the crowd...

Hardcore King Crasher: arsehole! You have finally gone senile. There's your brother Pyro looking for words of encouragement as he recovers from his horrendous injuries and prepares to think about an ICW return, and all you can do is think of lies, lies and more lies to get my back up. Well HHH, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Number one...You did NOT sleep with Angel Devyne, she informs me definitely that you two did NOT get together. Number two...Whatever you are trying to do, however you are trying to wind me up, I'm not biting. I do not care for your fallacies and clever plans to make me angry. It's not working. Number three...Shove that bogus manilla envelope right up your arse.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: WO!!!

Hardcore King Crasher: HHH, if you want to aggravate me then do it in the ring on Friday, when I singlehandedly take both you and the man that loves everything about you and calls you daddy, Volcano. In fact HHH, if you're so obsessed with staking claims that you could be the father of someone else's kid, then forget about it and relax. Volcano would, I'm sure, love to put himself up for adoption so that both you and him can live happily ever after as father and son. Just picture it, HHH and Volcano going fishing at the weekends. HHH teaching Volcano how to throw a football or pitch a baseball. What a happy family they would be? I feel bad now for ruining that peaceful little scenario by saying that I'll make them bloody and battered inside that steel cage on Friday, ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Has The Crasher flipped JR?

JR: I don't know King. I certainly don't think he can take HHH and Volcano on single-handedly.

Hardcore King Crasher: Now, I wanted to come out here tonight and talk more seriously about the progress that I will make in the Mr ICW Tournament. I have already spoken at length about Sean Cage and how I will overpower him much in the same way that I did at Sunday Night Crasher. I also spoke at length about my opponent following Cage, namely Ice. I described my passion for revenge against a man who got an undeserved win over me. I would now like to go onto my tournament after I've defeated Ice. I could go on to face one of four men. Two of them are well respected ICW athletes, the other two are ICW jokes. Allow me to elaborate.

Firstly I could face an old TWC associate. A man who to be quite honest I've never had a lot of time for. I find him to be an individual that tries to muscle his way in on federation business that's none of his concern. That man is The Charter. I have known The Charter for some eight years now, and to be quite honest I can't stand him. He thinks that he's a Mr Nice Guy or something. He tries to be friendly with everyone. Well wake up prick features, this is WRESTLING!!! Wrestling isn't about being nice to people. Wrestling is about hurting people and making them admit that you are the better man. You don't win any championships by being nice. So if you're going to be a man and step inside the ring with people, then at least bring the right attitude. If I have to face you in the tournament I probably expect you to come out and your first move will be a handshake. Well I'll make your hands shake boy after I've punched you square between the eyes. Your whole body will shake as it turns to jelly. I mean, who do you face initially in the tournament on Sunday at Shattered Images? Isn't it Volcano? I'm starting to lose count of how many times I've beaten Volcano, and you Charter, haven't got a hope in hell of beating him at all, so I'm really not the slightest bit bothered about your presence in the tournament or whatever. I couldn't care less that you have watched me closely for eight years and would probably know better than anyone my strengths and weaknesses. The reason is that all that counts for nothing when you are a crap wrestler. And you my friend, are simply a crap wrestler! If you can't decide whether you want to step into the ring or not from one year to the next then I'd suggest you get out of wrestling altogether now. I wouldn't be surprised if you got injured and regretted even starting a wrestling career again. If I happen to be the one that injures you Charter, then I will not be sorry about it, because your injury will be self inflicted because you will have made the choice to get out of your depth, and to be quite honest Charter, in this Mr ICW tournament you ARE out of your depth.

JR: Some harsh words for The Charter there.

