Further to the recent comments by United States Championship contenders Viper and Hard Stone, Cam Jones seeks a response from King Crasher. (Part 2)

The Roleplay

Cam Jones - Continuing this exclusive interview with King Crasher. He has commented on Viperís comments. But, King Crasher, Hard Stone has had a few words to say as well. I gather you may have heard them.

King Crasher - Certainly.

Cam Jones - What was your initial reaction to his comments?

King Crasher - Well, thatís a difficult question to answer. I havenít got a clue how this idiot made it to the final of this tournament. I mean, this bloke is gonna need a brain transplant to beat me. I mean, yeah, heís got a good physique and a wide array of moves, but he just doesnít have the brains to beat either me or Viper. I mean, Iím taking my match against Viper very seriously. Very seriously indeed. But when it comes to Hard Stone, Iím trying my hardest Cam. Iím really trying to take him seriously. But this bloke is an embarrassment to himself.

Cam Jones - Iím really not sure I follow.

King Crasher - Well whatís all this rubbish about me thinking Iíll win coz someone has a stupid catchphrase? What the hell is he talking about? I mean, I really wanna take this guy seriously. But itís just so difficult when he talks like a pratt. Iím sure Viper can have no clue what Hard Stone is piping on about. And he wouldnít be alone, coz Iím thinking the same. I mean, maybe heíd to pop by my dressing room and explain himself. Iíd give him a chance. Iíd sit and listen. And then if I still didnít understand, Iíd have to ask him to leave and return to his own strange and funny little world.

Cam Jones - I mean, but seriously King, you must see Hard Stone as a real threat, being the fresh wrestler in the final match.

King Crasher - Iím really gonna have to read up on this guy Cam. Maybe this idiotic show is exactly that. A show. Maybe heís trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Heís pretending to have no brains, but really itís a bluff. I just donít know. Itís just not very often Iíve met a wrestler that talks so much crap.

Cam Jones - It would appear that Hard Stone doesnít hold you in very high regard either.

King Crasher - I just donít get the bloke. One minute heís turning round and saying that heís never heard of me. The next heís saying that I have to face facts and I suck. Well make up your bloody mind man!!! Am I good. Am I rubbish. Or are you not sure either way? I know heís just sounding off coz he hasnít got anything constructive to say. But what the hell are we doing with idiots like this in direct line for title shots. Maybe it just reflects on the lack of depth on the roster. I mean, what a robbery for the fans. They should be watching me and Viper battling directly one on one in the final match for the United States Championship. Maybe itís that Bracken wanted the climax to the United States Championship tournament to be a little more entertaining and he stopped the match between me and Viper just so that he could rematch us onto the pay per view knowing that King Crasher vs Viper is pay per view quality. Or maybe Bracken wanted the final match involving Hard Stone to be competitive so heís making his eventual opponent fight before facing him.

Cam Jones - Well why would Bracken do that?

King Crasher - Bracken knows that Viper vs Hard Stone, and King Crasher vs Hard Stone would be so one-sided that it would make a mockery of the entire tournament. So heís giving Hard Stone a fighting chance by setting him up against a tired opponent. But Iím not just saying all this. If by some freaky swerve of events I donít get to face Hard Stone on Sunday, I want to have a match against him to prove exactly what Iím saying. Bottom line is that I believe I can beat Viper. I believe I can beat Hard Stone. And I believe I can beat them both in one night. They can argue all they want. But this is what I truly believe, and nothing they say can change that.

Cam Jones - Any final comments for Hard Stone before we wrap this up?

King Crasher - Hard Stone, quite simply, think before you speak.

Cam Jones - King Crasher, thankyou for your time.