It's The Charter!

It's just an hour before Tuesday Night En Fuego gets underway and the ICW is showcasing some of it's finer lowcard talents before the main card gets underway. The ICW roster is backstage and pumped up ready for any situation that may require their presence. This is what the wrestlers look forward to...the nights where the big superstars are about. Tuesday Night En Fuego is one of those nights where anything is possible, and each and every rostered wrestler wants to be a part of it.

"Yellow Pearl" by Phil Lynott plays throughout the arena and the crowd cheer the inevitable appearance of The Charter, who will be in action tonight. He will not be in action behind the announcer's table, but he will be in action in the ring. The Charter appears from underneath the Spikertron wearing his trademark black cap, black shades and black jacket. The crowd cheer once again. The Charter has alway been a favourite with the ICW fans. The Charter stands at the top of the ramp and gives the crowd a big thumbs up before jogging down to ringside. Once at ringside he trots up the ring steps and climbs inside the squared circle. The Charter approaches Howard Stinkle, who hands him a microphone. The Charter politely thanks Howard Stinkle before preparing to speak to the thousands of people in attendance.

The Charter: Ladies and gentlemen, once again it is my pleasure to step into this ring and try to show off the best of my wrestling talents to you, the good fans of ICW. I am very excited about the match I have lined up in which I will be alongside the terrifically talented former United States champion Ace, against Hall of Famer Joker and his capable tag-team partner Wildcard.

Although I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ace and his abilties, I'm still very concerned about his attitude towards me. Now Ace, you've known me long enough to know that my efforts within this federation are nothing short of the best that I can give. If you look at my record here in ICW, it is impressive. You may not rate it, but it is impressive, whether you like it or not. Now, I hope that you realise that when I stand alongside you in the all important tag-team match tonight that my mind will be focussed nothing less than 100% on getting the win, whatever it takes. If you doubt me now, then be in for a shock later. I intend to leave you doubting you OWN abilities when I show you that I am more than capable of mixing it up with those two guys on the other side of the ring.

Joker, it is always great to see the best stars of ICW coming back to the ring. It not only enhances the profile of Internet Championship Wrestling as a whole, but also gives the fans a great treat. I have stepped in the ring with many Hall of Famers before, but I have never stepped in the ring with you. I always have maximum respect for anybody in the Hall of Fame and I really do believe that I raise my game for people like yourself. To step in the ring with someone of your proven history is not only an honour but also a challenge. As a former World Champion, I view you as a benchmark for my own abilities. My performance against you tonight will undoubtedly give me an extra confidence boost if it is good. I will be trying to beat you, you can bet on that, and as I say to everyone that I step in the ring against, if you underestimate me, I will make a point of turning that into your downfall. I don't expect that from someone of your capabilities and experience, but you should always beware of The Charter!!!

Your tag-team partner is someone who I know comparatively little about, but is also someone who I've kept a close eye on as he has made his way up to main card status. Although I don't like to mock newcomers, it appears that I am not the only one to have been keeping a close eye on you. However, hopefully you will see any advances by fellow superstars as a compliment, and who knows, yourself and Cowboy could become real close friends at some point or another. Hopefully, you will not take offense at anything Cowboy may say or do, because at the end of the day...there's nothing wrong with being gay.

I can never contain my excitement at being in the ring, and once again I am gonna turn my attentions to Ace. Whether you like it or not Ace, I am going to be giving it my all in the ring tonight, so any doubts you have about me should be quickly put to one side. I will even go as far as to say that I hope you're efforts match mine. That's right. I will be majorly disappointed if you give out anything less after the way you carried on in the ring the other night. On your best day, you can be considered as one of the best wrestlers in this federation...there is certainly no doubt about that whatsoever. You proved that by your incredible progress in the Mr ICW Tournament last February. I shall look forward to seeing some of those fantastic abilities that you showed throughout the course of that competition, coming through again tonight in our match.

As a final word to the wrestlers and fans of the ICW, I would like to apologise for my quietness as of late, and assure you that all Charter's Success Ratings since the last edition will be available to you very soon, so please don't fret. I don't intend to let any of you down. Thanks for you time, and I will see you later on when I will be involved in what is sure to be a great night's wrestling action.

The Charter hands his microphone back to Howard Stinkle and proceeds to leave the ring. He makes his way back up the ramp and waves to the fans as he goes.