Hardcore King Crasher storms out of the arena's multigym with his crown in his hand. He is having what one might call, a bad day!!! Firstly he has had a stern talking to from his intended Angel Devyne. Then he has been upset by a little boy playing a games console and has wound up injuring the boy's father and destroying the boy's games console. Hardcore King Crasher heads towards the arena lobby, which is deserted because it's still a few hours before ICW Live. The Crasher notices that there are people preparing for a busy day in the lobby when he arrives there. The food stalls have people running around inside them trying to ensure everything is prepared for a swift service for the event. Hardcore King Crasher is not heading towards the food stalls though. He has his eye on a merchandise stall that is also riddled with arena staff trying to ensure that all merchandise is in place and readily available for the eager fans wishing to hand over their hard earned dollars at the counter. Crasher simply barges his way behind the counter. He apprehends a young man that is assisting in the setting up of the stall.

Merchandise bloke: Hey Crasher. How's your day going?

Hardcore King Crasher: Well it could be better, but well you know me. I'm not one to get wound up over the smallest little thing.

Merchandise bloke: I saw you in action last Friday against Patrick Webster. You were pretty impressive. I like the way you execute that Crasherplex. That's a move you use to such good affect.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well of course you're absolutely correct my friend. I see wrestlers around that try to execute the fisherman's suplex and to be quite honest, they just don't know what they're doing. Well take Volcano for example. I watch him and I wince every time I watch him. You see I look at his matches and they are full of rookie errors. Sometimes he doesn't even hook the leg when he attempts a pin. I mean that is a rookie error.

Merchandise bloke: Well Mr Crasher sir. I don't expect to watch people round here and see them perform to your high standards.

Hardcore King Crasher: Most of them my friend, do not appreciate my supreme abilities, my extensive experience and my superior athleticism. Volcano is one of those idiots. You see, he thinks that wrestling doesn't exist in England. He presumes that I entered this company as a penniless rookie. I am not, you see Volcano pipes on about all this bullshit about how he earns ten million dollars a year from Mr D and the ICW. Well he wishes. When you've got money to burn like me and The Gladiator, then you can claim that you are well and truly loaded. My wallet is almost as big as my bicep my friend. When myself and Gladiator won the National Lottery in England in 1997, we effectively moved to a different superior class in society to Volcano. I mean when we won the tag-team championships last year, I pinned him, and when I pinned him, he lost the tag-team belts on Chairsman's behalf! Well if I were Chairsman, I'd be completely pissed off with Volcano. What sort of a man takes it upon himself to lose someone else's championship for them. A bloody brave one if nothing else. I'd personally like to think it's because Volcano is purely and simply the company's wannabe. You know, I look at myself and then I look at Volcano, and then I think to myself, "Who is more deserving of the Intercontinental Championship?". Is it me or him?

Merchandise bloke: Well I think it's been too long since we've seen you with gold around your waist.

Hardcore King Crasher: Oh yes. I'm going to come away from Black Sunday with gold. When you consider that Ice and Volcano hold two of the more higher status straps in the federation, I think that needs changing. When I dropped the Intercontinental Championship, I brought that belt back up to the status it was meant to be at. It changed from a belt that was being fought for by the likes of Byron Briggs and Carnage, to one which was won against ten men in one night. That creates real champions. Then you have Volcano, I mean what has he brought to the belt. What positive measures is he taking to keep the Intercontinental Championship at the status which I built for it. He isn't taking any. He's trying his best to undo what I have done. It's about time his title reign came to an end.

Merchandise bloke: Well I really hope that you win that belt on Sunday. In fact, I hope you win both!

Hardcore King Crasher: Well thank you my man. If only there were more people like you around here. Now to prove to anyone around here that I am the kind and thoughtful person that I say I am, what says I help you bring some boxes of merchandise in here from your van?

Merchandise bloke: Well thank you sir. That would be very helpful.

Hardcore King Crasher: Helpful is my middle name.

Hardcore King Crasher places his crown on the counter and makes his way to the arena entrance. He notices that people are walking back past him with boxes marked up with wrestlers names on them, presumably the corresponding wrestler's merchandise is inside. Crasher walks outside the front door of the arena and notices a van with it's back door open. A couple of blokes are unloading boxes out of the back and carrying them into the arena. Crasher looks around outside and notices a discarded trolley. He jogs over to it and hurriedly wheels it over to the van. Crasher then looks at a couple of the boxes in the back and shuffles them about. He seems to find a couple that he likes the look of and quickly puts them both in the trolley. Keeping his eyes open for anyone who might see him, he runs off down the side of the arena building with the trolley

* * * * *

The arena is packed out during that evening's edition of ICW Live. "Funky Guitar" by TC1992 plays throughout the arena and Hardcore King Crasher appears at the top of the ramp with a dumpster. As the music continues to play, Hardcore King Crasher carefully wheels the dumpster down the ramp to the ring. He arrives at the ring and places the dumpster up against the ring. He then opens up the side hatch and unloads a couple of cardboard boxes and throws them in the ring. He then reaches into the dumpster again and pulls out a blowtorch, which he throws into the ring. He reaches in again and pulls out a pair of garden sheers (Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake style). Crasher then enters the ring and calls for a microphone from the timekeeper's table. He receives one and is ready to talk.

