The build up preview show at the SCW Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada for Sin Of All Sins, the very first pay per view outing for Sin City Wrestling.

The Roleplay

The fans in the packed out SCW Palace are excited. This is the pre-event build up show to Sin Of All Sins. Sin City Wrestlingís first pay per view presentation. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated wrestling events of 2004, and it looks like the matchmakers have done their job and produced a card befitting of such a glorious event. When you look at the titles on the line, and how unmistakably hungry the competitors are for them, you realize that Sin City is reaching for the stars and beyond in these the fetal weeks of this exciting new federation.

The arena goes quiet as the lights dim. ďPsychopathĒ by the Sultans Of Ping blasts out of the arena sound system. The fans in the arena react in a mixture of emotions. Some cheer like mad. Some jeer like mad. As the lights come back up, King Crasher walks out from behind the curtain and to the top of the ramp. He stands at the apex of the construction and outstretches his arms. He is wearing a shirt and tie with a designer suit. He looks like a director of the company, never mind a wrestler. King Crasher nods his head smugly soaking up the atmosphere of the arena. He finishes his showboating and slowly but confidently makes his way down the ramp to the ring. Once at the ring he calmly walks up the steel ring steps and steps through the ropes. After walking the width of the ring he eyes up the timekeeperís table. He calls down for a microphone, and seconds later one is thrown up to him. King Crasher catches it in his right hand. To the King, image is everything. It is important to him to take care of business and look good while heís doing it. The cheers and jeers continue as King Crasher assumes his position dead centre of the ring. They gradually fade as he bring the microphone closer to his lips.

King Crasher - Yes Sin City. Let me introduce myself. I am King Crasher. And you donít know it yet, but I am the savior of Sin City Wrestling. I donít proclaim to be anything special at the moment. The special ones are fighting in the main event tonight for the SCW World Championship. But as the weeks and months go on, I am sure that you all will know me as one of the men at the top of the SCW tree. Iím not a wannabe. Iím a gambling man. I create my own opportunities and I create my own luck. And my wealth of experience has only served to make me understand how best to take my opportunities. Tonight, is a huge opportunity for me, as not only am I looking at a golden opportunity in winning the SCW United States Championship. But Iíll be facing two of the hungriest competitors on the roster to do it. The series of matches will be watched all around the world. And Iím excited. I know that the winner of the United States Championship will win it in a situation which will make him look good. And I enjoy looking good. The competitors in what remains now of the US title tournament are all working as hard as they have for any match theyíve had in the short history of SCW, which is why you, as the fans of Sin City, will stand up and applaud the eventual winner.

King Crasher - But enough of setting the stage. You donít need me to do that. I can see youíre all keen and ready. Letís get to the nitty gritty and talk about my opponents. After all, that is what you all want me to talk about. I can see it in your eyes. You all are hanging on me mentioning the name Viper.

The fans boo.

King Crasher - Not the most popular man around is he. But Iím sure Viper couldnít care less about what you lot think of him. He probably couldnít care less what I think of him either. But whether he likes it or not, heís gonna have to sit there and listen to what I think of him anyway.

A contingent of the arena cheers.

King Crasher - One thing I do is listen carefully. And every time Viper speaks, I listen carefully to him. I take in what he has to say, and I respond according to what I see. I say it how it is. And if people donít like it, then they have to deal with it. I donít care. You know Viper, it would appear that although I appear to be rubbing you up the wrong way you have to admit that you are thinking a lot of the same things that I am thinking. You have echoed my sentiments about the night in general. You have paid me respect without possibly even realizing youíre doing it. And even though both you and Hard Stone have attacked the fact that Iím a relative unknown, Viper, you know as well as I do that the match between us isnít gonna be all over in less than 2 minutes. You know youíve got a battle on your hands. I know Iíve got a battle on my hands. And I donít really want to be waiting for a second longer to get this thing underway.

Once again, cheering is heard in the arena.

King Crasher - But let me do you the good service of responding to your latest comments about me. After all, itís the reason why youíre listening Viper. Viper, you say Iím jealous of you. Well, correct. There are things about you that Iím jealous of. I wish I was your age again. Youíre all of about fifteen years younger than me. Iím jealous of your size. Iíve been battling hard to keep in shape and at the same time bulk up to over 200lbs. Itís taken years to get this big. And now at 200lbs, I still ainít very big compared to the behemoths that walk into the ring now. Iím possibly not jealous of your success though. I mean, yes, I recognize that youíve done a lot in your career and that most wrestlers dream of accomplishing what youíve accomplished. And I look at myself. Seventeen titles in thirteen years, and only one of those titles was a top tier title which I won in 2002. I could have and should have done better. But then, thereís a lot about me and my past in the wrestling industry that you donít know about Viper. And my accomplishments outside the ring I wouldnít swap for a batch of title reigns. So Iím fully at ease with my achievements, because you know as well as I do that Iíve got more ahead of me. I set my own goals. I donít look to young stallions like you to set them for me.

