It is the build up to King Crasher's opening bout in the TWC Worldwide Championship match against Jade Shocker.

King Crasher is walking round in TWC's British headquarters in Takeley.  The HQ building is very humble compared to the tall office building in Davenport, Iowa which is TWC's base.  The HQ in England is no more than a large six bedroom house.  However, because TWC is on the British side of the Atlantic this week, many of the workers have travelled over there in good time for the approaching Stateside fixture at the Hasler Sports Complex.


One gentleman walks past King Crasher.


King Crasher - Oi you!


The gentleman turns around.


King Crasher - Who the bloody hell are you?


American gentleman - My name's John, John Video.  I work in admin.


King Crasher - John Video?  What sort of a name is that.  Don't answer that.  I need you to nip down Tesco's and get me some shopping.


John Video - Some shopping?


King Crasher - Yes!  Some fucking shopping.


John Video - Er...OK.


King Crasher - Don't get it wrong.  Here's a list, and here's some money.


King Crasher exchanges the aforementioned items from his hand to Video's.


King Crasher - If you're lucky mate.  There might be enough to get yourself a banana with the change.  Now go on, on yer bike.


John Video gets going as he knows what King Crasher is like.  King Crasher is not very tolerant of those that don't get on with his instructions.  As King Crasher continues to walk through the building, Robbie Regal, the TWC's director of business relations and former associate of King Crasher, comes running up to him.


Robbie Regal - Chris!


King Crasher recognises the voice and turns and shakes Robbie Regal's hand.


King Crasher - Alright Robbie?


Robbie Regal - Yeah man.  Ah man, that Jayse The Ace is one funny fucker.  He's not happy with shit at the moment and don't mind saying so.


King Crasher - What do you mean?


Robbie Regal - All this shit with stripping Thug Life for the Worldwide Championship and how there's no balance of power to Main Event's stable.


King Crasher - Well Jayse The Ace is gonna have to learn that if you are not a good owner like he wasn't, and you have to sell the business to other people, then you don't get a say in how it's run anymore.


Robbie Regal - Well I'll keep you posted, as always.  Good luck in your match on Sunday man.


King Crasher - Yeah cheers Robbie.


Robbie Regal goes running off, as he knows he is stopping King Crasher from getting to the press conference room.  King Crasher continues down some stairs and then swiftly walks through a door at the bottom.  As soon as he goes through the doors he is met by a barrage of photographical clicks and a lot of bustling from within the room.  King Crasher is not unfamiliar with this sort of thing and walks directly to a place set for him at the head table and sits straight down.


Some bloke - Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to question King Crasher about his match against Jade Shocker on Sunday.  Please raise your card if you have a question and I will select you, only then can you ask.  OK, who's first?


There is a frantic rush as many of the media workers in attendance raise their cards.  The bloke who just spoke picks one out with his hand.


Media worker 1 - King, do you think you still have the ability to wrestle against someone of Jade Shocker's calibre considering that you have been out of the ring for a long time and that you are not as fresh as you used to be?


King Crasher - Are you saying I'm an old fart?


Media worker 1 - I'm saying you are not as fresh as you used to be.


King Crasher - Well look, if I didn't believe I could beat Jade Shocker, then I wouldn't be getting in the ring with Jade Shocker.  I'm a wily veteran of the sport, and anyone with any knowledge knows that experience is everything in this game.  I am as good as I've ever been and I will beat Jade Shocker on Sunday.  Next question.


Another worker is picked out.


Media worker 2 - Do you think the apparently reasonless stripping of Thug Life's title will be a factor in the match?


King Crasher - What?


Media worker 2 - Do you think other members of Main Event will come down to the ring?


King Crasher - What's that got to do with it?  It wasn't me that stripped Thug Life.


Media worker 2 - But you condoned it.


King Crasher - Well look, let's not be idiots here.  Whatever I've done or condoned, it would be ridiculous for any of the superstars to even contemplate trying to make me lose that match on Sunday because they would be putting their jobs on the line by doing so.  Next question.


Another worker is selected.


Media worker 3 - Tell us your feelings about your past dealings with Jade Shocker.


King Crasher - Well I think the Jade Shocker now is a lot different to the Jade Shocker I knew five years ago.  The Jade Shocker of five years ago was much less mature than the one you see now.  I knew Jade was good, and Jade knew that I.T. and The Kliq were the future of ICW.  However, I took a risk by inviting Jade into the I.T. fold.  He let me down greatly.  I don't know if he'll do the same with Main Event.  Only time will tell.


Media worker 3 - You must know his ring ability pretty well though.


King Crasher - I do.  But he knows mine as well, so that's not an advantage.  Next please.


Another media worker is chosen.


Media worker 4 - What do you know about Jade Shocker in the ring?


King Crasher - Well he's good.  He's very good.  You don't play near the top for over five years without being good.  Next.


The next one speaks.


Media worker 5 - Do you have sort of response to what Jade Shocker has said about your match this week?


King Crasher - Well Jade Shocker says that I gave him a chance in ICW, but exactly who are you kidding Jade?  I brought you into I.T. to serve me, but you served yourself.  I should never have turned to you, coz you're the same sort of self serving son of a bitch that I am!  You used it as a stepping stone, but you think you got further in your career than you would have done after five years of keeping company with my I.T. stable?  Ha!


Media worker 5 - Jade Shocker says that you pose no threat to him, he even went on the record as saying so.


King Crasher - I've seen a lot of wrestlers open their mouth in their time, and when anyone turns round and says that someone like me is no threat, the only person they are trying to convince is themselves.  So by all means, those of you that want to believe that Jade is gonna find it easy against me, it's legal to bet in England, so go down to your local bookmakers and put this months wage cheque onto Jade Shocker.  I don't think many of you will be doing that, because you all know that Jade's got his hands full with me, whether you like it, or whether he likes it.  That's enough now.


King Crasher gets up from his seat and leaves the conference room.  The room is buzzing as he leaves.