Hardcore King Crasher: Well Sunday promises to be a big day here in the ICW. It's certainly the biggest night in my ICW career to date. Firstly you have the 24 man Thunderdome Cage Match. Well 22 men and 2 ladies. I can't predict what will happen in that match. Every time a person is eliminated they are handcuffed to the cage. When five stables have been completely eliminated, the one remaining stable have all their members freed and are allowed to reek havoc on the other 20 participants. I know I'll be there for I.T.. I know Webster will be there for Extreme Icons. I know Ice will be there for End Of The Line. I also know that Volcano will be there for the Posse. I know that Angel Devyne will be there for the I.T. Stable, and if Patrick Webster comes within two feet of her, I am gonna knock his block off harder than he's ever had his block knocked off before. Angel, I'm not trying to protect you, I'm not trying to get in your business, I'm taking care of MY business. Ice, well it's high time you felt the true power of Hardcore King Crasher properly. Everyone else in the federation has had the pleasure, and at Back Sunday you will have the pleasure, and the pleasure will also be mine! As for Volcano, well I haven't talked about you too much lately. For all your bad mouthing me. For all your threats and warnings. For all your provocative speeches. Well...

Hardcore King Crasher grabs one of the cardboard boxes and rips it open.

Hardcore King Crasher: Volcano, Sunday night will be a very special night for both me and you, and being honest, everyone else in the ICW as well. So I thought that I should make sure that what I'm wearing is of a suitable standard for an event of such magnitude.

The Crasher pulls out a handful of t-shirts from the box.

Hardcore King Crasher: You see I considered buying some brand new ring attire. But to be honest, I thought it would be a better idea to steal it, and here it is.

Hardcore King Crasher hold up one of the t-shirts. It is a Volcano t-shirt. It has a picture on the front of it of Volcano himself. On the back it reads "Erupting on your sorry asses!!!".

Hardcore King Crasher: Then I thought to myself, my name has been King Crasher for about 8 or 9 years now, and I changed it at the end of last year to Hardcore King Crasher. Much as I like to look good in what I'm wearing, and I might add I always do, I thought that in the light of me adding the word Hardcore to the front of my name, I should make an effort to look somewhat Hardcore. So I took my brand new t-shirt and I made some changes to it.

Hardcore King Crasher takes the garden sheers and proceeds to hack up the Volcano t- shirt. He then attempts to open it out and put it on. The t-shirt is ruined and barely wearable. Somehow or other, Hardcore King Crasher manages to get it on his body.

Hardcore King Crasher: Now, I have to say that I generally thought that this look would correctly portray the look of a man that calls himself Hardcore, but then I looked more closely. It's a Volcano t-shirt!!! I immediately took it off and threw it in the bin.

Crasher removes the tattered top and throws it to one side.

Hardcore King Crasher: So I thought, if I can't have a brand new t-shirt then I'll have to wash some old ones. So I did just that. I fished out some old t- shirts...

Crasher grabs a handful of t-shirts.

Hardcore King Crasher:...I put them in the washing machine. Waited for them to wash, and then hung them out to dry.

Crasher picks up the t-shirts and one by one neatly lays them onto the top rope of the ring. The t-shirts are different, but they are all Volcano's merchandise. One of the t-shirt has The Posse on it. Others are alternatively coloured versions of others. Crasher lays out about half a dozen t-shirts on the ropes before picking up the mic again.

Hardcore King Crasher: Now I waited...and I waited...then waited a little bit more...I carried on waiting. Then I though sod it!!! I can't wait around all day for these poxy shirts to dry. So I had to consider methods of drying my shirts quicker. Maybe put them in the oven. But no, using the oven is women's work. Maybe I could put them on my arms and spin round very fast. I didn't fancy that though because I had got drunk the night before. Then I had a little idea...

The Crasher picks up the blowtorch.

Hardcore King Crasher: I'd use one of these!!!

Crasher operates the blowtorch and cooks Volcano's t-shirts. The t-shirts catch alight and glowing debris flies round the ring and its surrounding area.

Hardcore King Crasher: Oh shit!!! That didn't work did it? Then I realised that they were Volcano's t-shirts, so I sat down and had a bloody good laugh to myself. Then I stopped laughing and became very serious. Volcano I'm having a good time now sending you up, but don't expect me to be in the party spirit when I step inside the ring with you while you're defending your Intercontinental Championship. In fact, I will be out for you, your blood and your belt. There's no way you should be holding that belt now. I screwed you out of it at Friday Night I.T. and somehow you managed to reclaim it within about four days. When you lose it to me at Back Sunday, DON'T expect to get it back. When you go to Back Sunday, say goodbye to that belt. Your days as a champion are near enough over.

So in closing my three unfortunate victims. I make it my duty to the British Isles to stand as their representative here in the ICW, and walk out of Back Sunday with a bagful of gold. I make it my duty to walk away from that event with the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Stables Championship. Volcano, Patrick Webster and Ice be prepared for disappointment. Be prepared to have your names go down in the history books as three of many wrestlers that entered Back Sunday with high hopes and left with no success. Bring your best game you three. Because when I leave Back Sunday with three pieces of gold, I'll want to say that I beat you all at your best.

Hardcore King Crasher leaves the ring and makes his way back up the ramp, caring not for the mess he has made in Mr D's ring. (Don't take that the wrong way folks!!!)