The gymnasium at the White Center Facilities is the setting for the following footage.  King Crasher is with his personal trainer, Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark".  Crasher has been coached by Ronnie for over three years now, and Ronnie makes him work.  We see King Crasher trying to match Mad Dog's 455 lbs bench press which he successfully lifted, with ease, this week.

The Roleplay

Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" watches over King Crasher as he is attempting a bench press.


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - Come on...put some effort in!!!


King Crasher looks at Rocket Ronnie scornfully.


King Crasher - Will you leave it?


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - You want to be outdone by Mad Dog?


King Crasher - Look...


King Crasher looks hopelessly at the weights over him.


King Crasher - I am not strong enough to lift this weight!!!


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - Yes you are!!!  You don't want to be shown up by Mad Dog do ya?


King Crasher - Ronnie...I cannot lift 455lbs.  If Mad Dog can, good luck to him.  I can't.


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - Do you want to lose your match on Saturday?  No!!!  Now lift!!!


King Crasher sits up dripping with sweat.  He looks at Ronnie.


King Crasher - What the hell has lifting a bench press weight got to do with my match?


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - You allow Mad Dog to show you he is stronger, he'll have the psychological edge.  Now come on!!!


King Crasher rolls his eyes.


King Crasher - Ronnie, I'm not a rookie in my early twenties here.  I'm not an impressionable youngster.  Besides, Mad Dog is huge.  Just because I'm not big enough to lift this kind of weight doesn't mean I'm gonna lose a bloody wrestling match does it?


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - So you're just gonna give up now, is that it?


King Crasher - No, for heaven's sake.  I'm gonna bench press a weight that is more suitable for me.  What you're asking me to do is bust a blood vessel!!!


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - Honestly, you wrestlers nowadays have got no mettle.  I thought you wanted to prove that you're the best.


King Crasher - Listen Rocket, I do appreciate your encouragement and spirit, but can we just be a little bit realistic here?  You look at Mad Dog.  Then you look at me.  I am the better wrestler.  Now, I know that may sound hard to believe considering that he says he's the best wrestler in the world, but I still think I am.  Now if you want to offer me some encouragement, can you not be so extreme?


Rocket Ronnie "The Silver Shark" - Look, I'll come back later when you're in the mood for it, and then you can lift this 455 lbs weight, OK?


Rocket Ronnie walks away while King Crasher shakes his head.


* * * * *


King Crasher sits at the bench press and looks at the camera.


King Crasher - Mad Dog.  You can try to impress me all you like.  There is no competition here.  I am obviously the better wrestler.  But this match will do you good.  The first thing you have to realise is that you are miles away from being as good as you say you are.  Now, there have been many wrestlers better than me in the history of this sport, and you don't even come close to me, so your thoughts of making me worry by saying that you are the best in the world are just quite frankly laughable.  Now, you say my source is ill educated.  My source is my eyes.  These eyes have seen a hell of a lot of wrestling.  These eyes have seen an awful lot of wrestlers.  These eyes have first handedly seen an awful lot of really good wrestlers.  I'm sorry to shatter your illusions, but you just do not rank with the best.  I will make you look like a fool in the ring.  So unless you can come to terms with the fact that you're gonna have to put a lot more hard work into your career before you even get halfway to the level you think you're at, then you're just gonna be the same pathetic low card talent that you are now.


King Crasher takes a swig from a bottle of water and mops his brow with the towel around his neck.


King Crasher - Mad Dog.  I gave you an opportunity.  I was willing to put my United States Championship belt on the line.  You didn't take that opportunity.  Instead you went off on one about how you was gonna beat me and then get a title shot.  Well you're not gonna be me.  I'm gonna be ready.  And even if I wasn't ready you'd be hard pushed to beat me.  So you go off and get real Mad Dog.  You go and realise that you're not as good as King Crasher.  And then you put a lot of hard work into your game.  Coz you're not gonna amount to nothing until you do.  But don't get bitter.  Don't get upset when I take you out on Saturday.  Because it's not personal.  It's just business.


King Crasher gets up from the bench and walks away as the scene ends.