It's The Charter!

"Yellow Pearl" by Phil Lynott blasts out throughout the arena during ICW Live. A man appears at the top of the ramp wearing a black LA Raiders baseball cap, a black coat over a dark green t-shirt. A pair of 18" bottom dark-green jeans and a pair of black trainers. It is The Charter. The Charter arrives in the arena to a cheering crowd. He sticks his thumb up at them, and then walks with confidence down to the ringside. Charter climbs the steel ring steps before stepping between the top and second ring rope and entering the ring. He holds his hands up to the crowd as a welcoming gesture. Then he approaches Howard Stinkel, the ring announcer and Howard gives Charter his microphone. The Charter thanks Howard Stinkel and then prepares to address the crowd.

The Charter: Firstly, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to congratulate Jim Ross.

The crowd cheer.

The Charter: I'd just like to say that I saw your interview with Hardcore King Crasher, and I'd just like to say, "Well done!" I know that The Crasher can be a difficult customer when it comes to sensible interviews, and you handled him well. I expect that the ICW will see that interview sometime during this weekend's ICW Live broadcasts. I should think that Jim Ross enjoyed interviewing Volcano a lot more. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that one day as well.

Now, onto other matters. This is a call to all the wrestlers in the back. I am still toying with the idea of publishing an ICW Magazine. I am hoping that the first issue can be ready for February 2001. I would like to appeal to any or all of the wrestlers and staff employed by ICW. If you have any ideas for the magazine. If you could write any articles. If you could design front covers. If there's something you'd like to see actually within the pages of this magazine. If you want to make yourself available for a magazine interview. If you could may submit a quiz page. Anything! I would love to hear from you. Depending on the content of the magazine itself, I would like to see a different wrestler every month on the front cover of the mag. Who knows, if ICW officially endorse the product and you are on the front cover, you could receive an attractive looking cheque through your letterbox! If you do have any ideas then please e-mail me, or tell me if you bump into me out the back.

I was interested in a comment Mr Stud made about something that I had said last week. He mentioned that I had stated that the I.T. Stable were being pushed to the max. Well, wat a difference a week makes. I'm looking around in the ICW and I.T. are no longer being pushed to the max, but End Of The Line are. Just look at the success surrounding all four members of that stable. They are a credit to themselves and each other. Each member puts a lot of effort into their ICW careers, and like a true stable, they look after each other. It's rare to find a stable with those qualities, and to anyone who says to Ice that he is being held back by his three stablemates, is for the time being, grossly mistaken. That IS only my opinion though.

More importantly though, recently I have been thinking to myself that I want to make myself useful around here in the ICW. I don't want to miss any opportunities to get involved in the federations day-to-day goings on. What I would like to say, is that if any of the superstars would like to have somebody manage their wrestling career, then I am available. Just give me a call and we can talk business. My credentials are quite good for a man of my years. Despite only being twenty-four I have had managerial experience spanning seven years and I have also had a wrestling career, which I stopped because I didn't believe that I had within me the ruthless in-ring attitude which is an essential in modern day wrestling. I would have probably fitted into the wrestling industry as a wrestler about twenty years ago, but these days wrestling has changed so dramatically, I don't believe that I can summon the attitude from within myself to wrestle at the top level. Nevertheless, I can see the potential in other wrestlers, and I believe that I have the ability to bring it out of them. So, once again, if you are indeed interested, give me a call.

Now, that's all I have to say this week, but rest assured I will be back next week, and I still have my weekly performance rating chart up to date and available to anyone who wishes to read it. Take care of yourselves and have a very Merry Christmas!

The crowd cheers as The Charter hands the microphone back to Howard Stinkel and leaves the ring. The Charter waves to the fans as he walks back up the ramp.

ICW PERFORMANCE RATINGS 11/21/00 to 12/20/00