Crown Jewels


Hard Stone has spoken about the possibility of facing either Viper or King Crasher for the United States Championship at SCW presents: Sins Of All Sins.  Danny Freebird is keen to gather the responses of King Crasher in this exclusive footage.

The Roleplay

Danny Freebird spots King Crasher walking around backstage at a house show and apprehends him in order to get a few words for the camera.


Danny Freebird - King Crasher, glad to have caught you.  A moment of your time please.


King Crasher - Go ahead.


Danny Freebird - Well King, as you surely know, assuming you were to beat Viper in your rematch at the pay per view you would be facing the experienced ring warrior Hard Stone.  And I have to let you know that he has had a few words to say about you.


King Crasher - I am aware.


Danny Freebird - Do you have any responses to your potential opponent?


King Crasher - To which part specifically?


Danny Freebird - Well, allow me to break it down for you.  At the mere mention of your name he gave me a look of confusion.  It would appear that Hard Stone knows nothing about you.


King Crasher chuckles to himself.


King Crasher - Well Danny, he's certainly called your bluff hasn't he?


Danny Freebird - How do you mean?


King Crasher - Well, I will look at this gentleman's reaction one of two ways.  Either he's one of the most ignorant wrestlers on the circuit, or he knows exactly who I am and he's trying to excuse the fact that he's worried about facing me by acting like I'm nobody.


Danny Freebird - And which do you think?


King Crasher - Well, it's a tough call.  I mean much like Viper, this man has got a lot of mouth.  He can afford to shoot his mouth off safe in the knowledge that he is facing a tired opponent.  Whichever out of myself and Viper he faces will be low on chips.  After what will be an intense match between myself and Viper, he will get the leftovers.  Does that bother me?  No.  After all, Hard Stone has not got the first idea who he's facing.  And by that I don't mean that he doesn't know which one of us will qualify for the final.  By that I mean that he hasn't got any clue whatsoever what a shock he's in for if he underestimates me.  He can go along and dismiss me like I'm nothing, but I will make him live to regret that ridiculous attitude.  He has ideals on becoming something bigger than the United States champion, and he also claims to be a multi-time world champion.  I have won just one World Championship in my thirteen year professional career, so full credit to him.  But he will never amount to much more than United States championship material in Sin City with a conceited attitude like that.  Hard Stone, you say you have no idea who I am, but I know exactly who you are.  I fully expect to advance in this Sunday's rematch with Viper, so my mind is focussed on the fact that I will be facing two opponents at the pay per view.  Viper and you, Hard Stone.  And if you think that I haven't studied you long and hard, then that reflects on how little you know about me.


Danny Freebird - Hard Stone compares himself to you by saying that nobody knows about you and that everyone knows about him.


King Crasher - That's right.  And that's the way I like it.  I'm comfortable with the fact that I'm an unknown.  It is only a matter of time before everyone discovers what an influential individual I am, so I may as well make the most of other wrestlers' ignorance.  Yes, Hard Stone is 100% correct in his assessment of the fact that everyone knows who he is.  I constantly hear other wrestlers in arenas talking about him.  He's very well known and not very well liked.  He'll have to live with that.  But even worse is the fact that on Monday morning he will be waking up in his bed and learning to live with the fact that he has been defeated by a "nobody peon" called King Crasher.


Danny Freebird - Another crucial comment made by Hard Stone was to say that if he feels like ending your career, he will.


King Crasher - Danny if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that said about me then I wouldn't be standing here talking to you now.  I'd be booking my flight to the Caribbean!  Hard Stone, you bring everything you've got, because once I've disposed of Viper and his pathetic Bastard Squad cronies, then you're in line.  And let's face it Hard Stone, I've got nothing to lose.  If you beat me, people will be talking about your cheap United States championship victory over the weaker opponent who had to wrestle twice in one night.  If I beat you, I will be hailed as a great champion and your career will come to a grinding halt.  So, let's consider things Hard Stone.  Who has more to fear from this weekend's pay per view, eh?


King Crasher walks away without allowing Danny Freebird to wrap up the interview.