Tonight at the Arco Arena in Sacramento begins the TWC Worldwide Championship tournament, in which King Crasher, the 25% owner of TWC goes up against the fiancée of ICW legend, Deacon, known to all as Heaven. 

The Roleplay
King Crasher stands alongside friend and work colleague The Charter, awaiting the start of the exclusive interview.  The cameras roll and The Charter begins his work.

The Charter - Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to bring to you an exclusive interview with a man who has not stepped inside the ring since April.  This man is the 25% owner of TWC and I'm betting that he's keen for action tonight against Heaven.

King Crasher - Yeah, that's right Charter.  You know, last week I came down to the ring to confront that dirty little slut who I had the misfortune of getting married to, Angel Devyne.  I told her that the time was coming very soon when she would have to step in the ring and get her arse kicked harder than it's ever been kicked before.  Since then, people have been coming up to me and asking me how I can be so brutal with a female inside the ring.  Some blokes have even told me how disgusted they are that I would dare to lay my hands of a woman in an act of violence.  Are these men the same men that get beaten down to the ground by their husband-beater wives and stand by their ethics of not hitting females?  Well, if you don't mind, this is me, and bollocks to all that.  These women of wrestling CHOOSE to step in the ring.  They have the choice.  They either get in the ring and get beatings, or they stay out of the ring and avoid beatings.  Now Angel is getting a beating one way or another because she pisses me off, but as for Heaven.  Well, I respect Heaven and the work she has done for TWC since joining the team back in June, but she isn't expecting me to go in the ring tonight and shake her hand nicely before half-heartedly applying a few wristlocks before apologising for hurting her.  No, she'll be expecting one of the toughest matches in her career.  And for her, that's good.  Coz she'll be in one of the toughest, if not THE toughest match of her career.

The Charter - So, it's no mercy from you then?

King Crasher - In my twelve years of professional wrestling I have picked up seventeen championships along the way.  One of those being the ICW World Championship.  But not any of those seventeen championships is the TWC Worldwide Championship.  Now, I've busted my arse off for TWC over the years, more than any other individual.  It's high time I got that belt, and now with this TWC Worldwide Championship tournament, I have an opportunity.  Now, I don't care if it's Heaven, my best mate, and eighty-five year old granny, some bloke with no arms to defend himself, or anything, because whoever is standing in my way is going to get a beating.  And if anyone doesn't like that, then they need to learn to live with it, because I want to be known as the greatest wrestler in living memory and if that is going to be the case, then it is essential that I win the TWC Worldwide Championship at least once.  Now, I'm getting older all the time Charter, and the years are passing by, which is why I'm not prepared to fuck up this time.  I'm putting everything into this title surge, so if Heaven is not ready then she's gonna get very hurt, coz I'm as ready as ever.

The Charter - Now, two of your closest allies have become two of your bitterest enemies this year.  I'm talking about The Gladiator and Angel Devyne.  Now, assuming that you are making a full time in ring comeback, are you concerned that these two individuals will do what they can to curb the progress of this new phase of your career?

King Crasher - What you have to understand Charter, is that whatever "phase" of your wrestling career you are in, you have people trying to bugger it up for you.  So, does it concern me?  Not at all.  I will be taking things one match at a time, so onto tonight and Heaven.  Now for every individual that is against me in the locker room, there is an individual that supports me.  That is the advantage of being the 25% owner.  There are always people right up your arse and ready to do what they have to, to get an extra step forward in their wrestling career.  So Dwayne and Angel should remember that whenever they sneak up behind me, there could always be someone sneaking up behind them.  We all know to well that I keep my allies close by, and you might call me a sissy for doing that.  But look where I am.  I'm up the top of the mountain.  They always said my abilities were limited, and here I am, one of the best in the game worldwide.  So, if the two of them, or anyone else in the entire world thinks that they are going to put me off of my game going into tonight's match with Heaven then they can forget about it.  That includes Gladiator.  That includes Angel.  That includes Team Deacon.  That includes everyone.  Stay away or I will unleash my fury on you, whether that be physically or politically.

The Charter - Can we safely say that King Crasher is back in the ring for good?

King Crasher - You can safely say what you like Charter.  I don't know what's around the corner.  No-one does.  I just feel like I need to kick a few arses for my own self satisfaction.  And unfortunately for Heaven, it will start with her tonight.  From the vantage point of an employer, I am proud to have Heaven in TWC.  I am proud to have all of her associates in TWC.  That includes Deacon.  That includes Goliath.  That includes Coca Cola Boys.  But from a wrestler's point of view, it's gonna be curtains for her tonight.

The Charter - Floral ones?

King Crasher - I should be quiet if I were you.

The Charter - OK.  I see your sense of humour is not fully active tonight, so I'll cut the jokes.  Do you think you will have to have a game plan for Heaven tonight?  Do you think you will have to adjust your own style to suit her's?

King Crasher - Oh bloody hell, she's more than capable of putting on a few of the more advanced holds in the wrestling industry today, but just like each and every opponent I face, I watch them carefully for a number of matches and I will not be taking her lightly.  If anything, I will be proving to a lot of members of the roster that our TWC Dream Champion is beatable, and although she is one of the best Dream Champions in the belt's eight year history, all championship reigns come to an end, and I want the level of competition in TWC to be as high as in any federation in the world, and that includes the level of competition at Dream Championship level too.  So, by beating Heaven tonight, I will be encouraging other wrestlers to follow my lead and attempt to beat her too. 

The Charter - Well, King, thankyou for you time and good luck tonight.

King Crasher - Thankyou and goodbye.

The cameras stop rolling.