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The X Gallery

The X Gallery.

WELCOME! Here you will find a collection of touched-up, altered and re-coloured pictures from The X.Files, as well as a few collages (if I can ever get some decent ones made!) which have been presented for your enjoyment by the Commander and the Assistant Director of Dreamland X.
If you see a picture you might like to use on your own webpage, please email either the Commander or the Assistant Director with the name of the picture you'd like to use, and the name of the page you'll be using it on, and permission will be granted. If you'd like to use any of the pictures on your desktop, that's fine! You only need to email us if the picture is going to be used on another website ... it'd be nice to know where our stuff is going! ThanX! Also, if you should see a picture of yours that we have shamelessly used, please let us know, and we'll put credit where credit's due! ThanX again!!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our XF art gallery ~ please come again!

The above picture "Rat In X" was created by the Commander.

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Alex Krycek ~ "Sweet Thing".

Fox Mulder ~ "Moody Fox".

Mulder and Krycek ~ "The Rat and The Fox".

Gillian Anderson ~ "Vision In White".

Mulder and Krycek ~ "The X Boys".

Spender and CSM ~ "You Can't Pick Your Family".

Nicholas Lea ~ "Psychedelic Promo Pic".

Nicholas Lea ~ "Hot Rat".

David Duchovny ~ "Blue Fox".

David Duchovny ~ "Daydreamer".

Mulder and Scully ~ "Shadow Of Smoke".

Nicholas Lea ~ "Flower Boy".

Mulder and Scully ~ "Beneath An Alien Glow".

Disclaimer - The X.Files, Mulder, Scully, Krycek, and all other characters associated with The X.Files, are the property of Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and the FOX Network. Vic Mansfield and Once A Thief are the property of John Woo, and his production company, and whichever TV network! Their portrayal here on this webpage is purely for entertainment purposes, and no copyright infringement has been intended.

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* This webpage is dedicated to Tony *

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