It's just moments before Friday Night Riot is broadcast all over the world. The fans are pumped up. They just love ICW action. They've all brought their signs with them. Let's take a look at a few...

Bring back Pyro.

Marry me Ice!!!

This is the End Of The Line for the ICW.

Who let the puppies out?

Gladiator sucks!!!

"Funky Guitar" by TC1992 blasts out into the arena. The one...the only...Hardcore King Crasher steps out from behind the curtain and poses for the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and nods his head at the crowd. He then marches sternly down to the ring and throws himself in. At this point Crasher approaches Howard Stinkel. Stinkel takes one look at the Crasher and just throws the mic at him and gets out, avoiding the usual slap round the head he gets. Crasher catches the mic and looks at the crowd before uttering these words...

Hardcore King Crasher: I am totally disgraced by this federation. I cannot believe what I witnessed at Tuesday Night En-Suite. It was an absolute disgrace. How can anyone justify what Mr D signed a good friend of mine into. This is Internet Championship Wrestling. Once again, Internet Championship WRESTLING. Not Internet Championship Underwear. And to think that Angel Devyne was completely disrespected when she was stripped of her clothes and stripped of her dignity. It's just a bloody good job she has the body of an angel and that the fans genuinely appreciate the girl's natural beauty. Otherwise now, she would be the laughing stock of the federation. Angel it may surprise you to hear this, but I was saddened to see you in that state of undress on Tuesday. I know why it happened. It was because Mr D wanted to create a rift between you and me Angel. That's not what I want. I care about you a hell of a lot Angel. I don't enjoy watching people trying to piss you off. I find it hard to contain my emotions when I see somebody trying to piss you off. You are a good friend of mine and I value that. Which is why I will ALWAYS be there to stick up for you. It's you and me baby, and the rest of the fed have got to learn to live with that.

Now then I have to step into the ring with Patrick Webster tonight, and to tell you the truth I have been waiting for this for a long long time. It'll be the Hardcore Icon against the Hardcore King. We know what we think of each other, but I have to admit that I've never met a wrestler that is so hellbent on destroying himself like you. You won the ICW World Championship. That is truly an accomplishment, but now you've lost it you don't look at all likely to get it back. That's just bloody tragic. A wrestler like you with so much ability and because of your lifestyle and nature you'll probably be a cripple by the time you're my age. I'm ten years older than you and I have a brighter future. My main regret when it comes to you Webster is that I didn't fight you four months ago when you were truly climbing the ranks of this federation. Now if I beat you tonight I won't feel like I've achieved anything special. If I'd have beaten you four months ago however, I would feel differently. You are what, 25? You have burnt yourself out. What a tragic waste. I sit and speak to Angel in the back and she tells me that she admires you. I can never agree with her. I say that I used to admire you but now you have just been foolish with your life and your already a has been. When I defeat you tonight Webster I will look at you and well, I'll damn near feel sorry for you. I know you'll take offense at me saying that, but I think I will. That's just sad. I don't feel sorry for anyone. But I'll feel sorry for you. All that naivety. When you reach my age you'll say to yourself, "My God, I wish that I had done everything completely differently.". By then of course, it will be all too late. Webster, you only get one chance at life. I've lived my life to do one thing and one thing only. To get to the top. It doesn't matter who stands in my way Webster, I'll get to the top whether I have to outwit them or beat their arse. I don't intend to give up wrestling for a long time yet Webster. I feel physically stronger at 34 than I did at 24. I'm also physically very capable. I always tell Angel this, but she doesn't seem to listen. I just want to point out to you that I am so much more strong minded than you. You just won't be able to beat me tonight because I truly believe that you don't believe you can do it yourself.

You say that I think you're stupid. Well you are!!! You're stupid because you walked straight into a beating when Volcano called us both out on Tuesday Night En-Suite. You should have done what I done. Stayed backstage and allowed Volcano to blow his top, so to speak. I'm not about to get wound up into doing something stupid by a loser like Volcano. You speak a lot about what you have done. What you have achieved. I speak a lot about what I will do, and what I will achieve. Hold on, I should be the one in my mid-twenties shouldn't I? You seem to believe you are as good as you was. You're not Webster. Stop living in a dream world. You admit you are deteriorating. I've been in this profession for to long for someone like you to step up and make me doubt my own abilities like you seem to be trying to do. Webster get real and grow up. You're not as great and impervious to pain as you think you are. The sooner you realise that, the more chance you have of prolonging your already flagging career. Webster, you say that I don't understand your power in the ring. I don't understand you full stop my friend. You're a fucking oddball. I think when they were giving out brains, you went to the wrong shop!!! You're definitely a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. You seem to think that you won't be my stepping stone. Well Webster, you will be. Purely and simply because you are heading down the ranks of this federation. You say that you're the Hardcore Icon, well fine. Then get into the Hardcore division where you belong. HA HA HA!!!

It will only be a matter of time before I become the ICW World Champion. Anybody that doubted that before had better understand now that it WILL happen. It's not a case of "if", it's a case of "when". After myself and Reaper put ourselves through the wars on Tuesday, I realised that another day, another fight I would have been able to take Reaper to bits. The result was too close to call. I took too much early punishment and ultimately I payed for that by losing. I WILL be back. And now Reaper, you can show me a bit of respect, because you just don't know whether you can stop me from beating you now. You were at your best on Tuesday, and admittedly I don't think my game gets much better than that either. We pushed each other to the limits. You now know that I AM that good Reaper, and that I CAN take that title from around your waist. Every champion knows that a time will come when he no longer holds his belt. When you look around the federation Reaper, you may only know of a handful of wrestlers at the most who can become World Champion. Now you know that I am in that handful. Webster, you used to be in that handful. You are not there any longer. This is why you won't beat me tonight, and when I hand you your arse back after the fight, you can go and see your buddy Reaper and tell him that I will be coming for his title and he needs to watch himself. Also Webster prepare to be devastated at the hands of I.T. in the Thunderdome Cage match at Back Sunday for the Stables title. I know I haven't got much of a stable at the moment, but well, I've got a funny feeling everything will turn out to be okay!

Finally Mr D, you arrogant, self-centred, shit-stirring, trouble-making, devious, conniving control freak. The day WILL come when I destroy you. You have wound me up one time too many, especially with the way you've tried to drive a wedge between me and my friends. Your time will come, rest assured, it will come.

The Crasher throws the microphone down and leaves the ring to a torrent of boos from the crowd.