King Crasher clears his throat.

King Crasher - And I still canít figure out this relationship that this webcast conductor, Dave Metzler has with you Viper. I mean, as if it wasnít bad enough that he was so far up your arse during the webcast. When I point this out, you return by returning the arse kissing exercise back to him. Viper, youíre asking me if I know who Dave Metzler is? As if heís one of the biggest names in the industry??? When the hell did Dave Metzler step into the ring and make a mark on the wrestling industry? What show did I miss that Dave Metzler made an influence on the wrestling world? I mean, fine Viper, you can go on respecting this Metzler character. But you questioning my ignorance because I do not know who this man is? Maybe he recognizes young stallions with a lot of potential. But does he promote them and turn them into stars? No. When he has done that like I have being doing all my career, come back to me. I donít expect you to believe me Viper. But if you hang around Sin City long enough youíll find out exactly how powerful I am, and youíll find out exactly what Iíve done in the past. Iíve done things in my career that have changed the face of the wrestling industry. Viper, your achievements in the ring are impressive, but if you think at your tender young age that you can compare your career to mine, then you need to go back and look long and hard into the name King Crasher and discover exactly what Iíve done for wrestling over the years before you even embarrass yourself by opening that ill educated jumped up young and naÔve cakehole of yours. Jealous of you? I wouldnít swap my career achievements for yours for all the tea in China!!!

King Crasher - But weíre not here to dwell on the past. Weíre hear to look forward to the future. And what lies in the future? None of us know. But the fact of the matter is, that Iím looking forward to the future. And all the people in this arena are looking forward to the future. Because they know that the future consists of the biggest event in the short history of SCWÖSin Of All Sins.

The crowd cheer loudly and uncontrollably.

King Crasher - You know Viper, I just watched your last steaming rant of one of the big screens backstage and I saw a man getting angry. Make no mistake about it, you got really wound up. You throw chairs around the room and you make your best attempt to get your point across. Now you look at me. Do you see an angry man? The answer is no. Do you see me throwing furniture around? The answer is no. Do you see a man losing his composure? Once again the answer is no. What happened? You were cool, calm and collected. Has the pressure finally got to you? Are you slowly but surely realizing that youíve really got your work cut out if you want to beat me? Are you sensing more and more frustration as you begin to understand that youíre fast approaching the bottom of a dead end street? My fury will be unleashed when I hit that ring tonight. Not a second before. I have one thing that a lot of wrestlers have, and a lot of wrestlers donít have, but it is one the most important attributes that you can possess. This is something you will realize as you get older Viper. That all important attribute is discipline. And youíre losing yours. So much so, that youíve gone right off on a tangent and started on my beloved home nation of England.

King Crasher looks around with a wry smile on his face.

King Crasher - In the four years that Iíve been in America, this is all Iíve heard. Americans trying to desperately ram it down our throats proclaiming how superior they are. This is what makes me physically sick about Americans.

The crowd begin to boo.

King Crasher - Now listen to me, I understand that there are a lot of respectful Americans about. But not many in the wrestling industry. And you wanna say that the British Prime Minister is as far up the American Presidentís arse as Dave Metzler is up yours Viper? Well thatís your opinion. But had you not had the sane and educated input of the British nation, you would have got 9/11ed again and again and again and again and again!!! But this is precisely the type of scummy elitist attitude that makes America the most unpopular nation in the western world. Canadians hate you. Mexicans hate you. And believe me when I say this, but most English people have not got very high opinions of America either. So in many perspectives yes, America as the most powerful nation in the world does get to call the shots on world issues. That makes sense. But without the British intelligence and influence, the American way in the world would be a lot less effective. You lot may not like the sound of it, but thatís the truth. Pure and simple. Learn to live with it. And show a little frigging gratitude from time to time. The basics are, England doesnít have its head up Americaís arse for the sole reason that there is no more room up there alongside America having its own bighead up its own fat arse. Iím sorry.

The proud American fans in the arena boo.

King Crasher - You know Viper, throughout the build to this event, Iíve been advising you to bring the Bastard Squad to ringside. I know that youíve not been to keen on doing this. You want to face me alone. Fair play to you. And after what youíve been saying about England, Iím not sure Iíd want them in my corner either if I were you. I mean, you have a proud Englishman in your stable, so if you feel so strongly against the English, then why are you saying these things to me? Why donít you say them to the Englishman in your corner? In closing, you have now fast realized that despite all the threats and rants and raves you know, whether you wish to face up to it or not, that you are gonna have to be at your very best to best me. You say that Iíve made this whole thing personal. For me, this isnít personal, this is just business!!!

to be continuedÖ