With the Pay Per View fast approaching, King Crasher reflects on the events of Saturday Night, and looks forward to the events of Sunday Night.

The Roleplay

King Crasher walks around backstage in a deserted arena parking lot.  He mooches around in his shirt and tie and black trousers.  He comes across a large wooden crate.  King Crasher looks at the camera...


King Crasher - Yeah, I know what you're thinking Viper.  You're looking at me standing next to this wooden crate and you're reliving the fundamental moment from last Saturday when you struck me with a similar object in order to gain advantage in your match against me.  And I do suppose that you're expecting me to come out with a load of rubbish about how it takes a wooden crate to beat me and that you cannot beat me on your wrestling abilities alone.  I could say that.  But...I won't.


King Crasher walks along a little bit more.


King Crasher - So, you used a foreign object.  You're an idiot.  But it's not the fact that you used the foreign object to gain an advantage in our match that makes you such an idiot.  It's the fact that you got caught.


King Crasher pauses and looks around himself before focussing on the camera once more.


King Crasher - But then Viper, you learned a very valuable lesson from Saturday.  One that you will take along with you in your ambitious career.  And I'm not stupid Viper.  I know the lesson you will learn is not that you shouldn't use foreign objects, but that you should make sure you get away with it.


King Crasher kicks a stone along the tarmac.


King Crasher - But all the facts point to one thing Viper.  You cheated in our match on Saturday.  You are a cheat.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  You will see a cheat.  And it's true to a certain extent what they say, generally speaking.  Cheats will never prosper.  But in actual fact, good cheats will always prosper.  And when you talk about good cheats...you talk about King Crasher.  I've seen every form of cheating in my long and illustrious career.  I've been the victim of cheating at every level in this industry.  And the best way to combat cheating, is to cheat better.  As a cheat you will lay your cards on the table, but don't be surprised if I'm holding a better hand.  I've learned to have eyes in the back of my head.  It's the only way you can survive the moral lacking characters' onslaughts inside the wrestling ring.  You cheat again Viper, and you will open yourself up to a whole new world of sneakiness.  I will give you a lesson in cheating that you will never forget.


King Crasher smiles to himself as he reflects on his own pearls of wisdom.


King Crasher - You know Viper, this got me thinking.  All of this.  The events on Saturday night.  The circumstances.  The actions of yourself.  The fact that no-one knows for sure whether I'd have kicked out of your Injection.  The things we didn't find out about our match on Saturday night, and the fact that they will probably be realised this Sunday at the pay per view.


King Crasher's expression turns to a much more serious one.


King Crasher - That's right...it's pay per view time.  I like pay per view.  It's the one time that we as wrestlers get to turn the heat up a little.  And I've never been one to shy away from raising the stakes.  I've noticed the company you keep.  I've watched you in conjunction with the Bastard Squad.  And quite frankly, I'm not very impressed.


King Crasher pauses for breath.


King Crasher - So, all things considered.  Allow me to summarise.  You think nothing of cheating.  You stick close to your Bastard Squad.  And the biggest factor of all, it is the pay per view, and stakes must be raised.  So Viper, it's gonna be me and you in the centre of the ring battling it out again, but I'll tell you what.  Why don't you bring your Bastard Squad?  Yes.  It's your own personal Get Out Of Jail Free card.  You bring Nutcracker and whoever else makes up your stable.  You have them in your corner.  You have them escort you to ringside with my compliments.  In fact, I insist.  Make sure that they are there.  I want to give you every opportunity to beat me in the light that you got robbed of the victory you thought you would get last Saturday.  Let's make this a match to remember.  Or one that you'll very likely never forget.


The scene fades.