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On My Father Side

On My Father Side

Just a young boy in a Temple one day.
Shared with the doctor, they were so
amazed. Never had they seen, one so
young speak so swift.

They ask Him many questions,
conversation went like this.

Whats your name Son?

On my Mothers side, my name is
Yeshua (Jesus) ,

but on my Fathers side, they call me

"God is with us"

How old are you?

On my Mothers side, now I'm 12 years,

but on my Fathers side, I've just always been.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End

Where ya from?

On my Mothers side, I'm from Bethlehem,

but on my Fathers side its new Jerusalem.

the Holy City, New Jerusalem

Whats your plans?

On my Mothers side I'll be crucified.

But on my Fathers side, in 3 days
I'll arise, and sit at my Fathers side.

Power and Authority

I'm the King of Kings
thats on my Fathers side.

I sit at my Fathers side.

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On my father side

By The Village Singers

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