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Chris's TI-83/85/89 Files

Welcome to the Best-Programs-of-All-Time Downloads Page.
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My Programs

Hotel v1.2 My first text adventure game.7400 bytes
Money v2.0Make one million dollars to win. 4564 bytes
FormulasLots of math programs I made.1100 bytes
Falling Fun Avoid the walls as they come at you.716 bytes
RandomA Random Number Generator.332 bytes
ChatChat with someone in the world.1096 bytes
FillerFills up the screen with dots.136 bytes
LinesWatch lines make a design.456 bytes
MepantsA simple fighting game.1472 bytes
NumbersGuess the number.242 bytes
Paper Rock Scissors Deluxe!The well-known game with a few twists.1324 bytes
Guys v3.5Fly through space destroying ships.2172 bytes
Power PongPing pong on the 831300 bytes
GuessGuess an equation. Graphical program.600 bytes
BounceAn O, -, * bouncing across the screen.400 some bytes
OptionsJust a sample program showing the use of tabs.6391 bytes See picture
ConvertMetric to English and English to Metric conversion program768 bytes
G-Paper Rock ScissorsThe game with graphics.1199 bytes
Frontier Explore space, the new frontier.6234 bytes
AsteroidsAvoid the falling asteroids709 bytes
CentroidDraws medians on triangles AND displays coorinates of centroid300 bytes
Hot Cross BunsSing along while your calculator plays Hot Cross Buns300 bytes No Photo
Mepants 2Mepants 2 in REALTIME!! This is worth a download!2270 bytes
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My 85 Programs

Mepants 85Everyone's favorite Mepants now for the TI-85!!2059 bytes No Photo
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My 89 Programs

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Frontier 89 v4.0The TI-89 Verson of Frontier, with ASM bits and more overall goodies.48562 bytes See more pictures
Name Grapher v1.5Graphs a unique picture for EVERY SINGLE name.1309 bytes See more pictures
InspectorAn awesome platform game with 10 levels21000 bytes See more pictures
Catch - If You Can!!Catch the falling balls in a crazy mayhem - if you can!!4900 bytes See more pictures
Fun Kaleidoscope.Watch your calculator make dazzling designs.1005 bytes See more pictures
French Verb Un-Conjugator.Find out what the infinitive form of a verb is.3445 bytes
Money 89Make 1 billion dollars to win. Big improvement from the 83 version.14192 bytes See more pictures
MineHunt 4.1The classic minehunt (not Minesweeper) game. Features full customization and three modes of play. The most original mine game out there.9884/12367 bytes MineHunt
Battleship v2.4Just like the classic. Sink your opponents fleet, before he sinks yours.10790 bytes See more pictures
MindJogger v2.0124Memory type game. One or two players with a very good AI. Practice mode too.4786 bytes MindJogger
Lambda v1.0An original strategy game where you line up 5 or more similar objects horizontally or vertically. Pieces may be moved from anywhere on the field to anywhere else. Each time a move is made, three new pieces randomly appear on the field.3531 bytes Lambda
Cross Country USALike the Apple II game, deliver goods across the US in your truck. Featuring total graphics, including weather.36565 bytesSee more pictures
Whack-A-GeekWhack a bunch of geeks that appear on your screen.2841 bytes Whack-A-Geek
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Levels My Diamonds levels! There are ten of them. The best I've seen! Get them now! Chris Glazes 10 Diamonds levels. Some hard ones. Original 27 Levels for Diamonds. First 10 are the Standard ones. Geoff Wallace's Diamonds levels. 20 of them. These are Bytes levels. But I made them so they're cool anyway.

Eric Allen's Cool Page
Dimension TI

I will add more of my own levels soon.
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