Further to the recent comments by United States Championship contenders Viper and Hard Stone, Cam Jones seeks a response from King Crasher.

The Roleplay

Backstage at another SCW house show at it would appear that Cam Jones has caught up with King Crasher in a bid to get some sort of response to the words that Viper and Hard Stone have had to say about him.


Cam Jones - Hello everyone, Cam Jones here reporting for Sin City Wrestling ahead of Sunday's pay per view and King, I don't know what you or Viper have done, but between you both you've really set the stage for the climax of the United States Championship tournament at Sin Of All Sins.


King Crasher - That's right Cam.  It's pay per view time, and the pair of them had better realise that I'm bringing the best of my abilities to Las Vegas this Sunday.


Cam Jones - Now, I know that you've had the opportunity to listen to the webcast with Viper and Dave Metzler today, and what I want to know is how you react to the comments made?


King Crasher - Well, when I listened to that pile of sh*t I had to laugh...


Cam Jones - Wait a minute.  What have you got to laugh about?


King Crasher - Get that mistimed tongue back in your face Cam, coz if you interrupt me again, I'll yank the bloody thing out, tie it in a knot and shove it up your arse.  Understand me?


Cam Jones nods his head.


King Crasher - Good.  Now, you want to know why I thought it was funny?  I haven't been around the wrestlers in this fed long, but I know what I've seen and I know what I think.  Now then Cam, a question.  Exactly how much did Viper pay Metzler for that webcast?


Cam Jones - Pay?


King Crasher - Yeah.  I mean, come on, you didn't notice it as well?  I thought that Viper might have to visit a medical facility and get Metzler removed from his arse.  I mean, how conceited was that?


Cam Jones - I don't follow.


King Crasher - Well perhaps if you were lucky enough to have a few more brain cells in that apparently thick loaf of bread sitting on your shoulders then you would know exactly what I'm on about?


Cam Jones - Well perhaps you'd care to elaborate.


King Crasher - Cam, I mean when Metzler asked Viper how it feels knowing that he's on the top of his sport I almost started puking at that point, and that was only the start!!!


Cam Jones - You mean you don't consider Viper to be at the top of the sport?


King Crasher - You call wrestling in a second tier tournament with no guarantee of a win being at the top of your sport?  Come on, if that whole thing wasn't a pathetic attempt by Viper to put himself across then I'm a black man!


Cam Jones - Well putting that aside, do you actually have anything to say about what Viper actually said?


King Crasher - People who know me know that I've got something to say about everything that goes on.  I mean, what is this get out clause he's creating for himself.  "I've got to take on three men" and all that bull.  Listen Viper, Bracken ain't getting in the ring with you, and if he does interfere then he's gonna get his teeth knocked out by me.  I ain't gonna lift the United States Championship with people saying, "Oh, but the owner helped you.".  Bracken can go and sit nicely in the back and watch our match in the comfort of his own office as far as I'm concerned.  He's not welcome at ringside.  So you've got one less thing to worry about Viper.  Now you can live safe in the confidence that you can put all of 100% of your energy into me and you.  No excuses this time.  Not from me.  Not from you.


Cam Jones - Well, I'm looking forward to the match.  You seem to have a tremendous amount of respect for Viper and...


King Crasher - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!  Hold it there for just one second Cam.  Where has all this bollocks about respect come up from?


Cam Jones - You said in an earlier promo that...


King Crasher - Yeah, I know what I said, but why is everyone misquoting me, eh?


Cam Jones - What do you mean?


King Crasher - Well there's you, and that Metzler prick, what's going on?


Cam Jones shrugs his shoulders.


King Crasher - I will go over it again.  My exact words were "I respect Viper's abilities.", so why is everyone saying that I respect Viper, eh?


Cam Jones - Well I don't know, I...


King Crasher - You'd better do yourself a favour and shut up now before you make an even bigger idiot of yourself.  Dave Metzler said that he thinks I respect Viper.  This is not the case.  I see Viper for exactly what he is.  And to a certain extent, he is exactly what he says he is.  A master manipulator.  But the only trouble is that he preys on the weak.  Those small minded idiots like yourself and Metzler, who can't get far enough up Viper's arse, believe every word he says.  I can see Viper for what he is.  For heaven's sake I've been around the block too many times to listen to this claptrap that Viper comes out with.  He is the ultimate mind games man?  Give me a break.  It's a classic case of if you tell someone something once, they dismiss it.  But if you tell someone something a hundred times, they start to believe it.  Viper keeps coming out with all this psychology wizard crap and now people are starting to believe it.  Viper, do yourself a favour and save it for the nineteen year old rookies.  I'm too old and wise to be buying into all this rubbish.  While your mind is on my mind and working out how to rattle me, my mind is on Sunday and working out how to beat you.  Get over yourself for Christ's sake.


Cam Jones - Anything else?


King Crasher - Certainly, if you really want to hear it.  Viper thinks I'm trying to be like him.  Viper, if I was like you I think I'd go and shoot myself.  He thinks I'm playing mind games.  Viper, when I tell you to bring the entire Bastard Squad to ringside, that's not a mind game, that's a request.  I give you every respect if you want to take me on single handedly, but I know how this stable game works.  I want them all out there where I can see them.  And yes, believe it or not, I still believe I can beat you with them there.  Once again, that's not a mind game, that's self belief.  If you're so adamant that Bracken is gonna be on my side then you'll probably need them there, so do it Viper.  Please.  With my compliments.


Cam Jones - You haven't mentioned Hard Stone at all King.


King Crasher - That's right.  Now Viper, both you and me know that the winner of our match, even with a gruelling contest behind us is going to win the United States Championship.  We both know that we can take Hard Stone out with the greatest of ease.  And I'm sorry Hard Stone, but you're not even in our league.  Viper, I look forward to our contest.  You bring your best, and I'll promise I'll bring my best.  We'll bring the house down.  But don't let me fool you.  I am undoubtedly advancing.


to be continued...