It's The Charter!

"Yellow Pearl" by Phil Lynott plays in the arena at ICW Live, and The Charter comes out from the back with his Oakland Raiders cap on over the top of his bandaged head. His black coat covers a t-shirt that reads "End Of The Line 2001". The Charter gives the crowd in the arena a big thumbs up before running down to the ring and climbing the steel ring steps. He steps through the ropes and approaches Howard Stinkle, who hands him his microphone. The Charter thanks Stinkle and prepares to speak to the fans.

The Charter: Ladies and gentlemen give it up for End Of The Line!!!

The crowd roar with delight.

The Charter: You can't keep a good man down, and in this case that good man is Big Al Stud. The Canadian and Stables Champion. He has picked three members that he feels are right for the stable. Now Ice and Andrew Smooth can kiss their place in the stable goodbye. Big Al Stud doesn't need you two. He has moved on. Now End Of The Line can concentrate on being a unit once again, and also they can be sure of a team to defend those Stables belts the next time it is asked of them. So to all the stables that thought the Stables belts were going to be easy game after the End Of The Line split, then think again! End Of The Line is back and ready to kick some in this federation.

Allow me to personally welcome Jazz and ImpacT to the stable and wish them every success with End Of The Line. If either of you two EVER want to discuss with me anything to do with your careers here in ICW then I'll do my best as Big Al Stud's personal trainer/advisor to help you out in any way I can. I'm there to be used, and if you can use me then do so. Also I mustn't forget my fellow countryman "The Electric" Sam Hall. It is a pleasure to see an Englishman in the federation that doesn't feel he needs to align himself with the I.T. Stable. Hopefully me and you together can convince the people of this federation that England is a great country full of great people, and that people like The Crasher and The Gladiator are not a fair representation of the English population. If any of you are ever stuck for a tag-team partner at any time then by all means ask me if you feel that I can be of any use. As I will always say to you, I'm there to help.

Now onto the tournament. On Friday, myself and Big Al Stud are in ring action. Stud should be able to deal with Sniper. If he keeps his mind on the job in hand then Stud's experience should see him to victory against the ICW newcomer. Jazz's job however is much more difficult. She has to deal with the ICW's very own Internet Champion, Ace. Ace is a man that has been wrestling better than ever recently and if Jazz is up for a challenge then she's definitely got one. However, I will be giving her my fullest support going into Friday Night, and I hope that she can cause a big upset. On Tuesday Night, ImpacT will have to face Patrick Webster and Sam Hall with fight Sean Cage. I would say to ImpacT and Sam Hall that you will not win these fights if you are not at your best. So I hope you take what I'm saying seriously and give Webster and Cage a real run for their money. They're NOT unbeatable and I believe that you both have genuine chances to progress. Good luck!

Myself, I face the man that did this.

The Charter removes his cap and shows the fans his bandage wrapped around his head.

The Charter: My head is still throbbing from the metal pipe that Mutalater cracked over my head. I don't feel angry about it, because it's what Mutalater HAD to do in order to win the ICW Hardcore Championship, and if ever a man could be labelled as Hardcore, that man is Mutalater. I know I have a tough task on my hands if I am going to overcome this huge mountain of a man. He is absolutely enormous. When wrestling a big man, you have to take advantage of his lack of speed. Luckily, I am a very small, very quick wrestler. If I want to beat Mutalater, I must rely on my speed. Without my speed I am a beaten opponent. I'm not sure if in my short time in the ICW, I have earned any respect from Mutalater at all. Although if he sees me as an easy opponent, then I will give him a shock. I think I have more of a chance in this match than I did in the Hardcore battle on Tuesday Night. The fact that the Hardcore element doesn't apply will hopefully go against Mutalater's natural fighting style and I will have a better chance of causing an upset victory over the man who many fear in the ICW. I'm positive that it will be a good close contest though, regardless of what Mutalater would say. I will say to you Mutalater that if you underestimate me, it could be a huge mistake because I propose to come out with all guns blazing. I will not just simply lie down for you and allow you to walk all over me. I will make you earn any victory that you get over me, and that goes for absolutely ANYBODY that steps into the ring with me. I am a serious competitor with a deadly serious mindset when I get inside the ring. I switch off an focus and not until the match is over do I snap out of my focus and begin to act more human again. That is why you will never beat me easily. So, here's to a good contest on Friday Mutalater. May the best man win.

ICW Magazine is making good steady progress at this time and I am pleased to announce that the first issue is still on schedule. As I mentioned before, the magazine's first draft needs to be approved by the staff of the company before the publication can bear the stamp "ICW official product" on the front. I am very hopeful that the magazine will be approved because I know that a lot of hard work was put into giving it the right sort of style to make it interesting for anyone that reads it. Once again, if anybody has NOT received an e-mail directly from ICW Magazine then please do e-mail for the purposes of enhancing the magazine's already extensive wrestler databank. Any ideas to do with the magazine are always gratefully received and discussed. Many thanks. Until next week gang!

The Charter hands the mic back to Stinkle and steps out of the ring. He makes his way back up the ramp while waving to the fans.

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