It is the build up to King Crasher's opening bout in the TWC Worldwide Championship match against Jade Shocker.

King Crasher sits in his office alone and pushing his pen into the desk over and over again.  First he pushes the ball-point into the desk, then he slides his finger down to the point, spins the pen upside down, and pushes the other end into the desk.  He repeats this action over and over.


King Crasher contemplated whether he wanted his wrestling career to end as the years are rolling by and he is certainly not as fit as he was in his younger days.  However, he knows that he has gone through his career winning titles and gaining victories not based on his level of fitness, but more on his ability to adjust his game plan according to his opponent and the current situation in the match.


King Crasher knows that there are times to outwrestle an opponent and there are times to outwit an opponent.  He's faced dirty tacticians such as Big Daddy Jason Berodt and Shabba "The New York Yankee" and knows that outwrestling them is not the answer, but cheating better than them is.


King Crasher has seen it all before.  He's met every type of opponent.  He's competed in every type of match.  He's battled in all four corners of the globe.  He's been managed, and has been a manager.  He's been owned and has been an owner.  He's been beaten and has beaten many.  He's held gold on more occasions than many wrestlers on the TWC roster have stepped inside a TWC ring!


There is one thing that King Crasher has not done.  And there are many people that have no idea that King Crasher has never held his own federation's Worldwide Championship.  Why is this?  Maybe it's because he's been too consumed with his family heirloom, the TWC Royal Championship.  King Crasher has held the Royal Championship six times.  Is that too obsessive?  Shouldn't he have won the big one by now?


You could easily argue that King Crasher has never been good enough on the day.  Certainly he was outmatched any time he faced his long time friend The Gladiator when it was The Gladiator holding the Worldwide Championship.  But there are some that say that on his best day King Crasher can beat anyone.


Perhaps King Crasher is not main event quality?  Perhaps he is that good, but when it comes to being main event, he has not got the balls to get the job done.  But King Crasher knows he has been "a" World Champion before.  He's stood up in the face of all the big names in the industry, totally undeterred by the consequences.  To suggest that King Crasher hasn't got the balls is ridiculous.


Is it entirely possible that King Crasher has been good enough in the past to be the TWC Worldwide Champion?  Well of course it is!  When you look at the list of former Worldwide Champions, then you can see many names on there that King Crasher has defeated, some with ease.  So it's definitely a consideration that had King Crasher managed his wrestling career with a better aim at the Worldwide Championship, sooner or later, his ability to defeat the best in the big arenas would have made him a TWC Worldwide Champion.  In his own mind, he realises this.  But do others?


Most likely not, and the reason is purely the fact that he hasn't achieved it.  Like so many others, he is just one in a very, very long list of wrestlers who are not in the elite class that says they have been the TWC Worldwide Champion.  And for as long as he on that list in the eyes of the industry, he was never good enough.  And the eyes of the industry are the only eyes that matter.


Now King Crasher has a golden opportunity.  He is one of a select few that are competing in the TWC Worldwide Championship tournament, and there are truly some that believe that King Crasher can win it.  But does King Crasher himself believe he can win it?  That's what it all comes down to.  Not history.  Not opponents.  Not ability.  Not tactics.  Because you can have all these, but it will not be enough without the self belief that you will get the job done.


It's time King Crasher to get serious and get down to business.  And nothing less than 100% will get the job done.