TWC Worldwide Championship Quarterfinal match against Coca Boy at Tuesday Night TWC, which this week is going out from The Pit in Albuquerque.

The Roleplay
King Crasher sits in his office with his uncle Bartholomew.

King Crasher - Listen, thanks for coming over.  That dad of yours is kicking up a right storm on the commentary position.

Bartholomew Gitt - Crabby old git.  How's his hearing?

King Crasher - Oh well, you know him.  He hears what he wants to hear doesn't he.  Anyway, how's Uncle Archie?

Bartholomew Gitt - Him?  Silly old sod.  He backed one at Chepstow last week that came in at 33-1 and lost his betting slip.  He was so angry that he kicked the dog across the room.

King Crasher - You're joking.  Was the dog alright?

Bartholomew Gitt - Yeah.  It pissed in your Uncle Archie's shoe later on, so it got its own back.  Archie's gonna sell it back to the sanctuary though.

King Crasher - What, the shoe?

Bartholomew Gitt - No, the fucking dog you idiot.

King Crasher - Oh.

Bartholomew Gitt - So what are you doing getting back in the ring then?  I thought you'd packed up.

King Crasher - Me packed up?  You've got to be joking haven't you?

Bartholomew Gitt - Well, you've hardly wrestled at all this year.

King Crasher - Well I've had a lot on my plate what with the resurgence of TWC and the shit with Angel, I haven't had a lot of time and energy for getting back into the ring.

Bartholomew Gitt - You know, your granddad always said that little tart would be trouble,

King Crasher - Yeah, alright...I fucked it up.  I should have known.  But come on, she was well fit.

Bartholomew Gitt - Yeah...they all are to begin with.  But when they get older they start getting ropey looking and moan about everything.  They're a bloody nuisance.

King Crasher - Well, next time I'll think long and hard before I get involved and make sure it works for me.  The amount she took from me was criminal.

Bartholomew Gitt - Anyway, what are we doing talking about her?  Tell me about your wrestling.

King Crasher - Well I've got to fight against Coca Boy on Tuesday Night.

Bartholomew Gitt - You ain't still got that idiot working for you, have ya?

King Crasher - It doesn't matter what you say about the Coca Cola Boys.  They're a sure-fire winner with the fans.  They've got drawing power.  Plus they're a pair of bloody dangerous sods when you have to fight against them.

Bartholomew Gitt - But what about when they're on their own.

King Crasher - Well, I dunno.  Coca is a bit hit and miss through my experience of watching him.  You know, he turned over Goliath the back end of last month, but then he screwed up against Randy Johnson on Friday, so I dunno what to expect really.

Bartholomew Gitt - Yeah, but didn't he get stitched up by that dodgy Commissioner they've got on Friday nights.

King Crasher - Oh Rage?  Don't get me started on him.  If he wants me to kick his arse then he's going the right way about it.  You know, he's got me lined up to face Big Al Stud later in the month?

Bartholomew Gitt - Yeah, but he doesn't tell you what to do, does he?

King Crasher - No, but he reckons he knows people that can shut TWC down if I don't go through with it.

Bartholomew Gitt - And does he?

King Crasher - Of course he doesn't.  He's all piss and wind.  If I counted on the fingers of all the people in high places that he knows, it wouldn't be enough to total up the amount of people I know that could run him out of his Commissioner's position on Riot.  But hell, why would I want to cost him his job, eh?  Friday Night Riot is nothing to do with me, and if I have a problem with someone, I don't go the official backdoor route, I go face to face and boot to arse if necessary.

Bartholomew Gitt - Well, suppose he turns up at The Pit on Tuesday?

King Crasher - He ain't getting in.  And if he does, he won't even make it out of the car park.  I've heard people like Sam Hall and The Coca Cola Boys all after his blood after he demoted all the TWC matches to the Crossfire under card.  Honestly, if Rage wants to piss me off, he's doing a damn fine job of it.  But if he wants to piss the TWC locker-room off, he'll need to watch his back for the foreseeable.

Bartholomew Gitt - Yeah, but come on Chris.  You ain't gonna win the Worldwide title are ya?  You always fuck it up.

King Crasher - Like fuck do I.  I'm ten times the wrestler I was ten years ago when I was getting all my shots at that bloody title.  You look at the way I brushed past Heaven in the first round, and she was the Dream Champion!!!  Coca Boy ain't gonna be good enough to get past me, I know that for a fact.  And when you look at everyone else that's left in the tournament, you've got to put my name right up there with the best of them.  I've been watching Coca Boy in just about every single match he's had here in ICW and TWC.  I know what he's all about.  Yeah, he's predictably unpredictable, but after eight years of watching him wrestle, I've got a feeling I know all of his dirty tricks.  I'm realistic and confident about Tuesday.  I'm gonna win, and there might just be some energy left after the match to deal with the hoards of people that want a piece of me.  Hell, I'm even looking over my shoulder for Vinny Chompways.  Even though we've been good friends since we were little, some of the things he was saying about me the other day was shocking, and all because I wanted him to earn his success, rather than have it all gifted to him by that numbskull, The Gladiator.

Bartholomew Gitt - Oh well, I'm sure you'll get over it

King Crasher - Yes...I'm sure I will.

The scene closes.