It's The Charter!

It's ICW Live and the arena hushes in anticipation of the next ICW superstar to hit the arena. "Yellow Pearl" by Phil Lynott plays throughout the arena and The Charter walks out to the top of the ramp. He gives the crowd a big thumbs-up before jogging down to the ring and jumping up onto the apron before stepping into the ring. The Charter walks over to Howard Stinkle who hands him a microphone. The Charter politely says thank you to Stinkle and walks to the centre of the ring before holding the mic up to his face.

The Charter: Ladies and gentlemen, I come here tonight once again as a man of independence. You know, around New Year I walked out here offering my services to anyone who thought they could use them. Now I'm back to that position. But nowadays, I have earned more respect from people in the federation generally. I have been given the nod to produce ICW Magazine, which I'm sure will be available on the shelves certainly by this time next week. I also have a regular spot on Friday Night Riot alongside the well respected and best announce duo in the game today, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Good Ol' JR!!! So, when I look at what has happened to me in the last two months or so, and compare myself now to myself then, I consider myself to be better off, REGARDLESS of any interactions with Big Al Stud.

The crowd boo Al Stud.

The Charter: This man, namely Big Al Stud, has been stabbed in the back by wrestlers more times than anyone in the federation in recent weeks, so why on earth would he do the same thing to someone else, namely me. I may have misheard you Mr Stud, but I seem to remember you saying that I was holding you back, or I was not good enough to stand alongside you or something along those lines. Mr Stud, do you realise that you won the Stable Championship and the Canadian Championship with my advisory assistance? Are you trying to tell me that if you had snubbed me earlier than now that you would have achieved more? Don't get me wrong Mr Stud, I'm not saying that my presence actually won you those titles. No. You did that by yourself. But Mr Stud, I certainly don't think, looking at the facts, that I did your career any harm!!!

The Charter raises an arm in the air and the crowd cheer him.

The Charter: But don't think for a second that I'm gonna lose any sleep over you, Big Al. In fact, I fully expect your new stablemates over time will come to realise the sort of man you are. I know HHH is not short of intelligence, and from the brief conversations I've been lucky enough to have with Pyro since his return, they seem like the sort of people that will not fall for any of your shenanigans, and more importantly will not tolerate it for a single second. So if you think that you're going to pull the wool over the eyes of people like those two brothers and Volcano and Ace then you had better do a lot of wising up.

The crowd cheer as The Charter mentions the names of Stud's superstar stablemates.

The Charter: Yes Mr Stud, there are stipulations to this match, and the way I see it, you have more to lose than me which may be a confusion for some. You see, if Big Al Stud defeats myself at Sunday Night Carnage, then I will NOT receive a title shot at ANY title in the ICW for a whole month. You may be thinking that that is quite harsh. But if I defeat Big Al Stud on the other hand, then I will go onto Cutting Edge in two weeks time and fight Stud for his Canadian Championship. Now I have to admit, that if I went to the bookmakers right now, and I wanted to bet on the winner of the match between myself and Mr Stud, the bookie would offer longer odds on a Charter win. Big Al Stud is EXPECTED to defeat me at Sunday Night Carnage. If he doesn't, he faces major disappointment as the result will be a shock. Then he will have to defend his title against someone who he knows can beat him. I wouldn't like to be in that position. However, if I lose to him...

The crowd boo at this prospect.

The Charter: Then I have to go a month without a title shot. Well, I haven't had a huge deal of title shots since my ICW debut. I had a shot against Reaper's World Title when he had it, but no-one realistically expected me to walk out of the building with it. If I have to go a whole month without a title shot then that's fine. I love competing and at least I'll still be able to do that unlike Raven and The Crasher. That's not to say I'm not bothered about gold. I'm not another Vinny Chompways. I'd love to hold ICW gold. It would be like a dream come true. It would be my first international federation title. But then it doesn't take long for a month to go does it. And it's not as if I'm gonna be celebrating my 40th birthday this year or anything, is it?

The Charter pauses from speaking for a few seconds.

The Charter: You know, I come out here and be polite. I try my best not to bad-mouth people. But what some people realise is that I'm no fool. I'm not new to this industry. I know that if you choose to be in the profession of pro-wrestling then you CANNOT avoid being double-crossed by people like Big Al Stud, you CANNOT avoid taking chairshots from people like Savage for no reason. It's a part of the job. It's a part of the industry. If you don't like it, you leave. End of story. But I can take all that rubbish and I'll tell you all now, The Charter isn't going anywhere! I love wrestling. I love everything about it. And no-one is gonna drive me away without a great deal of effort. Especially not someone as two-faced as Big Al Stud.

The crowd let out an enormous cheer in support of The Charter's attitude.

The Charter: That's all I'm gonna say to you Big Al Stud. You know I would have quite happily continued being your associate even if you did want to join another stable. But I've quite simply learned a lesson from this experience and that lesson is...DON'T TRUST BIG AL STUD!!!

The crowd cheer once again.

The Charter: As it is Mr Stud, with your actions during the stable match at Shattered Innocence you made a decision to detach yourself from me, and now you have to live with that. That may not concern you at all, and that is fair enough, but you will have to step into the ring with me at Sunday Night Carnage, and it is all your own doing. So if there are any consequences to be had from this match, whatever they are, I hope you can live with them.

The Charter once again pauses before moving on with his speech.

The Charter: I hope that everyone in and around ICW will get the opportunity to lay their hands on a copy of ICW Magazine next week. It just needs approving by Mr D and then we can officially publish it and distribute it to magazine outlets nationwide, if not then worldwide. I was lucky enough to exclusively interview the ICW's newest World Champion, Max Powers, and that interview will certainly be included in the March 2001 issue that I hope will be out next week. Here's hoping for some justice for The Charter on Sunday folks!!!

The crowd cheer as The Charter leaves the ring and makes his way back up the ramp. He waves to the fans in the crowd as he leaves.

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