Hardcore King Crasher: Now I move on from one ICW joke to another. I'm speaking of Deacon, the big fat bastard who only stops eating pies when his brother Goliath stops. And incidentally, Goliath simply doesn't stop eating pies! Ha ha ha. If I'm expected to quake in my boots at the prospect of facing Deacon, well I've obviously read the wrong script. Every single time I step into the ring, I step into the ring to win. Charter goes in to find out who the better man is. Deacon, you go in praying to God!!! If Deacon enters a match-up and gets levelled with a steel chair twenty times, to the point of there being a dent in his head gushing with blood, Deacon would accept that because it was God's wish for him to be brutally assaulted with a weapon. Honestly, people like you and The Charter shouldn't be encouraged to wrestle. Wrestling is a man's game and you two are both women. Hell Deacon, even your brother Goliath should be ashamed of you. At least Goliath has some aggression inside him, as was proven by the fact he couldn't control his temper after I pointed out to him that his wife is downright ugly. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year Goliath's wife doesn't exist any more. I would have thought that Goliath would look at her one day, lick his lips and then eat her for dinner. I'm sure Deacon would be there afterwards to clear up anything Goliath had left behind. You see Deacon, Mr D tries to do whatever he can to inconvenience me. I think that it should be you he tries to inconvenience on the sheer fact that he must spend more money trying to set up a reinforced ring to support the weight of the Big Brothers when they are in the ring togther. Deacon, have you ever heard of exercise?

JR: Of course he's heard of exercise!

Hardcore King Crasher: If I have to be honest though, my opponent is more likely to be Ace or Volcano. I've said a lot about Volcano in the past and it's all true. Fact number one, I am better than Volcano. Fact number two, I have pinned Cano more times than he has pinned me, and then there's Fact number three and Fact number four. Now onto Ace, I know you may feel a little upset about the way I've been speaking to you recently. I didn't set out to hurt your feelings. I just wanted you to know that I have ways of looking at things, and if you don't conform to those ways Ace, then you're on my bad side. You see E.I. not only stands for Extreme Icons, but it also stands for Enemies of I.T., and you my friend are an Extreme Icon and consequentially an enemy of I.T., which means you are an enemy of me. You had opportunities to go places with me here in ICW. We would have been good for each other. The Ace and The King. But you decided to bide your time and waste an opportunity to become bigger and better. Now there's a chance that your ex- stablemate Jade Shocker could link up with us. And I hope that you would watch him very carefully Ace, because whatever he achieves is what you may have achieved had you have been prepared to make that move over to I.T. Instead what you have is the number four spot in a stable where the members are only out for themselves individually and you hold the Internet Championship which is the top belt in ICW today, no, hold on, it's not is it? In fact, it's very far from being the top belt in the federation indeed. Oh well, never mind, if that is the highlight of your career and you're happy with that, then fair enough. If you stay with the Extreme Icons then you'll have to be happy with it because it's as far as you'll get.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: I dunno about that JR. Ace is pretty talented.

Hardcore King Crasher: Then I could face Volcano and give him a beating like he's never had before. After all, it will be the semi-final of a tournament for the ICW World Championship so where better to give him the biggest arse kicking I've ever given him than on that stage. A pity it couldn't be the final Cano, but you will be well respected for making it through to the semi-finals. Yes, you defeated Gladiator at Tuesday Night En-Suite and yes he was drunk again when he fought you. I really think he needs to go back to England after Sunday and seek some professional help in regard to his alcoholism. But enough about him. Back to you Volcano. Whatever you do Cano, don't look forward to a thrilling victory over two I.T. members on two consecutive cards, because it ain't happening. And take a little message back to your daddy HHH. Tell him to bring a new arse out with him to the cage on Friday, because he'll need to replace the old one which I'll have kicked so bloody hard all night long!!!

Hardcore King Crasher throws the mic back out of the ring and steps out of the ring with his Intercontinental Championship belt still resting over his right shoulder.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Crasher's definitely my pick to win that tournament on Sunday JR.

JR: Well, Crasher hasn't mentioned anything about the possibility of meeting Reaper in the final yet.

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Reaper's definitely my pick to win that tournament on Sunday JR.

Hardcore King Crasher reaches the top of the ramp and without looking back he disappears behind the curtain.